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Library time :D


So Mondays and Tuesday involve me just chauffeuring my brother to school and hanging around just running errands and sitting in a library! But once I saw that the library was practically empty…. that led me to some time for selfies! I was hot that day and humid so I actually put my hair into low pigtails~ I don’t do it often cause I look even more kiddish but it worked that day xD It’s like a twisty thing too!

Anyways…. I’ve been slacking on cosplay because I’ve been trying to do so many other things o.o I’m suppose to have a photo shoot tomorrow but its starting to seem like a bad idea since where we are planning to have it… its suppose to be around 90 some degrees and that.. pretty darn hot for a wig, long sleeves, thigh high socks, and thick fabric T.T So I might just not do that and have a casual photoshoot where I can wear a skirt or a dress and call it a day xDD

until then~


Over 1000%!!


It’s a huge boost to my productivity when I see that I’m starting to reach people. I’m not looking for a huge amount of likes or anything… I just want to be able to inspire other cosplayers and help people out! Even give out some free stuff… spread my products around :D Cause lets face it… my day job is boring and if I could just be able to make cosplaying and my store my top priority then  would be so happy =3 And yea the amount of reaches doesn’t seem like a lot but for me who is just starting out with the whole facebook thing.. It makes me smile~

I retweeted something the other day… maybe it was yesterday but it was:
I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

And really you don’t understand how much that applies to me… I’ve been trying so hard to please my family that… it’s gotten to the point where I get stress acne from it. Why do I want to keep doing something that just gives me white hair and bad skin =.= And even in shows you see a character just drop everything and go for it! I dont know if I can just drop everything… although Gee tells me I should. … Maybe I’m crazy but… why not be. If I have a chance I should just go for it!

Why am I even debating about this honestly ==.

I started watching anime again too~ This should be fun =3

Oh and… thanks to everyone who does go to my facebook page! It makes me happy to know I may have an impact on someone.. even if its just 1.


golden wings


I worked with some of my new gold fabric I got from downtown.. it was fun! I like the feel of it alot and its a nice thick texture without it being heavy! Plus the gold isn’t super shiny…

The design is actually on my pencil case xD I want to see how well the glue holds up as well as if the gold ends up fraying like my friend said might happen. So .. what better way to figure it out than on something that I use and abuse xP

Today was such a chill day… I just played alot of league because of the 2x IP which makes me so happy after winning games =3 I also won a ranked game for my brother cause they banned his supp and top got taken… he just happens to have one of my favorite mid right now =3 SYNDRAAA~~ dem balls. <- exactly what I named his new mastery page lool

actually got some cosplay work done today too to the point where I can write about it! That’s my goal for each day… be able to post up something productive online and that way I can stay on track more… at least in my mind >.>;;

Ok. It’s late… and I have to sleep to wake up early T.T



 photo 20140420_014724_zps1d2b3022.jpg

I got this adorable trinket from Gee =3 We bought each other gifts~ So he has a really smexy looking art book :D But THIS… this is a vision ward from League of Legends!!! Nerdy huh xP I love it though~ It’s currently on my pencil case so it just follows me everywhere… I hope it doesn’t break or anything though :/

Today was quite interesting though if you follow my twitter. I went to a new bakery… met some new people that was my brother’s friend and his friend’s friend. I got to talk about real estate like I knew what I was talking about and tax like I didn’t (loud places make for difficult communication) And then I proceeded to spend about $20 on just bakery stuff…..


Yep. My food goes to money & Cosplay. horrible combination cause it just makes me go… foof.


I got a little bit of experimenting done =3 I let my brother play league while I cut some fabric and got some glue out! I really love the gold fabric I got for my next cosplay. I’m trying to get it done within a month to start on Gee’s cosplay… then finish his in 2 weeks and then start on my 2nd AX cosplay! And maybe I’ll be able to fit a 3rd in there if I’m lucky =3

So… busy busy~ I’ve been trying to update my lovely fb more and more. And twitter… but twitter on my phone has been slow so it’s very…. …. frustrating =.= Yea. Pet peeve: slow technology xD Can you imagine future generation’s expectation of technology then?! THey’re gonna not be happy with what we call 4g now xD


the realness

 photo 20140420_175128_zps2a43bd0a.jpg

The blonde :D

I think it’s great that people think this is my real hair ^^ The wig is only… meh but I had to spend a lot of time on those bangs to make them look remotely realistic T.T I haven’t posted this picture.. it’s more in the shade so you can see how the wig is actually a little more brown than some of the other pictures I posted. All the pictures I’ve posted I haven’t done anything to in photoshop or what not other than just making it smaller xD

btw… straight bangs I really do not like having. It’s annoying when wig hair pokes your eyes out and it’s a very hard piece of hair =.=

I actually have alot to update but just haven’t made the time to do so… hopefully I get some quality office time tomorrow to do it all :D Until then… tata~