A little older


So as I get older… everyone else is getting older too! That’s just how the world works xD Life goes on even if I don’t have a birthday xDD

This year… my mind has been all over the place. I really haven’t had any thoughts on what I’d do on my birthday other than work …. And the weekend directly before it was always kinda up in the air. I didn’t have plans… but I noticed everyone else kinda did have some? So I went.. meh. I can have a chill birthday!

I think my family saw I was just.. not doing anything. So they took me out and it was… good. Mom’s a little teenager on her phone and conversations got awkward pretty easily with everything that’s been happening in my family.

At this point I really just savor the moments where I don’t have to worry >< It’s …it’s something. So today came around and…it just made me sad. All the little things that has happened from the weekend and throughout today has…. well. I can’t really describe it. I mean comon. I didn’t even bother to wear half my makeup for the past 2 days. >>

Nothing really felt too special about it… but I’m grateful for all the happy wishes~ Each and every one of them brought a smile to my face~

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