black forest


It was my sister’s birthday this past weekend! She’s turnningg… LEGAL XD At least legal enough… I was kinda sad how discombobulated her birthday was… I seriously think parents forgot until her friend came by to drop off a gift… but we didn’t give her any gifts cause well… usually me or my brother goes shopping with my mother and we pick her out something but I guess birthday gifts have just … kidna gotten forgotten lately.  And its really sad >> But I think parents are getting a little lazy as this is their 3rd kid xD And you’d think the baby of the fams are the most spoiled. probably! But I find its either in attention or money lol

Either way. I picked out her bday cake cause if anything a birthday is not one without cake! always. no negotiations!

Got her a cake that I know we’d like instead of trying something new. It’s called Black Forest :D It’s pretty much a layer of choco cake then a layer of yummy cream (not overly sweet tho) and repeat that like 2 more times. I remember a friend getting me this cake for the first time and I LOVED it, still do actually~ So every time I get this type of cake I think of how wonderful getting the cake was back then xD Sometime simple things like that just stick to me.


the sweets o v o


Ah…  the sweets and food galore~~ It was quite the week I have to say and man am I more broke than evverrr! Granted I think Gee might be feeling the wallet hurt more than me since he paid for alot of it >> (<3) He’s also trying to make me fat because we had gourmet donuts TWICE in a week, a huge ice cream thing and coutnless other bobas and desserts!

But now its time for me to get back to work!! I have so much to do and so little money to start it. Yep. You heard that one right. Really tempted to get into the wedding dresses/masquerade type dresses soon! Its just always been so appealing to me and with the fabric choices I seem to be getting it might be possible on the budget I have! It makes me really excited I just have to work so much more o.o But it’s fun.. and I like it~ And my goal is to make some sort of a steady income out of it by the end of this year. Because once gee goes back to school I’ll need to be busy to keep from feeling so lonely~ That and get a dog… or cat. Whatever works. Maybe even a gerbil of some sorts?

…. yea im just mentally preparing myself for the future xDD

that should also really include working out because ALL THE FOOD I ATE IS CRAZY and I feel a little fatty. Like I don’t mind being fatty but if I FEEL it then I know I need to go do some more physical activity >> Someone please, tell me what this working out is LOL




Once in awhile Gee decides to use my weak spot and keeps me out a little later than I should be for sweets >.> And 99% of the time I’m happy with it anyways LOL So last time we hung out we had some really yummy sushi hand rolls and then some hand-made gelato~! Now that gelato… is good =3 Mine was some rendition of milk, black cherry, granola, uhh… maybe chocolate? I’m not sure. It was lightly sweet and slightly crunchy. I loved it =3 But I’m the one with the sweet tooth (apparently?) and Gee is the one that doesn’t have one at all =.= So he ended up getting some dark chocolate gelato which was actually quite bitter. He seemed to enjoy it though xD I liked it cause it made mine sweeter LOL

Other than that… I’ve been on a sweets spree…. so much for eating healthy >.>


Another food trip: LA

 photo foodcompilementLA_zpsb4d47527.jpg

We had another LA trip which I still have yet to post a lot about! But… for now since I’m kinda tight on time.. I decided to compile the food pictures together and put them on here =3 It wasn’t a lot but it was YUMMY. (And for once I paid for like.. everything xP I should go open all the doors and pull out chairs now xD)

Basically to sum it all up… after a lot of walking and what not we drove almost 10 miles away just for food! Then another 4 ish miles just for ice cream xD And by then it was already late o.o But of course we had a pit stop at starbucks where they let me study and ..well it’s always fun sitting around doing nothing as long as your in good company (as Gee put it)

So it was fun! And my mother still rants on to me about how I am SO confident of passing since I went out on Friday… and honestly? I wasn’t at the beginning of today but.. now I feel like I am. With tomorrow I can get so much done! So Much… KNOWLEDGE! wo?

I have some pictures ready to go and I’ll try to post during my breaks tomorrow =3 until then… :]



 photo DSCN3338_zps37d43b07.jpg

Last night… my cousin decided to go to a boba lounge that’s about 15 minute drive away. It’s called Cha2O. xD It’s a club-ish type scene and bring about a lot of males….. groups of males. I thought that was odd xD anyways it’s opened till 2am and we were there to about.. maybe 1am? It takes FOREVER to get seating and we arrived around 11:20… took maybe 45 min- hour for seating T.T Anyways! Highlight? The Snowice you see above =3 It was called XTC (get it? har har.) ALOT of strawberry. Oddly enough the kids thought it was too sweet but I liked it. Yet I think a caramel drink is too sweet and they think its perfect…. odd tastes. so me and my brother mainly ate it. Weirdly enough… but it was yummy. Was it yummy enough to get again? Ehhh….. xDDD

Other than that…. I’ve been having a boba craving like milk tea kinda boba. So I went to the mall today and picked up some =3 Some dad was yelling at his kid cause he knocked over the mini trash can at the counter. He made his kid pick it up from the ground which.. I mean it was just paper and some plastic so it wasn’t gross. It was just super awkward cause I felt like I should help him out but that would be interfering with the whole parenting thing I guess. OH! I got 3 shirts from Express for $5 each they’re SUPER soft and I love them <3 Express has seriously become my favorite store now xD I shop there so much >.> I spend so much money there too T.T But it’s classy dressing up for work so it’s seriously perfect for me =3

Okay. I think that’s about it. Oh! I also spent an hour doing paperwork WHICH WAS ALREADY DONE T.T Yea. I’m done. It’s done. No more work =3= (so much time wasted!!)