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Ending 2015


Long time no hellos!! Also haven’t taken a picture of myself lately but I guess it’s probably because my makeup has been very… very natural. aka none XP Doesn’t really bother me but it doesn’t make me want to take pictures of myself. I did take a break yesterday for errands and some tea. Decided to do a little window shopping which turned into me buying stuff so less window shopping and more… actual shopping. It was fun though! I went by myself but still, quite relaxing~ I ended up buying the shirt in the picture… it’s a great material o.o and another blue chiffon shirt =3 I’m so happy about it~ The skirt I was just trying on to see how the shirt looked but i’ve been meaning to make some longer skirts for myself. But we’ll see won’t we?

It is the last day of the year.

I was sitting with my mother and she asked me if I liked 2015. I responded with a pause and a yes. I got a lot done! I finished 2 collections and was able to show them at 2 different conventions. I was able to get Majesti up and running with lots of help and I finally am seeing bits and pieces of my dream coming together. She looked at me a bit skeptically for saying that, family around me thinks I’m bumming it out at home. But with all this silver hair? Yea I must have a really stressful bumming xD

She then asked if 2016 was the same as 2015, would I be happy. And I told her if it was the same in the sense of opportunity… I would be content. But of course I’m shooting for more~

She told me how happy she was that in this past year my brother got a job and my sister got admitted into university. She left me out of course xD Normally I’d be sad about it but I’ve grown to accept that as a middle child I’ll always be compared 2 different ways and then another 4 with all the other asians she’s trying to compete with. It’s been a huge year for me with coming to terms with myself and my situation. It takes a lot. I’m glad though, and that’s how I knoww I’ve had a good year. When I’m happy at the end of it XD