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Just Friends~

Alright I’ve been pretty much addicted to this video and song.
It is pretty sad… after reading the lyrics and seeing what happens.
Yet I still love it, who wouldn’t ?

Ah! What makes it even better is that there is a cosplay pv by elpheal on youtube ^^ I envy her for being able to put up so many cosplay videos!!
I love it ^-^
If I ever find a good director I’d love to try my hands on a video.
But if you’ve seen both, they are incredibly accurate!! >3<

So enjoy as I will too ^^




Ah the picture turned out sideways! Oh well xD Photobucket did that >.<
As -somewhat- promised, I had a mini photoshoot and this is just a preview on the lovely pics I got!
I have an absolute Favorite! Yet… I won’t show that~
At least not now. Maybe I’ll put it on my DA? ^-^;;

In the pic I was actually trying to grab a branch, lol!
This tree was HUGE! Exactly why I’m making Alice for it~ Cause the tree was nice to me ^^

I’m rushing with hw tonight. The more I get done, the more cosplay I can finish tomorrow! (yaaay)
So the hardest stuff today. Easy stuff tomorrow! Oh yay… >.<

I also…. lets see.. .church took up twice the time.
Lately Its been way easier for me to get irritated. Probably the way I’ve been taking work >.< Yea I know, its bad. But I can’t help it.
Ah! I got my sketch book out again. It’s now my cosplay book~ I’ll probably only sketch designs in there, so much for me trying to draw actual art huh? I guess I’m just better at making it~

Annd.. I’ve been craving chocolate because… maybe since I’m not feeling my total best. Its just one of those days you know?


Alice’s Wonderland~


I have.. somewhat. Started on my Mini project~
These Cosplay Mini projects are just filler cosplays that..
basically when I don’t have enough materials to continue my main project, I just do a small mini one.

So! Since the Alice in Wonderland movie is coming out next month…
I have -finally- decided to make the Alice cosplay!
Though!! As you can see the picture above is not the regular Alice outfit, I don’t like the regular one, nor the one in the movie. THerefore I have found a more girlie and frilly outfit that resembles Alice ^-^;;

(And I’ll get Hunny Bunny to be in the pic!)
The reason why I’m not posting this on my cosplay site is because… until I have finished documenting making it and all, I won’t put it up. It’s only a mini project afterall.

I give myself a max of a week to make it. Then photoshoot on Friday. So I have plenty of time. I’m getting XQ done too! Dun worry~

Ah and I’m not sure who drew this pic… so >.< It’s not mine though!

Oh~~ I have another Miku outfit in the makign also. But that’s a surprise ^-^


Sparkly nails + XQ


Today! Was eventful…
Got alot of pics xD
Time crunch for the morning.
Akward moments! <3

And entertainment that failed me >.> How not cool. Oh well…

So while I try to get the awesome pics that were a test-shoot today, you can look at my uberly sparkly nails!
Which is VERY sparkly for just that nail polish… not even a coat of glitter afterwards! Crazy xD

I worked on some Xiao Qiao today!
As ‘research’ I played DW6 again ^-^

Took some manual pics of the back and side and all…
And took a video!
Until… another guy in the game started to attack me >.>
How not cool! lol~

Oh! Btw~

SQUID BALLS~ Yummy stuff there ^-^
Its all cause no meat today!! Y.Y


for a day


My hair? Naw xD

I actually did my sistser’s hair like… awhile ago. A long time ago lol.
And… it was just a frizzy bun kidna thing.
Her hair looks brown in here… like really brown!

Anyhow I’ve been playing with hair a lot more, it’s quite entertaining. Switching up my look according to my clothes xD
I think on a lazy day I just have it down xD

Today … worked. ran errands. etc etc.
Really concentrated on cosplay stuff a lot.

VERY close t buying a pink and blonde wig. I have both of the items on my watch list, about … $25 each.
So $50 total. Then another $50 on fabric soon most likely. Then IF I can buy the dressform I like, on sale, another $100 gone!