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It’s been awhile hasn’t it?! I know I’ve been MIA xD I’ve been doing the blog-ish type writing more on my patreon lately actually! But nothing really compares to when I have this endless space where… it sits here and the random passerbys may see it by some odd miracle xD

Life though? It’s been decent. Still in the same place but more content with it. Just today my mother saw me and instantly went “why are you doing all this, it’s not making you any money is it?” and I looked at her kind of like… this again?! Keep in mind this used to happen quite often and I’d always feel terrible afterwards. Now? Well I looked at her and went “I do it for my happiness and life satisfaction” and then she went speechless… until she found more stuff to pick at ><

See, I understand where she’s coming from but it’s something that keeps me sane… keeps my brain thinking of endless possibilities and honestly it’s really personally rewarding for me.

I have been thinking lately of trying to expand my follower base but that’s never something that’s really interested me. I feel like I need a public media person to take that over xD I’d love to talk with people who are interested in my work more one-on-one but… ugh. I just don’t have the space for it >< It’s been months of me trying to figure out how to get a stream schedule figured out … and if it’d be rewarding xD Oh gosh. I’m working on it guys, really.

Oh yea. And the picture is from a recent casual photoshoot! Posting more on fb and etc etc later. Trying to space it out a bit so I have stuff for later >> But everytime I do that… I forget to post it. AHH! =.=


I’m alive :D


Oh dear. It’s been awhile hasn’t it? My goodness. I am really sorry. I guess life got to me xD It looks like I stopped really documenting my days and now they’ve all become a sort of… blurred mesh together. So.. let’s update!

I’ve been doing part time school again at the university! It’s been an experience and is so nostalgic. I haven’t really made friends there but at the same time I haven’t really tried. But, either way. I have met a few new people and it’s been quite entertaining regardless!

Had lots of self realizations and taking steps to making an interesting and fulfilling future! Yes school is a hassle and accounting isn’t a passion but…. it’s not bad. At least I can find it interesting and relate-able. (it’s tax and business… how can I not find that interesting).

I’m still doing the fashion shows mainly to keep an opportunities for the models up and so I have events to look forward to :D It’s hard tedious work, take a lot of time, and take a ton of money but…. I like doing it. And that’s what matters :D Although my patreon supporters are being awesome people and helping me out with paying for it. Even if it’s just a little, I appreciate all the support I can get!

My days are going by and I’m always thinking of December to come so Gee can come back for a short amount of time. Long distance sucks but luckily from our past few years together it’s nothing really new xD Although, doesn’t make it suck any less. Plus I had someone think they had a chance with me just because I’m in a long distance relationship. It’s like… really? You can’t assume it’ll fail.

Been getting back into working out and getting up early! Both not doing so well btw. But for the sake of my health I gotta really start trying harder >.< Also thinking of getting a full-time job. It’s gonna be hard to juggle… an extensive hobby, school, a small business and an actual job so I’m having a hard time figuring out what I’d give up when push comes to shove… But that’s life right? Decisions.

But as long as you make them with a sure mind and put your all into it, then it’ll be worth it :D


A trip in a nutshell


Ah you know how much I love taking pictures and documenting everything… so you can image the haul I have from the Japan trip me and my brother just went on! It was short but man… were they the longest days of my life. This was my first time out of the country despite having my passport for the past 9 years? I was expecting my first trip to be to the Caribbeans but Japan is a good place too~ xDDD

I was able to get so much inspiration from the trip from my design work to how to make what I do more appeal-able and efficient! Even though I live close to a pretty decent sized Japanese community it’s different to see their culture in a… 360 format. Really being submerged into it. I see the appeal but to be honest… it’s just a nice place to visit. I like California too much to see myself anywhere else!

Anyways. I have a lot about the trip and trying to make time out for a little vlog! I’ve been busy but been really lazy as well. It’s been weird. I’ve been blessed to have supporters on some of my media platforms show their eagerness for updates so I’m working on it!!

I have a full on rant later if I feel like I have time. Plus it really helps me to put my thoughts out in writing… so more later!



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Simple days


Some days are really simple for me~ I took these photos this weekend where the left photo was Saturday before my haircut and the right is Sunday, after my haircut! I asked the lady to take off 4 inches which… in hindsight wasn’t enough. Should’ve been 6 inches >.< Who knew the hairdresser actually took off the amount I asked for lol

My hair was waaay too long for me to manage. I couldn’t go through the day without putting it up >.< But now even though it’s long, its okay!

Please don’t mind the messiness, I ended up cleaning it all up after the photo lol! Like my home slippers? XD It’s summer so I’ve changed to wearing these super asian sandals around the house.

Anyways, yes! Love my hair~ I love the layers which I hope to curl my hair soon to see how it’ll look~ I say simple days because my whole weekend is just preparing for the trip and getting my hair cut lol! (can you tell I’m happy about my haircut? Seriously a few months overdue…) Only downside is that I’m apparently at the age where I have to pay for my own haircuts (and much other stuffs) so I ended up traveling a little bit further for a cheaper more reliable cut. So worth. really. :D

And just for the record. My records that is. I measured my hair… it came out to be 30 inches from root to tip before my haircut XD