What life?


It’s been awhile huh? I feel so MIA from the world when I become school busy. Like.. cosplay busy and work busy isn’t that bad. With school busy? It feels like there just isn’t enough time to cram it all in >.< So I’ve been a bit quiet on my social media lately. Actually.. in general! My friends and the S.O. doesn’t even hear from me enough xD So it’s just been me cut off from the world to learn the insides of consolidated statements and corporation tax. My off time I’ve decided to work out to stay healthy and get back into shape.

Well, this massive stress of school will have a short break in a week or so! Then I have to finish up some continuing education stuff for my licenses and group projects… Oh. Let’s throw in actually starting on the fashion show that’s SO CLOSE! Maybe I actually bit off more than I could chew >>

That… or maybe I should not play anymore BDO. But if I stop… what’s my stress relief?! Ahh!

Being basic: #hiking


It was 5am in the morning, I had a new friend waiting for me at the top of the pathway! Her name is 40 (yea, don’t ask why) and she was an energetic pit-lab mix. Although scared of me for the first hour-or-so of our meet, I knew I could get her to trust me. And that I did :D

No… I didn’t get a dog xD But I’m glad a friend brought her along! She’s shy and pretty un-trusting to new people and dogs. So the more people she finds that she can trust… well, maybe that’ll make it better. She’s looking for a good new home though! So tempted to horde all the puppies but… ugh. I can’t. It sucks :(

Anyways! Don’t mind the title xD I make fun of being basic but … honestly we all probably have a good chunk of basic in us all. It’s not bad to like the popular things. I mean… yea. I probably took it one step to far by asking for a PSL for the morning hike ^^;;

^ PSL: Pumpkin spiced lattee

I have a new spiffy planner I wanna show off in the next post hopefully!! It’s kind of why I’m posting in the first place. habit tracking! I didn’t think I’d understand the life of bullet journals but… I UNDERSTAND. So I was thinking of going through the planner I made myself because IM SUPER PROUD OF IT :D I never made anything like it and honestly? It’s been on my mind for easily over a year now. possibly a few years. I’m glad I finally have something customized to me~ So really excited to show it off!

Ah ok. one last picture that I quite liked from my camera reel~


Fun nikki


Wow. I haven’t posted in foreeverr!! But really I decided to post here because… I just had the longest week of my liffeeee!! XD

So I knew this summer was gonna be fun with trips but I didn’t know I’d have to do SDCC and vegas right next to each other >< It was insane.

I did about 2 days at SDCC but really it was 4 days worth of walking. Just because there was just so much to see and do! Then Vegas consisted of 3 clubs in 2 nights as well as lots of food and… drinking. I usually don’t drink very much but I really let go this trip. My friends kept calling me “fun nikki” what does that mean? Eh who knows, I’m always fun dangit!!

Through all of Vegas I really appreciated my friends for keeping me upright and out of trouble xD Especially Jer who kept making sure I had food and water >> It was all really fun but I now won’t be doing much drinking for awhile now! I’ll let my liver take a long break and who knows when fun nikki will be unleashed again xD


Quick Fix 1


I’ve been quite inspired lately to not only make my own clothes from scratch but to just… update my wardrobe with pieces that I already have but want to change a little bit.

An example is this pink dress here! It’s a nice stretchy dress I bought maybe a year ago for less than $10 from a random store in the mall. I got it because I do like the color even though I was pretty skeptical about the lace part on top. Ever since I bought it I had tried to wear it out but it just seemed too… old and proper. The neckline wasn’t actually that flattering on me so I decided to change it up!

Since spring is here and I wanted more strappy dresses I could pair with a cover-up to make it more elegant. And with summer right around the corner I could just wear it with a belt and sandals to have a casual outfit!

I just seam ripped the lace part off and took the bias from that to make the straps. I cut the neckline a bit more into a V shape and finished it off to match the rest of the dress.

It’s a simple fix, took me about 2 hours while playing D&D with some friends through skype! Now instead of wondering how to wear it, I’ll have an easy time pairing it with jackets to get out of the house~

I’ve been loving pinks again actually! I made a floral skirt which I want to do a proper photoshoot after I get through some exams.


Do what you can


These weekend trips have been quite fun~ I’m happy I’m able to get some interesting picture in different place! Trying to keep track of it all so I keep a reference and take lots of pictures =3

Its weird… I definitely didn’t think I’d enjoy being outside and walking about. xD But then again… I didn’t think I’d be like this a few years ago. And not like it’s a bad thing. I’m quite happy with where I’m at and where I’m going. I didn’t think I would be but at once point in time my mindset switched and I just had a slightly different outlook on life. But mainly… I wanted to make sure I was moving forward and not getting stuck in one spot. I see too many peers from all walks of ages get stuck where they are not able to more forward in life whether it’s because education, jobs, friendships, distance, etc etc. There are plenty of different reasons that can contribute to it.

We all grow. Change. And adapt. It’s not a bad thing… it’s just part of life. I have a friend who seems a little sad I went into accountancy more instead of pursuing my designing. And… it’s not that I’ve given up designing… I just believe I can also succeed in accountancy and it’ll give me the backbone for me finances. Plus… I’ve always had the vision of opening up businesses and to do that I really need to know my finance stuff. I just want to expand my borders a bit :D Never a bad thing to do as long as it makes you happy. And …although I never thought it would, I am pretty happy doing it. It’s like a huge sudoku puzzle and it’s quite fascinating. But let’s face it, sudoku is so much more entertaining xD

So I’m not living in some condo with a dog and a stable job. Well.. sorry 12 year old me xD I let you down a bit. But hey, life doesn’t go how you’d think. I am working fexible hours, heading towards state certification and have a wonderful boyfriend that somehow get’s what I’m saying… most of the time xP

Sometimes I get people say “omg, how do you do all this?” Well.. you pick a goal. You work at it. You get it. Pick a new one and go again! I’ve gotten cosplay accomplished this way. My degree. My certifications. Fashion shows. Yea it’s hard work but… it’s totally worth it :D