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Had a mini photo shoot at the arboretum today! It was mainly to check if there was any pretty flower blooms for a cosplay shoot but… there was not >.< Nothing that we could really work well with at least. But while we were there Gee took some photos and we had a lovely walking time! These turtle were so cool~ They just looked up in the same direction going O.O it was nice~

I’ll probably put up photos of the mini shoot later~ I wore my grey skirt today so it was kind of like a product shoot anyways! Fun days~

So here. Watch the turtles. Feel relaxed~


Jumping to read~

I started to read this book~! Why? well because it looks good and there is a movie out for it o.o And no one is bashing it like it’s a Twilight sooo…. good right? xD So far it’s been interesting…. I didn’t really get it at first, starts a little too slow for my liking >.< But I’ve been getting into my reading mood in just a good time too! Spring BREAKKK~~!!!! officially ~

I hope to get alot done this week =3 ALOOTTT!

I’m excited. So I’m starting it off with a day with Gee tomorrow. Wondercon for Saturday. And purely cosplay for Sunday! then who knows what the rest of my week will hold~


Perfect pink


I was on tumblr. I found this dress! Isn’t it pretty? Been looking for inspiration dresses lately! I want to get going on my designs and start my big project~ I want to work on it but…. I dunno what’s stopping me! Although….. I.don’t know… my mother gave me blank stares when I told her my uniqueness is in my creative and optimistic mind set…. that and she doesn’t understand how my group got first place in strategic management. Common. It’s management~ I know she’s worried about me but… I think I can get really far with my sewing work if I just have the capital and time for it! But she wants me to get a government job…. . I honestly don’t want it. It’s…. it’s the opposite of creativity in the sense that every job is rigid. I want to be able to make a difference, to make people happy! I know how the saying normally goes “mother knows best” but for once… maybe not? I don’t want to seem like the rebellious kid but seriously, do I know myself better by now? If not the least I can do is ask the people who know me best…… . ……. although at this point I think everyone knows a different side of me. All my friends should get together and come up with a consensus lol~ Sorry for the rant. I do love this color pink dress and the dress itself though~~~~ –kimiko


An elegant white toned corridor leading to a large sunlight room. Around the room houses ballgowns and dresses of the utmost details and prestige. Think about it. Full 8 hooped ballgowns trimmed with ruffles and lace. Trains that would rival any wedding dress. Material of the softest silk that gleams in the sun. Vintage mannequins fits the dress perfectly.

why am I writing this? Honestly it’s quite relaxing. I hope to have one of these rooms one day….a place to store my prized creations and hopefully wear them just for the heck of it. I really want that xD Wearing poofy dresses all day! Ah~

I also think taking a stress management class is helping me~ I always have to remember about the homework to do for it which then entails me to remember to … relax. Oddly enough. It’s also been kicking me to work out… I feel more productive doing so xD

Its been…. maybe a week or so since I’ve been in this weird mood. I think I know what it i but I don’t want to think I do. It’s odd. Maybe it’s lying to myself a little.. or just being stubborn xD I’m not really sure. So I’ve been trying to find something else to negate it and hopefully it works. Yea okay ignoring a stressor isn’t good >.> But so what. (my prof will fail me if she ever read that LOL~)


Good flower

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I know it’s funky… but I was inspired by Zyra from League~ Just a good version of her! Just an inspiration  which is basically just flowery petal fighting~ I also did this one during my compensation class! >.>;; I believe that was the class the professor kept looking at me funny, I’m honestly not surprised ….

Just thought I’d put something up cause I haven’t really posted anything like it in awhile~

Today was… relaxing? Almost. I went to class….. brought food so I didn’t starve~ I worked out!! Spent a good 20 minutes on the elliptical alone watching the Ellen show (hilarious stuff as well as inspiring)  I wish I did more but by the end of that I was gross and sweaty >.< Plus I’m still sore from Friday’s work out? I think…. I did Pilates  Hard core stuff there >.>;; Need to try it again though! It feels SO good! Except now since I’m sore Gee forgets and throws me into pain by who knows doing what.Okay that sounded a tad bit wrong, it’s not like that!!

Half&Half day with bread and a short mall run =3 Entertaining~