Elementa Fashion Show

And welcome to the sexy legs :DDDD

MY FASHION SHOOWWW!! Well. one of them :D SO glad to have a video of it, kind of sad I messed up… but in my defense I only got to practice it … once. And I was stressing out from quite a bit of things… >> But the girls walked wonderfully and I’m glad :D

Heather edited the video! She’s taking a lovely video editing class so she’s been taking our trips and editing/filming them~ Gee actually filmed this fashion show on his go pro but the good spot was taken by a fancy videographer so the positioning made it so gee couldn’t actually see the screen.. but for not really looking I think it turned out good :D

Anyways.. Happy first of June~ CRUNCH TIME MONTH. Not sure how much updates you’ll get out of me from here to the end of august… busy busy o.o but I’m glad~


dresses galore


For the past week or two I started this new game on facebook called fashion designer >.> It’s quite a terrible addiction I have. Not only do I get to just design wacky looking dresses… it kills SO much time xD But I suppose it’s stimulating my creative side? It’s quite fun putting extra things on and on until it comes out look cool~ But I saw a trend in the things I’ve been making… which is no color XDDD I guess I’ve been liking the black and white lately~ Don’t mind the two on top to the right… sometimes I get lazy and just do something really simple to accumulate money in the game xD Although I think a few days ago I was doing all blues and mermaid themed…. hm.

Anyways. might get a 2nd… or is it a 3rd? job soon!? Which shocks me but eh, we’ll see how the interviews go :D The first one went terribly but they still ended up giving me a second one probably because my qualifications are wonderful~~ I love how I can confidently say I’ve made over 45 costumes (who knows maybe more at this point) in the past 6 years. And they just keep adding up =3

Other than that.. I’m really tired. I need to go home and do fabric inventory and see what I can do with extra fabric. And start on Ahri soon o.o OH funnnn~~



20140824_153514I’ve been so bad with bloging now.. LOL anyways! Here’s a backstage pic from the show! Everyone was getting all nervous as things started to real when lining up o.o Heck I was a ball of nerves cause I had to make speeches T.T But I finally finished most of the post-con updates! :D You can read my little snippet on my cos blog about my side of the show~ Ah I can’t help but to look at my work and just go “awww” cause the models were wondering how I paired them up with designs… and it’s all just by gut feeling and looks xD How else am I suppose to do it right?

So great news~ I have my own half table for ALA! :DDD was FINALLY able to get a spot in the FCFS which literally took me a minute to register and pay! It takes out SO much uncertainty so I’m really glad. I believe I’m also hall judging so let’s see how this goes… I know I’ll have helpers so I’m not too worried about it. But at this point I’m anticipating debuted 2 new cosplays (1 of them Gee’s) and then having the finished product of 2 other cosplays! Add that with… you know… products and some legal stuff.. I seriously have my hands full o.o 

So let’s see… I also want to rank before the season ends in League sooo…. time for that too!! Oh and little Bulba which likes to go to the bathroom in all sorts of rooms T.T



After show



Wow so I didn’t even know I was MIA for.. a good week or so from bloging. But the nights became long and the mornings got earlier as the time towards the fashion show came! Well… Glad to say that the show went off well~ It wasn’t perfect but for my first show I think it was good! I learned a lot from it and I got 9 new outfits to show off =3 What it did show was that I do have a pretty awesome team behind me with oh so many talents~ So I’m really glad that I have people I can depend on =3

Afterwards there was a good 3 hour photo shoot session which isn’t too surprising cause between the group shots and the individual shoots… Gee was quite busy taking pictures of other girls xD

Afterwards was just KBBQ with some of the models and friends who came to see the show :D And then Boba … then a nap .. then came home around midnight! It was quite the fun day =3 stressful a bit but the models were SO amazing that it made my job easier. 

I decided to take a day off completely today just for some clean up and games! Nothing to stress me out~ And well.. I found myself thinking “what can I sew while watching anime..?” and then going “oh crap not suppose to be working!” and yea. It was sad xD I already want to start sketching out the next project!! IM ON A ROLLLLL~~ LOL 



Pacchi worthy fabric mound

 photo 20140719_131649_zps4121aa13.jpg

The fabric horde with a Pacchi comparison!! :D It took SO long to get that all nicely folded too…. minus the chiffon on top cause that wasn’t getting into any sort of folding. Hate the chiffon =.=

Anyways! At this point I found a spot for all the fabric. Since I need it accessible I moved around my closet and gave half the top shelf to it! It’s just sitting on the shelf… some in bags.. some not. Like the chiffon and tulle and velvet are in bags just to preserve and contain the madness. The rest seems to enjoy the freedom from a bag xD Josie the mannequin is having a fun time wearing two outfits at once as I’m unable to just work on one outfit but have the need to always be working on 2. xD

I also went on a snack run today =3 Got myself some healthy munchies because hot Cheetos from the kids weren’t cutting it. That and their endless supply of macaroni & cheese in a cup and microwavable dinners. btw- didn’t know mac&cheese came in simpler forms of cooking. I thought the kraft box of heating it up and pouring cheese/milk into it was easy enough o.o

So yea! Looks like 2 of them are coming along great~ The secret 2nd half is also going great~ And im super excited for it all~~ :D Been in the sewing mood so I haven’t really updated…. I have a long list of things to do tomorrow so I guess I should get some rest and wake up in a decent timely matter cause my parents are getting on my butt about it again =.= (I blog more cause I sit on my laptop in my room after my so called ‘curfew’)