I stuck out..?


So I was really happy today! I found an outfit that matched like..perfectly!!! <3
Pink and black~~ Two colors that work great for me ^-^;; This is like..beyond my favorite outfit… really. hehe.

I attracted lots of attention actually… lets see… in the mall I saw many people look. Oh!

At Barnes and Nobles I saw some guy leaning on the railing and I passed him and leaned on the railing too. Then her moved and took out paper and a pencil and I guess started sktching me! I’m like.. whaaa~ Thats cool and all but kinda weird XD;; I was flattered though~

Then I had to go home and in my daddy’s work place this guy saw me and I head him say to his friend “Thats a really cute outfit” And I pretended not to hear cause it actually was far away. Then he said it again while he was closer and I’m like…huh? Then he said “Did you hear me?” And repeated it and I’m like… Thanks!! I was happy~ Cause that means it is cute~ And not too..much I hope? I dunno >.<;; I really love my pinkness~ hehe

Too bad my boots got dirty >.< T.T;;


Cute Hunny Panda Bunny XD


Music listening to now: Tsuzuku sekai – Shokotan <3

So I played with my Hunny today~
I’m relaly happy thats its break. So happy that I think I’ll take a nap XD I dunno why. Seems right to take a nap… I have stuff to do but whatever XD
I can put it off for a bit longer. I didn’t get much sleep last night unfortunately.
I actually had a dream too…
Cause usually I don’t or don’t remmeber them.

And… I forgot what the dream was totally about… >.<
But It was one of those adventure ones. I have those lots!
Where I’m kinda like Indiana Jones XD
Jumping off places, running through forests. Avoiding others. etc etc.
One of them I remember I was running across ice with someone. lol!

Omgsh and that one dream I had like years ago I remmebber perfectly still. Why? Because it was beyond cute! And it was in 1st person and 3rd, so like I saw it from my point of view and from outside. Kyaaaaa~~ Girlie fantasies XD

I can’t help it! But… there is still hope that it may comes true.. phff.. okay maybe not.

But!! I can dream… I can dream those things. But others, Its my goal. But I don’t want my love life being a goal for me, cause sometimes I fail in my goals. I let goals go by easier. And well, one thing I know for sure is that you can never force love. Yet you can trick it XD mean, yea. But oh so true…


wow! A picture actually at school!! lol!
This is usually where I wait for my parents and bro to pick me up. Next to a bush… under a tree kinda…

Wow my face looks chubby… lol!
I never borther to put on make-up at school. I think its funny XD Since tihs one girl in my 4th period ALWAYS puts on make-up in there. I’m like wtf? I so wanna see all the girls without make-up one day. I bet half of them

Buy anyways. So I was reading things online. And I came to a game site where I was just reading cause… the font colors were all different and pretty… XDD Yea…

Yet! IT was interesting. These two couples found each other in game and really love each other. Now… can that really work out? I thought it never could… but its like finding personality out before looks. Cause in person people go for looks and not personality. I mean…really… what happens if you go with someone.. just because? Thats the worst. MAybe not TOTALLY bad, but it doesn’t last.

So people say yay to online dating.. whatever. It depends. Meeting people off of a game, lots of them are awsome! Really! I love meeting people online~ It’s just a way to connect the world. Its not bad to have friends~


when I see ppls…


Wow I seriously can’t believe how much I see this girl around XD
Anime Expo and now PMX too XD
Its funny though!
Krista~ She’s actually like… one of my first friends as I moved here from Michigan oh so long ago. And we’ve kept in touch a bit.
I really didn’t think I’d see her there XD

So Like. The con yea. Small. Cute. Kinda weird at parts.

I’m so tried. Have a slight headache from the stress I guess. Bad? Duh. But I dunno. I’ll skip put on working on my cosplay tonight and just wait to do some in the morning. I’ll wake up at like… 8 ish. Not so bad right? ^-^;;

-thinks- Yea. today is almost over anyways. I had my fair share of good times and well too much of the bad ones XD

omgsh I even have dance practice tomrrow. Gahh T.T


Yay for voting!!

So of course today is voting day~
I’m pretty happy. Well not really. I can’t vote… but I did in a way for class. Which is cool ^-^;;
Sooooo much talk about politics at school! It’s getting rather to be a bother because
1. I have so much to do
2. People can get stupid in high school and they put up lame arguments
3. We can’t even vote! Well most of us… so opinions are opinions anyways…

But anyways…
Couple places that I know are having a thing going on for free stuff!
So… I took advantage of it by leaving school at 6th period and getting some starbucks with my bro XD
Apparently it is the ‘Drip’ or whatever… no idea what it is but tastes HORRIBLE. Yet… I love the smell ^-^;; I tried putting lots of milk into it… yea… didn’t work XD It’s doomed to taste bad or something. I’m actually eating chocolate to get the taste outta my mouth XD;;

I wanna get some ice cream now… Ben & Jerry’s? I have no idea where one is.. T.T;;