Archive | November 18, 2008

left to do list…


-is procrastinating-

Really. I am. Terribly T.T
Though not on like homework and all. It’s everything else!! >.<

Like singing classes I still have to sign up for. Driving (which I can’t do today cause of my bro >.>). Piano! Gotta learn that piece! Closeee~~. My project –no idea what imma do. o m g COSPLAY! T.T I’m sad I can’t keep working on it! I swear I … I’m procrasting XD I’m also reading the real estate book at school when I have the free time. Gotta finish chapter 13… 3 more books to go through after that anyways >.>

Next week is break. Looking forward to it!

And just to add something random…

Meh. ipod?


My ipod… before! lol I’m planning on putting some sparkles on my ipod.
Since its all scratched up… gotta make it pretty~
And hopefully pink ^-^
But I don’t have that many pink gems anymore…
Maybe red will have to do… tabun.

But yea that. And… err… dang forgot what I was gonna write. XD
Writer’s block!! Rawr~

oh!1 Twilight comes out FRIDAY! Woooooo~
I’m actually looking forward to it so I can critize it if its bad XD
But does anyone wanna go on Sunday to watch? ^-^;;
I think the more the merrier? Maybe. But I don’t wanna go by myself if anything >.<;;

which reminds me that… black friday next week! I wanna shop!! No partner to shop with.. T.T Kasuki is busy!! T.T




I brought my mom’s shades to school XDDD
I think they only look good when my hair is down…
But it was getting in my face so I put it half up >.<;;

But yea! Thanks to Eru~ for the advice of bringing them because they really helped!

But omgsh I got some…ahem… blemishes you can say… right near my eye too. So it hurts when I rub them for that too T.T But my eye hurting ness has been to a minimum now. Which is nice~


Why school still goes on..

I’m at school right now. Just…chillin I guess. Doing minimum work to get that 90% XD
Oh! Ifigured out I totally failed the test in gov that was on Monday. I hate tests on Mondays. Never study XD So I got… a D? T.T
I’m prety sad about that… brought my grade own to a B! Rawr >.<

I seriously can’t wait till I can drive and what not. It’s kind of embrassing to not be able to… at least not know how all together. I talked to my mom yesterday and she was teling me High school is the funnest time ever!!! … >.< Is it? I guess since years before was crappy that it makes the future seem fun! But in the end its whatever you make it to be. Right now my senior year is actually going pretty good. Execpt for the whole waking up early thing… I’m doing all right.

I admit school is important. Learning in general ^-^ Which reminds me I have to sign up for Spring classes soon…lol. Taking singing hopefully~ Vocal class 1! Cause even my sister admitted I sing alright XD And we’re sibilings… compliments on’t come easily… so I complimented her back and said she dances better than she sings XDD Okay I had to throw a spin in there since she knows she can’t sing. Really. She can’t XD

So just sitting here still. I’m thinking about my future mainly. The colleges I applied to sent me a letter yesterday saying I’ll get a response in a few days. I give them two weeks XD I hope I Get in… really. I’m glad I applied early ^-^;;

Lastly… while im at school at least. I’m starting to feel… indifferent. Maybe its that theres so much more on my mind lately that I don’t have time to think about… mainly guys XD Call me self conceided… but I’m thinking about the future and I’ll know I’ll have time for all of that stuff later. Right now I wanna spend my time enjoying my last year of high school of being 17 XD Cause man… my birthday is like 5 months away~! >.<;; Then I’m technically an ‘adult’ T.T;;