A trip in a nutshell


Ah you know how much I love taking pictures and documenting everything… so you can image the haul I have from the Japan trip me and my brother just went on! It was short but man… were they the longest days of my life. This was my first time out of the country despite having my passport for the past 9 years? I was expecting my first trip to be to the Caribbeans but Japan is a good place too~ xDDD

I was able to get so much inspiration from the trip from my design work to how to make what I do more appeal-able and efficient! Even though I live close to a pretty decent sized Japanese community it’s different to see their culture in a… 360 format. Really being submerged into it. I see the appeal but to be honest… it’s just a nice place to visit. I like California too much to see myself anywhere else!

Anyways. I have a lot about the trip and trying to make time out for a little vlog! I’ve been busy but been really lazy as well. It’s been weird. I’ve been blessed to have supporters on some of my media platforms show their eagerness for updates so I’m working on it!!

I have a full on rant later if I feel like I have time. Plus it really helps me to put my thoughts out in writing… so more later!



New leaf


I’m not really sure what’s up with me but I’ve been dealing with an absolutely terrible sore shoulder ache which gave me such little sleep T.T and then a nice headache yesterday…. That wasn’t fun as well. Anyways I find myself at Starbucks just because I want some time to …relax? Maybe less relax but be less… Worried. I just saw all the white hairs I have too… Maybe I’m really older than I seem lol.

Anyways. Lots of changes coming. Remember bulba? Yea. The officially story is that my mother kept complaining which makes my dad unhappy so he started to really nag at me to put her somewhere else which I really couldn’t find a person that would take her for a month…. A few days probably but a month!?? With the addition of her possibly never coming back? Ugh. Yea it was terrible. So one day my aunt just picks her up and takes her ….. Without telling me. So I freaked that I lost her somewhere…. Nope. After talking to mother I find out aunt knows a couple that’s been wanting a dog…

yea. My dog was given away to a family looking to own, not babysit…. My baby T.T so when that happened I took that as the last straw. I took that very personally with a tinge of grudge. Now if you know me, I have a really bad habit of holding grudges even tho I really try not to… But never mind that. I am now on a mission to…leave. To put it plainly I need to take control of all aspects of my life. That’s financially and mentally cause my emotions have been taking a real beating lately >.>

now don’t go on feeling sorry for me or anything. But if you do know of anyway to help id love to take all the help I can get~ but in the meantime I’ll keep staying positive. I’m lucky that I have really supportive friends. Even my online presence…I don’t receive hate at all o.o which I’d like to keep cause lets spread the love right?! <3

oh oh and the picture? I’ve found myself in the heart of LA lately and taking the advantage of sightseeing ~ so more later!


A cabin stay~

 photo 20140216_110250_zps4dec8f67.jpg

Cabin stay :D Definately a different experience than a hotel room… I loved it cause it gave me a “log cabin” feel. It also didn’t help that the town was so small and not very updated… wait. It DID help xD Haha. Really felt like camping to me xP Ah… I’m such a spoiled girl… I love my amenities … soap… etc etc xDD

But I do have to admit I was kinda… ehhhh feeling because there was this sight in sight of the cabin…

 photo 20140216_111134_zps94f251a3.jpg

It’s a mint colored bus with a hole in the back window >.> Just parked around a residential area… which I thought was.. really really odd. It was a really cozy space though! A nice kitchen, living area… the beds were okay too! Pretty creeky though o.o The couch was really comfy though =3

It was really relaxing to be able to go collapse onto a bed after snowboarding though. We definitely want to do this again even if we have to pay for the cabin stay xD It’s so much fun even if it’s just for a night… the place we got had a great sound system and tv options too! So we were watching youtube vids like crazy and listening to pandora while playing cards/muchkins~

If you can’t tell I’m still kinda giddy from the trip.. I really needed it and I miss it so much already T.T It doesn’t help that the soreness just reminds me of it xD I guess that’s good? lol! my arms are majorly sore… I can’t believe I was able to pull myself up so much still….

Until the next season…. bye snow :[


The snoow!!!


My mini snowboard, a cute pic, a resting pic, and a scenery pic!

This is my first time seeing/feeling/face-eating/falling/slipping in snow since I was in elementary school!! And it was SO fun =3 The top picture pretty much sums it up xD We came to the spot.. parked and went “wow it’s hot outside” which kind of sucked to be honest. But it meant that I could easily just snowboard with my jacket opened and my hair up without freezing to death. Down side? Not much snow if any… so it was all nice and icy/slushy. But we managed xD

So like any newbie snowboarder… I fell. Alot. xD BUT, most of it was calculated so I fell on my butt which in all honesty isn’t that sore o.o (I guess all the butt workouts help? LOL) And my legs are also not very sore… thighs slightly though. But I didn’t think I’d need so much arm strength o.o Mainly for getting up after falling around so much xD It was great though, the dopples were REALLY patient with us 3 and didn’t mind all the falls/breaks xD I was so tired just getting up from falling so 3rd time down the hill I just vowed to not fall so I would be less tired xDDD But no… after the 2nd run I got the hang of it pretty well o.o Our “instructors” were so proud of us =3 Said we didn’t fall so much comparatively.

Although I did unfortunately fall on my knees a few times which wouldn’t be so bad until you fall on just.. ice =.= It Hurt… so I have a few lovely bruises to keep as a reminder… but I blame the conditions for that. Luckily the dirt and ice taught us really well how to steer ourselves and get over slush/ice without freaking out xD

 photo 20140215_165602_zps2d71e58d.jpg

Pacchi: Hi!!

Pacchi came along with the trip as my “pillow” xP Can’t forget a stuffed animals when your on trips away from home xD

 photo 20140215_132506_zps7f6b50b2.jpg

Om nomnom!

After 2 runs down the intermediate hill (yea… our “instructors” refused to let us do the smaller one) we were tired and hungry xD Luckily Jasmine is awesome and packs a mean sandwich =3 Granted the mayo basically exploded on her (lol!) we were able to get a break in, water, and a nice lunch :D

Ah I can’t forget the classic selfie picture =3 I took this after I did … 4 runs down the hill? Including a short break which made the trip… about maybe 6 hours?

 photo 20140215_164440_zps852383d5.jpg

Bruised and tattered, I will still take a picture with the map behind me xD

So you can see some eye bags… (I woke up early.. slept late…) What I loved was being able to wear Gee’s leather jacket after it all =3 Seriously… guy jackets are SO warm. I looked so thug in it… it was awesome. Threw my scarf with it and had some jeans on. If I was wearing my boots it would have been perfect xD

Alright. Back to my normal days~~ Thanks to Jas/Alex for the massive amounts of food preparation and teaching us. Thanks to Heather for the drive and the cooking. Super thanks to Gee for putting it all together and giving us a free stay :D Definitely a great trip that I think we all needed~


Standing high

 photo DSCN3579_zps3b072c3e.jpg

Felt like the top of the world standing up so high. And we CLIMBED that high up… it was tiring xD It was also really crazy to see it in person, it looks bigger and way cooler. really! We went to the observatory in LA and it was so smoggy we couldn’t see much. But this was a park (still sorta an observatory) but it was far from any smog so the view was awesome. I do wish we stayed just 30 more minutes to watch the sun set… I think it would’ve been cute (and harder to get down on the rough trail though…)

I did an schedule/itinerary for this day. Yesterday actually! It was my way to kinda make up for last month … (I really couldn’t tell if he liked it though honestly… :/ ) It started off with me picking him up and driving to grab boba and lunch at a cafe! I was just expecting a small boba cup and a sandwich but.. when the plates came out it was not what we were expecting o.o

 photo DSCN3563_zpsf3642d3c.jpg
 photo DSCN3564_zps61498ba3.jpg

It came with fresh fruit and salad! I was quite impressed as the plate only cost us about… $8? It was quite impressive… normally that cost around $10. But we ended up paying quite the amount with the boba anyways xD It took us forever to finish though o.o Our longest lunch for sure! Took maybe a little over an hour o.o I was surprised. But we talked a lot … and nibbled. I guess it wasn’t that good xD Since we didn’t devour it…

Afterwards we went to climb up that mountain of a thing. Kind of a bad idea after eating though >.>;; So it was tough. Really tough. And after that we rewarded ourselves with… ice cream! Which was too sweet but still good. Snickerdoole cookies sandwiching root beer ice cream!

 photo DSCN3588_zps37a8906e.jpg

And that’s that. Did some quick shopping.. I bought a new purse! Finally right? People were complaining that my purse looked beat up so… I just went for it. It wasn’t that expensive.. but it’s huge. But I like it, it’s different!

I’ll leave this post here then…. I have some other news but it’ll wait~