Pretty lazy


Let’s be honest here… sometimes we just have days where the will to do anything just kinda… diminishes >> And not like I don’t want to do work… it’s just I don’t o.o And I really hate that feeling. So today I kinda went a little overboard with friends in Borderlands 2 >> We got some of the DLCs so that’s fun. And I kinda have skipped some working out times and instead went for my ice cream =3 Which my family knows that the green tea one is kinda claimed by me so I can eat straight from the container and no one else eats it~~ XD Then again maybe they don’t eat it cause I eat from the container o.o Plus I’m that person that likes to eat ice cream in a pattern kinda way so it usually ends up looking like a dome…

Anyways. I plan on going back on a schedule for the sake of productivity. Plus my dad has been on my case more for going back to school. Which… if I had the will to get into debt for a title I won’t be using… then I’d already be doing it~ If education wasn’t so expensive where it takes a good what… 20…30 years to possibly pay off then I’d love to learn more! But for now I’m just doing the best I can. Plus I’m fortunate enough to have found something I really love to do (you know… when I actually do it) xD

Some updates on that~ Since I obviously don’t have the most interesting life I decided that updating everyday is kinda.. meh. Mayb eI’ll regret it later, who knows. But for now I want to be able to use my time to update the brand and work on my craft. =3 I’ve already have 6 out of 10 new designs sketched out. I’m excited~ It’s all seeming to come together nicely and I’m always excited~ Hopefully this ALA fashion show will be a big step for me in terms of my creations and my business. I do have a lot riding on this so I really hope it works out for the best!


I want a next cosplay


I REALLY want to do a new cosplay for ALA coming in Jan! I may still be staffing, will not be table-ing but I may be booked for another event there anyways! I think my days at the artist alley table selling is pretty much over xD It was really fun while it lasted though~ But as the cycle goes you don’t see artrists sit there forever o.o Eventually they fade away and hopefully to better things! And that’s what I’m doing… and I’m so glad~

So a few really packed months coming soon! Kinda getting stressed with everything I have to do. The research doesn’t make it any better >>

Minus all the whine I do…. which usually involves serious mind puzzles. I kinda picked the outfit I wanna try to finish for ALA! As you can see… it’s this ninja mage girlie~ I tried to look for an anime outfit and couldn’t… so I went to games LOL I dunno if I’ll be able to get around to making it. Doesn’t seem too difficult (I say that but you know it always is LOL) Plus that hair bow right!? :D


my 2 favorite things


Had a family vegas trip! Which is now getting a little more common so it’s like o.o kinda shocking to me. But whatever xD I guess its good since my family never takes trips T.T Well more like it’s rare xD

But I took this picture!! It’s cute! I love the blue *-* Love how they pleated it and the bottom has the gold shine~ It’s what I was trying to do with some of my stuff but I didn’t have the money to spend on the pretty gold thread in bulk T.T

(and do you see that underboob?! LOL It’s armored!) Can you imagine seeing an actual girl wear this? would be awesome LOL

Anyways. I spent only a night there and we left late in the day and left earlier the next day =.= Kinda sucks to go with elderly people that…. can’t move around a lot. It’s funny cause I think she’s just used to everyone doing everything for her so she’s gotten lazy and thus can’t do anything o.o While my grandma could probably outrun me LOL Oh gosh I’m terrible =.= Working on it I swear!


Now THIS baby of mine =3 makes me SO happy. I spotted this cute little elephant so easily. He was in a little store full of trinkets of feng shui stuff. And I’m not normally into it but DO YOU SEE HOW HAPPY HE IS?! omg. I died a little. And at that point I knew I would regret not buying it… so I bought him. =3 And just looking at his happy face makes me smile~ And anything that does that I think is worth it! So this trip? Totally worth with that elephant~

I also was told I’m a super picky gambler. So I will only play on a table or machine that really sticks out to me. My brother likes to play on whatever catches his attention but… its vegas. It’s meant to catch your attention =.= iono I just kinda go with gut feeling. I found if I just play like my brother I lose alot o.o but if I got with my guts and play very selectively I end up winning most the time :D Lets see… I only ended up playing with a $20 and whatever I won off of that. Well lets just say I didn’t go bankrupt~ lool

I came home pretty early. We had dinner and I went straight to work o.o I have many deadlines and it’s kinda scary o.o But hey, it’s the push I need to really get this thing off the ground and I’m excited!

ps. the title? fabric and elephants LOL




Yep. We’re team #HELP! why? Cause we were calling in for the hints and kinda just went… help QQ But it was fun~ We’re kinda puzzle nerds so this was quite the experience o.o

We did the Harry Potter room! It was basically a small room with some secret puzzles that involved some magic… wands… and .. MATH QQ Luckily I didn’t have to do any of the math stuff >> LOL But I did do the poking around and just kinda prance about and look for the odd ways to figure out the puzzles. But hey. At least we did it so something is right with this team! :D

Since then we’re been like… LETS DO IT AGAIN! also with the “we can do one too right?!” but I think we all have so much on our plates none of us have time to go off create an intricate puzzle like that. But hey, that on the bucket list doesn’t sound so bad right?

I’m a hufflepuff btw. Dunno why but way back when I could actually get sorted on Pottermore it wouldn’t let me in anything but hufflepuff =.= I tried to be a ravenclaw >> OH well. Just meant to be, but hufflepuffs kinda grow on you anyways so I kinda like it now xD


a country club view


Sometime last week I got dragged off to some seminar for real estate by my family. I was quite annoyed at it I admit. But it was at a nice venue aka a country club so at least the amenities were quite nice~ That and the speaker was actually really interesting … and motivating. Sometimes I like the motivation speech other than “JUST DO IT” XD Even though that’s probably what it was in the a nutshell lol~ So actually what I took out of it was to create a schedule for myself. Set production goals. And find innovative ways to get out there! Now combining that with the great book I’ve been reading I have a better grasp on what I’m doing. And with that I decided to really drive forward and not getting distracted. I wake up earlier (yay!) and I have a set schedule unless theres events (like this week! I have photoshoots to manage~) I’m literally constantly having one part of this business on my mind at all times. I’m really trying to go forward because I don’t want my friends to worry so badly XDDD Cause it’s a trend I’m seeing and it’s kinda sad…. for me =.=

Driving forward! YOSH! These next few years I can see being really rough already… but I mean I’ve been getting through this dirt path just fine already. I should be able to use the tricks up my sleeve to get there a little easier right? xD

Although I admit that not having a pet to talk to has kinda gotten to me. I don’t even have a fish anymore QQ Sooo… I have resulting to turning to my trusty stuffed animals! yep. Talking to things that literally won’t do anything back. But sometimes that’s nice anyways. (that or I’m finally going crazy. eh. not too crazy at least?)

Anyways. Enjoy the view of greenery. XD Back to some work and then I get to sleep early for another early wake up! yay~