Lion goes Rawr


:D HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~!!! <3

Which I believe I said on another social media of some sorts but I haven’t said it here! =3

So I started today with trying to get some sleep but kept getting woken up by one thing or another =.= So I probably only had a good 4 hours of sleep and the rest was sporadic and gave me a headache QQ But I decided to go with my mother/grandma/friend today to just greet the new year with giving luck and receiving luck =3 But before I left this morning I had time to take selfies with my little ram ram~~~ Which is why you get a lot of selfie pics that get kinda weird >.> xDDD I was trying the dark lipstick that I bought for Hilda and I was surprised that I quite like it on a normal wearing basis o.o It really depends on the outfit but I think it makes me look more.. mature? put together? XD Iono. Its different and I do like it.

And then the pic on the top left is after a long day and my makeup looks like it kinda went POOF and the lipstick I took off cause I wanted to eat and drink boba =3

I did manage to take a nice picture and pet the lion that is used during the traditional lion dances~ And a goat! :DDD Not a real one but I LOVE seeing how the goats/sheeps are so adorned and put on display =3 and its for THE WHOLE YEAR *feeling special* Ok not really since its not JUST me but.. yea.


Happy Valentine’s Day =3


Happy Valentines Day ~~~ <3

I don’t think I usually spend a lot of time on Valentine’s day things just because I never really liked the day? But I do like to do things here and there for Gee and friends anyways~ Last year I made choco truffles! This year… I didn’t feel like making anything xD And since I was seeing everything today anyways for a celebration party… I brought strawberries and we made home-made chocolate dipped strawberries! And I never (At least to my memory) got an actual gift for someone but this year I saw a chance and… why not =3 So I got Gee Asuna and Kirito keychains! =3 We have been really loving the OTP and since we do cosplay them… I thought it would be cute as a keepsake =3 And hopefully we can do a photoshoot of us for the ultimate barfy cutsy effect LOL! <3

So I ended up giving both to him and told him to choose which one he wanted to keep… cause we can fight for waifu or senpai LOL In the end I have Kirito and he has Asuna~~~ I love it =3

Other than that.. I swear I had like 4 courses of dessert and SO MUCH FOOD. Gee hosted a little party and he … he knows how to do food =3 It was yummy and oh so lovely~ Sad some other friends couldn’t make it but… oh well! Always other times =3 Next few weeks look booked to me o.o So I’ll see…

Plus I got good and bad news of a fashion show! So I’m excited but a month to make 7 outfits? Mmmm… I really want to make new ones and not reuse sooo… hing. I’ll see. Middle of tax season and creating this new business so I’m going to go crazy if I do decide to make new ones… >.> BUT I WANT TO QQ

(btw this is what was in the Tokyo Otaku Mode package you saw earlier this week =3 )


<3 cakes!


Happy Valentine’s day to everyone~ it’s a day to show love and care =3
Sadly for me I don’t think I did too much today… I barely saw my dad and my mom and grandma are away :[ I did get to Skype with gee for a little and I spent quality time with the kiddos … didn’t get to say it to my friends either! I’m a horrible friend T.T
I kind of wish I did have a more special Valentine’s but I Know I’ll have an even better Valentine weekend =3 so I’m looking forward to sharing some cool snow pictures with you all soon!!
But if you did something awesome for Valentine’s day… feel free to share it below! For me? I did bake mini cakes and I did some cosplay! And honestly food and cosplay? That’s love right there =3 who needs guys?  Pff.
(Don’t need them but I want them! I miss you gee, can’t wait to see you!)
-insert corny phrase here-
See? Perfect.


Happy Lunar New Year!


Wishing everyone a happy, wealthy, productive, and an absolutely cute new year!!

This time of year is definitely one of my favorites. Did you know we have lanterns up year round? It’s cause sometimes we spend more time and effort to decorate the place versus Christmas time lol. Actually they might be equal…

Anyways! Hope these collages aren’t too bad. I see it as the easiest way to get my pictures up now xD the two pictures on the left is where I’m currently at and doing! I got a lucky red envelope and tangerine from a monk! How cool =3 they seriously remind me of air benders….. and the other picture is of a pink tree… yea. That’s it. Its adorable~
The right picture? I dunno. Selfie? I wrote blue and black but needed some red for luck =3 always gotta have the lucky red!!

It’s so late.. my family (part of it) is partying hard while I sit and post. Yep! I don’t mind~

Once again… happy New year!
Welcome to the year of the Horse~


I’m expensive…

Merry Christmas to everyonnneee~!!!!

Yea I think I’ve written that on every social media thing I have… but all at different times in the day xDD So like twitter was written first.. while I was half asleep in bed. Like… I woke up later going “when did I even tweet..?!”

It was a good day though. Relaxing that’s for sure.. but I can’t help the naggy feeling of all the things I have to do in the coming weeks… so it’s really starting to get to me >.>

OH! I DID buy myself some Christmas gifts this year =3 I decided I could splurge on myself just… just a little =3 So….

 photo DSCN3666_zps17973c7c.jpg

This is the first of them =3 About… $40 worth of makeup >.> I really needed the eye liners especially for cosplay… they come in a few different colors so I’m super excited~ And then some blush, eye primer, face hydrater and a gift for a friend~ (which isnt shown)

 photo DSCN3652_zpsd960902e.jpg

Then this is my two new pairs of color contacts =3 I’m SUPER excited about these as the blue is for my archer outfit and then I have a pair of grey that is for “daily” wear and other cosplays that will look cool with them xD Because my eyes are sensitive I made sure to get certified ones and non-circle lenses… so a diameter less than 14.2 … but I might have gotten a 14.5 anyways. I doubt it though… lol

So yes! Those are my gifts to myself this year =3 Mainly cosplay things~ I’m happy ^^

Then my family got me some more sewing items like an iron board and a cute jar kit. And then… some other stuff like clothes… etc etc.

So my Christmas basically consisted with opening present -> Sleeping -> Eating -> Games -> Food/boba -> Games -> More games -> Dancing/working out -> facial w/ movie -> Chatting -> Sleeping.

And that’s just peachy for me =3