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Wig day


Had a wig cleaning day!! The whole room smells like… cleaner =.= It sucks. QQ But! I’m happy how it’s been turning out. Although I lost a lot of the purple strands cause it’s the Hilda wig I wore and it’s super tangley… so brushing it out even with the help of a “conditioner” still sucked. I have the black wig and its extensions all planned out too for Ahri~ Yep. I bought her a blue/black wig, hated it and just decided to do black~ which technically her hair is black and the blues are there for a way to highlight the hair shading etc etc.

Other than wigs I have started to paint details on and sew more details on… honestly why do I do this QQ

Also been trying to eat healthy which i started like a few days ago and then uh… yea today I wanted a sweet/fatty food really badly and I might have went too overboard with that >> So YEA. BACK TO HEALTHY EATING. That also is me resisting the really huge urge to go out to grab boba/coffee/food. Well it saves me money and that just means I feel a liddo less broke after AX >>


raise a sleeve


COSPLAY PROGRESS! Sorta. I was having fun seeing how the sleeve looked if I did some wacky poses… and this was the result xD

Ahri is turning out pretty good~ (I write this as I tank an ahri game >>) BUT regardless, still can’t wait to see the end of this cosplay! And of course like always I won’t see it all together until day of con xD Like always~

It’s kinda crazy how this is mainly what I’m working on… like. This is “fun” for me until I have to start to work on my next collection o.o Then stocking up a store, revamping my patreon and all that lovely stuff :D

Kinda drowning in all the details im doing for ahri tho o.o like… I’m kinda surprised how much detail is in it. Ah. wish me luck >>




XDDD I did the little thing that was going around facebook~ I think it’s funny so.. here! LOL

Hate being so short =3=

Anyways… been working on cosplay but looks like this weekend is my time off from doing ANY work and just spending time with the family (kinda reluctantly if I may add) but I suppose it’s ok since I’ll be immersing myself in so much cosplay and designing work o.o Although I’m getting the butt end of the stick when it comes to how clean it is around here >> Ahh… I wish I had my own place already. BUT! Gotta work for that right? Righto!!


HTC Commercial

Cause.. yea this happened xD

I had an opportunity to be an extra in this commercial, I’m even listed int he part-goers :D Now was it a real party? Eh of course not. But it was something interesting to be a part of and although it took up a huge chunk of my day for some blurry spots and half my face… it was still pretty cool! I met a lot of new people~

+1 to you if you can spot me in a few spots~ Although I think you’re only able to see me in 2… xD

It’s really weird watching the commercial cause I saw it shot out of order haha. So it just seems awkward to me!

Whelp. Other than that I got to talk to a few of the players which was cool. No, I’m not buddy buddy with any of them. Although I kinda wished they didn’t assume I just know who they are >.> Cause I like introductions and no I don’t know who you are unless you introduce yourself xD

Would I do this again? Mmm… maybe. I’m not one for the camera (I say that but I do fashion shows? wat?!) but I would def bring a book and a fully charged tablet next time lol!



Today was interesting! My brother got tickets for a Musical called Waterfall~ It’s the first musical and I’m happy :D It was a love story kinda on forbidden love and just how a first love changes you but just like the title is, its the FIRST love, meaning you’ll have others~ At first the accent of the main guy who was Thai was really hard to follow but I think I got used to it. The orchestra was awesome and the dresses were so pretty!! Inspiration much? definitely~ Also was cool cause we had pretty awesome seats :D

Anyways afterwards I looked up boba shops around and we went to Urth caffe! It’s a popular cafe that I’ve been to a few locations of. Every time I go and get the drinks I get the good ones… people I go with… not so much =3= So my brother hated his and his… friend ended up throwing hers away =.= I was sad cause I’m pretty sure if I asked for something else may have remade it? They tend to be nice like that but since they were so busy I dunno if they would’ve. Oh and a selfie with my sister cause… yea. We do that now LOL