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Next cosplay… Euphemia!

Euphemia from Code Geass

Euphemia from Code Geass

So this is my next cosplay!
Go figure its pink huh?

But even though I haven’t even watched the anime… I have the gist of the character..

And I’m pretty execited for this cosplay!
It’s a bit more challenging but I think I can get it done… still debating what kind of fabric needed and how much and how imma do the trimming and what not… >.<;;

Also I have to make it puff out more. Somehow… without buying something huge XD

Whaa XD I’ll sketch it out laters~


Stubborn dog.


He’s smart. Really. I don’t like being mean so if he lays I don’t like to drag >.<

So I bribed XD And I pleaded. And eventually he got in XD

But im happy! He got all washed up and clean for pictures!

My little cousin wants a picture cause she loves dogs~

And she lives in Michigan with the rest of my relatives so I can’t ship my dog over to her XDDD

But I love my Lucky anyways~


Runn like the doggies


So so sooooo…

its like almost 5:30 and I’ve been doing a whole buncha nothing XD

actually! I have been eating, thinking, watching Skip Beat, and some.. very little hw XD
So that was fun. oh! I actually walked my dog today!

Cool but not cool >.> Cause I put him in the backyard and someone forgot to close the gate so he ran out again and started running!!

So we ran after him T.T And ran..and ran. Until he stopped at some people that were nearby. And we caught him ^-^ But I hate it when he runs… he’s sooooo not trained XD

But after walking he can sit in the yard fine XD with his leash on but not tied to anything. So thats good~

until he tried to run at the end >.> lol~