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Ciel’s Pink Dress~

Ciel Phantomhive Pink dress

What do you think about me cosplay as her? Ciel Phantomhive~

I should probably watch the anime first… but like… I basically have the fabric for it already!!
Maybe… but the looks of it I’d need more pink.. .but thats no problem for me~ I <3 pink anyways

I could use my real hair too! Okay well.. not as it is now… cause it is a bit shorter and fluffier since my mom didn’t cut it the way I wanted xD but nothing too drastic. I dunno if I’d be able to wear this to AX though. Right now I can picture all the parts to the dress and from what I can tell… it’ll just take time and not so much… skill I guess.

And I do wanna make Mikuru but the silky fabric I have won’t look good as it, it just won’t >.< It’ll make it look tacky. Something I don’t like, tacky.
So! It’s this outfit or Sakura? This one is pretty nice though…I even get to go hat shopping? lol Lts of ruffles so I get to practice with that!

But Imma probably do my ball gown first XD for Miku!

EDIT: I did end up cosplay Ciel! You can see it here~


10 white hairs


10 white hairs…

My gosh >.<

Have I really been stressed? I mean… its not so bad I thought, but my mom started to pull out hairs one by one and I got scared… im getting old!!! Gahh T.T I didn’t want her to pull it out but I did want to see how many I had and they kept poping up when I was trying to figure out what kind of hair-do to do for prom. Which I’m doing my hair myself so I’m experimenting today.

I was suppose to go pick out a tux with Socks but… my mom wanted to go shopping. But then she said it was too late. So now im home. Just siguring out hair-do’s and what not. I finished my power point presentation for my senior project. Now I need to make index cards to remind myself what to say basically.

So I’m actually gonna keep the hair! lol your like ‘ewww’ I’ll take it into my journal or something… I tied it into a know and it looks so… ugh.. makes me sad xDD




I’m feeling lazy today… just like Hunny Bun Bun… >.<;;

I know I have so much to do…. gotta take out my dress to see if I can change it some way xD Cause at this point I’m scared I can’t find a good prom dress. Sooooo… bleh. My mommie is in meetings today so we can’t go shopping. And Until Tuesday I’m freaking out about my senior project! I’m confident in it though… like really. Thanks Erukii for helping me out so much, it’s hard doing such a huge project alone… ^-^;;

Oh I got my hair trimmed last night, so my bangs are no longer in my eyes and my mom cut them a bit thinner, just how I like it xD
Though my mom didn’t cut the back into a V shape like I wanted but oh well, doesn’t really matter much to me at this point. I can always get it done later.

I busted out all my AX stuff, so much I can talk about but I don’t think I’ll be able tot alk about everything AND keep the interest of my peers. Ah who cares, it’s my world isn’t it? I don’t care if they think I’m weird… when will I ever see them again? lol~

Ah Imma go shower I guess… I think I drooled alot o.o;; yet I don’t remember any of my dreams……


Drinks away


I doubt thats readable…. but anyways!
I keep taking quizzes online on facebook and its funny to me because… these are quizzes other people make and some of them are true! Or at least seem to be… I got the beauty mask xD I don’t think its true… I think my personality has warped in a weird way so… I dunno.

But I took a ‘what kind of drunk are you?’ quiz and… it turned out im the sober one xD
I probably will be… as much as I joke around about drinking, who knows if I’ll actually do it. Like excessively I mean. Cause I really don’t want to be labeled as the girl who always drinks and all.
I think wine and champagne is just fine. Beer… blek… and liquor… only if mixed. Like Kahlua (sp?) and milk. xD

So! These quizzes are always so much fun!!

(omgsh I tihnk I just heard the ice cream truckk!!! That like… never happens!)


Sketch dress


My dress I plan to make. Minus the sleeves on there… since I will go with gloves…

But It’s for the Masqurade ball! For AX! Woot woot~
So thats my planning sketch. Still have to sketch it out one more time but more detail and the back part… (Yes that is a big bow for the back… I need at least ONE bow!)

yay for my upcoming Princess Miku Ball Gown

So! Other than that… many people liked this one more –minus the sleeves.
I should show my other ones too… no recent pics of it though >.<;; maybe later!

It’s like an hour away from church! Dang… church.
I always don’t feel like going. But once I’m there I don’t mind XD
Shows how lazy I am… I need someone to take me there, then I’m good xD Cause man… this seat is comfy ^-^