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Gomen -sniff-

I am… bleh. Today. At least.
Cause guess what?
I’m sick T.T Still
And my throat is better but it gets irritated when I talk so I try to keep talking to a minimum.
So Sorry because this will be my only post today.
Sorry Kasuki for ditching you at TNF >.<
Sorry for who I might’ve gotten sick!

But really… this sucks T.T I slept only a little last night and took mini naps throughtout the day. I hate taking medicine T.T But I don’t have a choice. It was made for a reason though! I just don’t wanna make it common to take it. And I Really have to drink more orange juice >.>;;

Oh! I finished watching High School Musical 3! It was… okay. Whataever really XD

But omgsh! I started playinf Rune Factory 2 or whatever. Its like Final Fantasy, Harvest moon, and Monster Rancher all put in one!! And no one wants to touch the DS cause I’ve been playing it XD ITs contaminated XD;;


No fun.


Sick T.T

Really sick. I sooo wasn’t fit to go to school but if I didn’t go then I’d be letting lots of people down plus I’d miss a test and a quiz. So… I went! And its Friday anyways XD

So I went to school with dozens of tissues in my bag. Some used -.-;; I was hacking up lugis. Eww much? And I just wish I wasn’t sick T.T I did like absolutely nothing today.. execpt take my RE first test online! Passed with an 83%.. so close >.< Cause you have to get at least 70% right XD

School… bleh. People were like “You arn’t yourself today” And then I reply in a monotone “I’m sick’ T.T
Yea it was really fun at school -.-;;
I walked like uberly slow and the books felt sooo heavy. The Stats test I took.. I think I failed >.< Absolutely failed.
Some little…girl…okay not little… she was bigger than me >.< But she totally jacked my computer and book in accouting. I’m like…are you serious?! I’m gone for one day and i come back invisable.. okay I’m used to being invisible. Think of me like Mia from Princess Diaries. Execpt no one sits on me XD
Weird analogy? Maybe. But its pretty true.
So I didn’t wanan do anything to her (I was pissed so I would’ve like yanked the chair out from under her XD) So I just left it. The teach was like…Whats with you today? Not happy. I’m like… sick -puts head down-

Gonna sleep soon. Not that I need it. I may just read. Reading is nice…


Bible bingo?!


So I played some bible bingo yesterday… its not really bingo but from the retreat/convention I went to thats what he called it XD And so I did that. Since I was feeling kinda scared after watching the news… at least paranoid.

So I opened up to the Book of Job… and I ead. it was pretty interesting. Then I hit verse 10 in chapter 2! “…We accept good things from God; and should we not accept evil? Through all this, Job said nothing sinful”

See… I’m not like extremely religious. But it did help me get through hard times. And its part of who I am today! So I read that and I’m like… yea… evil things which I don’t want to happen and accept… not like you can change it can you?

So Thats that. I should do that more often. I actually LOVE to read stories so reading the non-poem-ish part of it is better to me XD I’m not too deep into it though XD Well I do tend to overthink… kinda..?


Maybe haruhi


I was looking through my stiff yesterday and  found tha Haruhi Hair band!! woo~ I don’t like the color so much cause its not accurate… its the one my brother got from buying the Haruhi box set XD

I looks weird in this picture though… I think I do…

One day I may do Haruhi~ Just cause she’s pure awsome!
Haruhi reminds me of the girl from Ouran Host Club too. I wanna cosplay her pink dress at the end XD Its beyond cute!!! hehe

But yep~
Havent been able to do anything cosplay related lately… how sad >.<;; I sohuld start on Euphie… I don’t have a zipper buuuut… bleh. I wont be able to go to joanns for awhile… I probablyh ave to show my mom imma do more so she can buy me more. XD


Little crane~


Like the little money crane I made~? Not outta my money XD my..chaperone wanted it done~ ^-^;; So I did it! yep yep~

I need to learn more origami.. I only know how to make a crane. Flapping crane. Flower. and thats it actually… >.<;;

Oh and if  I sound funny tomrrow… I lost my voice >.<;; Too much yelling and singing. and not enough water Ig uess… oh well.. ( I alrady frank 1L of water today… so I say thats an accomplishment XD on account I don’t dirnk lots of water…)