Today was interesting! My brother got tickets for a Musical called Waterfall~ It’s the first musical and I’m happy :D It was a love story kinda on forbidden love and just how a first love changes you but just like the title is, its the FIRST love, meaning you’ll have others~ At first the accent of the main guy who was Thai was really hard to follow but I think I got used to it. The orchestra was awesome and the dresses were so pretty!! Inspiration much? definitely~ Also was cool cause we had pretty awesome seats :D

Anyways afterwards I looked up boba shops around and we went to Urth caffe! It’s a popular cafe that I’ve been to a few locations of. Every time I go and get the drinks I get the good ones… people I go with… not so much =3= So my brother hated his and his… friend ended up throwing hers away =.= I was sad cause I’m pretty sure if I asked for something else may have remade it? They tend to be nice like that but since they were so busy I dunno if they would’ve. Oh and a selfie with my sister cause… yea. We do that now LOL


Do you.. Sea. food? =3

Alrighty! Yosh!

Yesterday was an eventful day. Here’s a semi-long post about it! But the next few pictures sums it up~ (Or will just make you drool =P)

For my brother’s bday dinner/lunch we had Seafood port! We were suppose to have Japanese food but… my favorite japanese buffet was closed >.< Apparently they only have dinner time opened o.o I didn’t know that xD I want to go again though!! T.T
So we had all my favorites =3 well.. maybe except the way the lobster was seasoned. It was lobster with ginger. Then Honey walnut shrimp. Half a crispy duck. And a bird nest scallops.  After I told my mom I wanted duck I realized… we were at SEAFOOD port. … so fishies would obviously be the best xD The duck was good and all, but I had better. ^^;; And the bird nest was actually.. VERY good o.o Shrimp.. love honey shrimp <3 I want to learn how to make it… =3

That was like the full meal I had yesterday. Then I didn’t eat until about 10 which I only had a little bit of mac and cheese… which was good! But I still wasn’t hungry so I only had a little.

Oh right. Last night after church I went with my bro and his friends to D&B where my cousins were also there! It was actually.. pretty fun. Spent $25 on chips and all. Still didn’t use it all up though xD;; At first, getting there I felt.. pretty out of place o.o I wasl the only one there that couldn’t drink -.- I fell back into the anti-social mode T.T So I ended up following around annnd… ended up just going around playing games with B. He was cool, spent most of his coins helping me get the cup I wanted xD


It was 725 chips =3 I feel bad that he spent most of his on this but… it was fun! I’m pretty good at driving games~ Not so much with the shooting… >.<;; And in the end, my brother didnt get completely drunk T.T But when I turn 21 my cousin said he’ll be there to bring in my friends that arn’t 21 xD

That lasted from like 9:30 to 1am… =.= Then went to m&m donuts where they have some awesomme blueberry donuts!!
They seem very busy o.o I should take Gee there sometime, if we’re every in anahiem, which we are.. somewhat?

Oh! and yay for today? It’s 10/10/10 xD Why are people making a big deal out of it? I guess it makes it easy to remember the date.

Oh but today I spent half my day on cosplay work. The other half on homework. Decent right. Kinda… I ended up ignoring Gee most of the day. And yesterday. xD buuuut… he was the one that was being so inconsiderate and NOT waking me up T.T I mean seriously.. you’d assume after 10+ texts last night you’d end up saying something int he morning to respond to them. Or a response at all!! But noo… whats the quote he’s going to use on me .. something about feeling and saying… xDD Well you know what? I’m angry because youre dopey!! =3

And apparently a friend finally got asked out by this guy she’s been having a lot of pda with xD Finally right? I hate it when the guy .. or even girl! Assumes things. Like they assume you’re going with them to a dance. You assume he’ll be your date to something. He assumes you two are a couple because there  was a kiss scene somewhere xD I dunno! Infinite possibilities there.

Update on commissions? I have to send it out monday next week and… T.T I really hope I can get it done. tomorrow. Have to finish his coat and start on his jacket. Then still have to do her leg warmers and some flame thing. Who wants to draw the flames? Ohhh thanks Gee, you are an awesome artist =D Thanks for volunteering yourself. So helpful~


So much… asian!


This is my LAST bag for this semester =3 It’s being used as my gym bag! Because.. I don’t like the normal totes cause it doesn’t hold enough and doesnt have a zipper while I don’t want to go buy a sports bag cause I can’t really.. multiuse it.
So this bag is reusuable~ Kinda like those shopping bags now-a-days. And it’s HUGE. I can fit everything in there o.o quite literally. And it’s cute yea~ Hello kitty! See a theme with my choices yet? xD

I went to school all groggily today >.< didn’t really sing on the way to school either o.o weird huh? So I got through both classes decently. Took a nap! a 10 minute nap where.. I woke up like suddenly with the sudden movement o.o It scared me.. cause I wasn’t sure where I was for a second xD Then I went back to slep for 20 minutes. Where I woke up just in time to freshen up and get ready to go to the gym =D Where… someone took our dance studio… but the martial arts room was more fun ^^  There were two friends there too which was… kinda … weird at first. Cause I don’t like doing bad/weird/wth things in front of people so much but… it turned out good~ very fun~

Then I came home and am just doing the normal stuff I do~ ^^ Time for commission work….
Oh!! But before that.. my brother came home last night and brought lots of goodies~ Here are some of my favorites

The pink bear and banana were won by the crane game or whatever. He’s letting me put them in my car ^^ So I’ll have the banana in there cause it makes a good pillow~ And it’s funny cause you can unzip it up and down =3 Next is a totoro hankerchief. I may use that…
Then some phone charms for me ^^ And His host mom gave him sakura jam o.o I REALLY want to try it… looks good!

And that’s it for the most part… first day back and he’s already working xD Probably cause I killed his job while he was gone.. lol!!




Its a piece of brownie!!
So my sis made brownies. And I really liked them. Probably cause they were dark chocolete.
Which meant I could eat a lot and not feel bad because it didn’t taste so sweet.
Which is also went VERY well with milk.
milk and brownies <3
Imma try to convince her to make cookies tonight ^^;;

and omgsh you know what I hate?
I have a blackberry.. or pinkberry as nonformally called, but anyhow! I have a blackberry and when opening a text I only get to preview the first line while it loads. And I read it and I’m like… YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Then it opens and im like.. NOOOOO!

-.- fail. Epic. Fail.

That’s my excitement for the day. lol!
Cause really? All I’m doing is homework and work. Work. Work. Work. I want my paycheck. It’s here. But I can’t get it yet T.T How depressing!
A pic of what we cooked the brownies in~ a toaster oven!!! xD

Wait… brown-ies. Who was the brilliant person that named then brown…ies! like.. cook-ies? Couldn’t they be like tasties?
Just a thought… dont mind me xD


My real first day in San Fran!

Today was a very eventful day! I enjoyed it alot ^-^

See it started out with a very nice breakfast. Breakfast is a very important meal after all!
And with 2 cups of apple juice. A egg taco with cheese in it. A biscuit. A .. strawberry muffin I believe. 1/4 of a waffle. And some ham…
Yea… that’s a breakfast to last through the day~

Went to the famous Pier 39 today!
And what first caught my eye was…
If you don’t know what I’m referencing… its neopets xD
Go look it up if you want. But they were everywhere. And made me laugh… hehe.

Looked around. So many little shops. A cute crepes shop, I wanted some crepes but we were just looking around first. Then we’d have to trace our steps back anyways so we were saving that till later. Kept walking.Cute carosel in the middle! I took like 6 pics of it. This one horse/sea creature caught my attention. It was cute!

And just for Kasu there is a panda’s head in the bg. lol~
And the pic to the right was a really funny guy. He was doing a… juggling show I guess and he just had a good sense of humor and interacted with the crowd alot. He made me laugh alot so I donated a buck xD Which! I don’t donate to street performers unless they really entertained me.

Then we just unknowingly walked to the Finsherman’s Warf.. or something like that? I’m not too sure >.<
Just walked around a bit. Saw a measeum .. free of course xD

Then ate I guess what one of the most popular-ist foods is…
Clam chowder in a bread bowl! Everyone around was eating it so we all had one. It was yummy. Better than HS cafe food thats for sure!
Then we took a trolly… yes a TROLLY! Downtown to.. omgsh. One of the biggest.. best … OMG shopping palace EVER!!
EVER! <3333 I wish I could’ve spent the WHOLE day there! It’s like the mall back at home x10. Yes. Here’s the trolly…


And here’s the mall… somewhat.. lol! I only got the right part. There was still a hallway and a dome part o.o;;

Okay this was what I saw when I came in basically. The escalators. FILLED. Evertime I saw it. And it CURVED. Yes… curved. like… in the right pic. Most of them did making it look uberly cool. My brother, brilliant guy -.-, had an idea to go to the top. So. We did. I took a pic of course ^-^

That was like… okkay I dunno how many stories. More than 8 though. Maybe 8… but yep. Beyond… huge.
I Love it. I’ll be sure to come back to SF just to shop one day. xD

The dome part. woot? xD Huge.
And then… I TRIED to shop around. But there were so many stores. I foudn one shop I actually liked and the prices were relatively cheap (for the mall) but I didn’t buy anything… oh well.
Then we took the train back to whereever. Then went to Outback Steakhouse to eat ^-^ We were hungry! And they other people we were with reccomended it. And since I’ve never had it, why not? It’s vacation xD

Appetizer. Yum! Onion rings xD And my dish. Small cause I get full from meat easily. I also has broccoli like.. soup. Cream soup I believe. It was yummy!!! <3

So I shall end it here. This post is lonnnggg!! Hopefully I get to go swimming soon!!!