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the sweets o v o


Ah…  the sweets and food galore~~ It was quite the week I have to say and man am I more broke than evverrr! Granted I think Gee might be feeling the wallet hurt more than me since he paid for alot of it >> (<3) He’s also trying to make me fat because we had gourmet donuts TWICE in a week, a huge ice cream thing and coutnless other bobas and desserts!

But now its time for me to get back to work!! I have so much to do and so little money to start it. Yep. You heard that one right. Really tempted to get into the wedding dresses/masquerade type dresses soon! Its just always been so appealing to me and with the fabric choices I seem to be getting it might be possible on the budget I have! It makes me really excited I just have to work so much more o.o But it’s fun.. and I like it~ And my goal is to make some sort of a steady income out of it by the end of this year. Because once gee goes back to school I’ll need to be busy to keep from feeling so lonely~ That and get a dog… or cat. Whatever works. Maybe even a gerbil of some sorts?

…. yea im just mentally preparing myself for the future xDD

that should also really include working out because ALL THE FOOD I ATE IS CRAZY and I feel a little fatty. Like I don’t mind being fatty but if I FEEL it then I know I need to go do some more physical activity >> Someone please, tell me what this working out is LOL


Right in the middle~


Had a fun time going to a range for a few hours =3 Mainly went to shoot bows but …. we had lots of time and some other great choices so we also had the chance to shoot some guns >> Won’t lie… everything was so much fun =333 And this isn’t the first time i’ve been shooting actually.. went once before with brother and his friends but I didn’t enjoy it probably because it was an indoor range and they didn’t really ask me what I liked or wanted so it was like… ugh. Never wanted to go again. But this time friends taught us and he actually is aspiring to be an instructor so it was so much better!

And yes. I wore a skirt >> At least I wore flats LOL.

I need to take a picture of the paper… but I did pretty good =3 decent for being slightly terrified. Actually hit the middle at some points too! Anyways… really fun. Gee wants to go again which im totally not complaining about~~

Other than that we had some really good Japanese food~ And since that day its been like non stop food..eating… and going out shopping! BUT totally worth all the money spent because I have such exciting things to show now =333


Om nommm


FOOOD~~~ Dessert to be more specific~ Since Gee has been closer (distance wise) we have had a lot of time to go seek out all the yummy food which we’ve been craving =3 So… DESSERTS for meee!!! Like seriously. All desserts. Then we get good food cause of him >> But the desserts!! XDD

So we had this yummy ice cream that’s natural blah blah yea! But you get the option to have it dipped in chocolate and different kinds of chocolate so I got a green tea gelato Popsicle with milk chocolate drizzled in white chocolate… it was SO YUMMY /drools And he got a peach sorbet popsicle dipped in dark chocolate… also yummy =3 But mine was sweeter and that made it really yummy xDDD

Then the next day we went up to our fav boba spot and next to it to get dessert which was called a bow-tie toast and it has choco and bananas and ice cream and honey and put it all together and you get…. well prob diabetes but I hope not LOL

Anyways more updates laterrr!


The camera transitions in this so soooo…. smooothh~~ Oh and the Yuri hair flip and dancing is really nice~ Song get catchy once you play it like.. twice. Not really a song you play to sing along to.. more like one thats playing in some club xD Its nice cause it was -kinda- released on my bday~~ So that’s always nice =3


As for my birthday it was an eventful day. I didn’t think I’d be out of the house that much but at the same kinda I’m kinda glad I didn’t spend it like any other day. Which is usually my goal for birthdays is to do something different! :D So I went shopping… like had money to ACTUALLY shop and couldn’t find crap QQ Well here and there but nothing really wow-ed me. Then went home to talk to Gee a bit =3 We went to the pier where I got to pick an oyster and behold! Two pretty pearls in one =3 And it was free… so it was awesome~~ I want earrings made out of them ^^ They also have a slight pink tint to them which is soo adorable!! Afterwards I picked up my own cake (lol!! my family is so scared of disappointing me with the “wrong” cake) And ate cake at home.. then Janice came over and took me out for some snack/dinner/drinks! It was entertaining and slightly tiring since by that time my throat was not getting any better.

Oh right. I’m also sick QQ I dunno how I got it or what it is but it sucks.

In the end it was quite different and other than the fact I couldn’t find things to buy it was… nice. My actual birthday celebration day which im really really looking forward to is next week! Cause I won’t be able to fully celebrate my birthday until after tax season~ XDD

Anyways. Good times! Tiff was nice enough to give me a present~  My brother got me a little figurine though and its ADORABLE :D It’s weird getting presents though so pls.. stop xD >.>


Lemme just… relax


As of lately I’ve been having to run around cities to look at houses and what not. You know… that thing called my “real” job xD Anyways lately it’s been at this nice condo place with such a nice pool! This picture is from the first time I went.. I wrote tights =.= So the 2nd time I went I made sure to …not! And I was able to dip my feet in the spa and pool =3 SO nice. Makes me wish I had access to it all the time but normally if you do then you never use it xD Something about always having it makes you think it’ll always be there… like people.

Finally have some time to myself to update. Especially since my 11am appointment never came =.= Whatever~ I always have things to do regardless right?! yay! feeling SUPER productive with this empty cup of coffee sitting next to me too~ hehe. I think now I’m switching up my times to write in this blog to the daytime… while I’m at the office cause night time is filled with playing games back to back. Optimizing time ftw!

Whelp. No more relaxing time, back to work! o v o