About Me

Lets see…a little about me would be…

Name: Nikki

Other Name: Kimiko Kotomi or Kimikotan
Combined name: Kimikki
B-day: April 10th
Lives: West coast USA~
Fav. Food: Strawberries, Pocky, Flan, Cake!, sweets in general…
Languages: Japanese, English, Some Vietnamese, and a little bit of everything else~

Interests + Hobbies include so much the list will be long. Trust me =]
But I’ll lit some out here…
Anime, Cosplay, Manga, Reading, Drawing, Crafting, Arts, Chatting, Sewing (goes with Cosplay of course), Bloging, Game-playing, Maplestory, Mabinogi, Fairyland, Flyff!, Shokotan (Idol<3), Music, Flute, Piano, Classical, J-pop, K-pop, Pop, Bunnies, Nails, Phone, Decorating, Shiny stuff, Computer, Pocky, Dramas, Friends, Family, Culture, Asian stuff, School, Sweets, Food, Camera, Pictures, Photogenic, Magazines, Pink!, Tea, Milk Tea, Taro~, Coloring, Cold Weather, Snow, Dragon Fruit, Dragons, Fairytales, Mystical creatures, Phone charms, Cute things, Romance, Comedy,…

More shall come, promise~

So here’s my promise! lol. Some links? Okay not some… just one!
Cosplay.com Account

AC Paradise Account

Other things…will come too!
But I shall post more links up later!



9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi!

    I really like your page, in my opinion it’s a brilliand idea. Well, I think I would forget to write something on the page ^^° and it’s interesting to read about someone’s life ^^
    I hope my english is ok, because I’m from germany ;)

  2. Can I ask you something? How old are you? It would be fine if we can keep in touch like…internet friends or something like that :3 I’ve got the impression that you are very likeable. I really want you get to know better. If you like, you can send me an e-mail here is my adress:



  3. this blog is really interesting and cool
    your also a very interesting person ^_^
    hope all the best for you however old you are now

  4. Hi! (I couldn’t find your contact information, so I hope posting here was okay.)
    I stumbled upon your blog and loved it! This happens to be just the type of blog I would love to affiliate with. Would you want to?
    If we did you’d get a special deal with my blogs monthly feature option. And I was also hoping, since you’re probably a lot more experienced with cosplay than me, you’d post a cosplay tutorial every-once-in-awhile and give me pointers.
    Do you wanna share links?

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