LCS.. again!!


WEE!! :D Went to another LCS game today!! Last game of the split or something.. like that. I’m not sure the technical term of it and I feel like a lot of people will face palm at that but NO MATTER! why? Because I had so much fun watching the games and ESPECIALLY listening to the other people around me! At one point a girl I swear didn’t even know or played league and I swear some bf of hers dragged her to this game LOL And then I can some slight beef with people leading me to dislike some teams so… I won’t say who xD BUT, I will say me and Gee are rooting for C9 =3 And the games today were quite fun to watch!!

ALSO HE GOT ME KOG MAW!! I’ll have to post a picture later but HES SO CUTE AND GROSS IM GONNA DIE LOL


I’m calm. Really :D

Anyways… im SUPER tired from all the yelling and socializing… its crazy. But it was really fun and a little stressful from all that was going on. Happy to say we had some good food at Stacked which is actually a pretty good price. And then they finally tried Frostbites with me which is a yummy ice dessert place~ Brought them home and my sister’s friends were watching Kingsmen which I do like the movie o.o If you haven’t watched it .. it’s quite entertaining~



black forest


It was my sister’s birthday this past weekend! She’s turnningg… LEGAL XD At least legal enough… I was kinda sad how discombobulated her birthday was… I seriously think parents forgot until her friend came by to drop off a gift… but we didn’t give her any gifts cause well… usually me or my brother goes shopping with my mother and we pick her out something but I guess birthday gifts have just … kidna gotten forgotten lately.  And its really sad >> But I think parents are getting a little lazy as this is their 3rd kid xD And you’d think the baby of the fams are the most spoiled. probably! But I find its either in attention or money lol

Either way. I picked out her bday cake cause if anything a birthday is not one without cake! always. no negotiations!

Got her a cake that I know we’d like instead of trying something new. It’s called Black Forest :D It’s pretty much a layer of choco cake then a layer of yummy cream (not overly sweet tho) and repeat that like 2 more times. I remember a friend getting me this cake for the first time and I LOVED it, still do actually~ So every time I get this type of cake I think of how wonderful getting the cake was back then xD Sometime simple things like that just stick to me.


tea trio time


BOBA DAAY~ Actually… more of a tea day :D

So the weather here was particularly gross… it’s been raining on and off and the weather has stayed around 85~88 F …. its so sad. Humidity and RAIINN xD But even so it felt terrible to just stay home all day so Gee was actually in the general area so I decided to meet up with him for a few hours to try out a new boba shop! Ahem. I mean TEA shop. Since they specialize in brewing their own teas and what not xD It was decent, what I’m happy about is that I had them put in the normal sweetness and it wasn’t sweet at all! Now isn’t that an awesome place~ =3

Now the question is… why are there 3 drinks? I ran into a friend at the shop who sat with us as I sketched and we watched part of the league LCS~ It was interesting and quite refreshing from the gross weather that was outside >>

ALSO got a new modem today for the internet, I don’t think it’s making it any better tho T.T

Pretty close to finishing all the designs~ I’m excited and super worried… I have a family thing coming up and hang out days with friends. halp. I need time management so badly now. YOSH. I CAN DO IT. I just need the motivation to start right?


so short short?!


I made shorts!! :D

So I’ve been accumulating fabric over the years that are super cute that I tell myself I’ll make into sleeping PJs… and that started ohhh… about 3 years ago? I bought the fabric when it was on sale on a black friday. Then I remember them having the same price sale the next year…. and the year after. And the past 2 years I’ve stopped myself from buying more cute fabric cause I was just hording at this point xD And if you wanna know the extent of it… I can make a pair of shorts out of 1 yard of fabric with a nice chunk left over. And since I’ve made and perfected the pattern (SO happy, the trial and error was so real) I’ve made 4 shorts and 1 more I’m debating on making and another I CAN make but my sister might want something else. So yes! My sister is really happy, she’s like “it feels like Christmas!” because she came home one day and I gave her the ones shown above and she was so happy~ She even liked the pink bow… and she claims to not like pink very much xD

Anyways yes! I’m done with all my “fun” fashion sewing stuff. Onto my new collection starting next week :D


organization op


I organized!! :D I finally took a day out to organize and clean up all my post AX mess. It was well overdue o.o But I changed up my organization and although it seems cluttered everything has a box or a bag (that hangs for ease). So pretty much the top shelf is materials and bow fabrics. The bags that hang are different projects which are written on the right cork board on the door. The nordstrom bag is my next line material that was just so huge it couldn’t fit into the normal fabric section in the drawers. And the bottom is scrap fabrics, tulle, petticoats, wigs and wig head! It seems like a lot but.. well. yea. it’s alot. but I’ve been doing cosplay and crafting for about 7 years now? So my collection has really grown…

But yes! I’m quite proud since I de-cluttered a lot and took inventory and note of a lot of items I have. Finally working on some projects that are years old and that also makes me really happy.

On the note of my next line and brand… today I finally got somewhere with it and I have 4 tentative designs already =3 I’m so stoked!! Planning to have around 7 again which is really ambitious but I think I can do it =3 I just… may need to pull some more resources from people and places. But it never hurt to ask for help right? =3