Archive | November 16, 2008

My half cosplay XD


So this is what came in yesterday~
And I’m finally trying it on! lol.

And I call it my ‘half’ cosplay because… its store bought XD
Like… my actualy cosplays is the ones I make kinda. kinda? lol~

Actually I’m glad I got this before my next con too! Cause… well… at least I won’t be wearing the same outfit all what… 3 days? XD;;
I mean its not like I don’t mind wearing the same thing for… 3 days. I just like to change things up.
This is kinda.. generic. if thats the word for it. Anyone can pull it off I believe. ALmost anyone XD

So I’m thinking up an idea to make this cosplay… my own. somehow… somehow XD

And thats the extent of my post for this XD

Omgsh I redid the bow and it took forever to make it good again! the bow >.>;; I can’t take it off either. XD


Origami ftw



I got these two things from… PMX! The old man was awsome so I bought them.
I didn’t even put them up, my mom did XD

But I… thats hard to make. lol~
I don’t have the patience for that anymore. Well maybe I do but I’m not into origami much anymore. Used to be way back in middle school when there was nothing better to do XD

But now its more… sewing for me. I made 3 new bows today~
Guess what… all pink! lol~

And… nothing else much. I got to lvl 68 on my bRM~ Lawolf ftw!




So thats what the sky looked like around 4ish yesterday. Kinda freaky >.< I could actually look at the sun and it was all red. (yea I know im not suppose to looka t the sun directly XD)

Well I’m doing college stiff today. I found a scholorship where I can make a video that appeals the middle school students. And guess what? My sis is in middle school XD
But she’s kinda weird XD so I can’t alwaysrely on what she thinks =P

So Imma do that for a bit. Brainstorming up ideas. I want the scholorship money >.<
Since I have to pay myself through college. Thats the main reason why I’m not apply to UC’s because they are really expensive. And my goal is to graduate like… breaking even, no debt, or actually with more money! I hope… that it all goes out good. But For that to happen I do have to work harder.

For one.. I have to get my driver’s liciense! Just to get it out of the way XD
Gotta apply for Winter classes at Elco.
Gotta keep studying the Real Estate book to take the test later on.
And have to send my college apps! The only thing thats stopping me is the fee T.T I have to pay it and im just like… stalling. Which is bad I know. But its $55 per app!!! Gahh T.T


the CALL


Kasuki called me XD She has … drama >.<;;

But other than that. FIRES!! omgsh.
they were coming close to where I live…
Like really.. 30 minutes away…
The air was all murky. I hated the weather.. >.>;;
All hot and stuffy and bad smelling…. I like the cold better XD

It was like.. snowing… ashes T.T;;
I like regular snow better XD
Where its… guess it… COLD and fluffy ^-^ lol~