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Happeh Pumpkin day


I love it when I decide to just go shopping to try on interesting clothes =3 This was a dress (a size way too big for me) so I only took a picture of the sleeve top. It’s cute no? I like how its a bow cut-out~ I’m thinking… to incorporate this into something of my own but completely different? I really want to design again and I think I will!! Starting after tomorrow.. why? Last major test for the week tomorrow then I have papers and projects to work on.

Did I mention I was crazy enough to accept a commission that has to be done in a week? Yea. Lovely huh~ XDD Not like I even make money off of it really >.> I wish I could charge more but… ugh. When my skills are top notch. How about then? Lol~ ^-^;;

Well I feel productive today…
Oh except the whole part about.. umm.. the test I took today! I got all the answer but I dunno if I got them.. right? Lol! Man I hope so.. I’m kind of worried about it >.>

Time to go do some last minute studying!! <3

And I did not dress up. Why? I didn’t want to make people jealous of the costumes I have versus their store bought ones xP


Fancy Rice


About a week ago we went to Mochilato and apparently they decided to beef up their presentation with the food! (I think its because of the new Asian girls working there xD) Anyhow.. I like it a lot. This was.. shrimp fried rice! The red part on the side I thought was hot sauce cause… that’s all I could think of that would go with rice… but no. its ketchup!! Which… the rice was kind of.. .bland. So the ketchup helped alot to give it that extra taste >.> Cute presentation though no?

Okay… weekend over. What did I do? …. study.
Freakin =.=

So for my women studies class our whole topic for this week was love and relationships basically.  And it was… really interesting. Why? Cause people told their stories and gave advice which I thought was nice. And honestly… it’s what I already knew and try to go by xD one which is:
“You have to first love yourself to love another”
Which can explain why I’m a bit narcissistic… xDD I just… love who I am. Is that so bad? And as long as someone else loves who I am… I don’t have to really worry xD
That and… don’t try to change the other person.  Don’t try to change FOR the other person. You can change.. they can change. But do it for yourself! Or naturally… cause Its getting obvious to me that I’ve changed… I just have to make sure its for the better xD Someone.. please reel me in if I go too far? >.<;;

Since that rant is over with…. I CANT WAIT FOR TUESDAY =3


Its a mascot~


TENTACLES! This is the new mascot for my lovely charms =3 The octo charms at least~ You can see my ninja octo in the corner~ =3 Too bad Gee already killed him -.- Jerk of a … >.>

And yes. That’s the avatar symbol on it. I thought it would be cute lol!!

It’s sad… I cleaned and did homework for all of today!Yep. My Saturday. POOF.

On the bright side.. cosplay stuff is looking good =3 I just ordered my serger and some headbands for ears!! =3 Should be fun~




Say the title. Say it!!


It’s a required reading book for my women studies class. It’s basically a comic book… so I’m almost done with it and it’s been a week? Orr two… but I’ve only been reading it in-between classes which I normally have 5-25 minutes of each day. But I’m done with it!! Almost.. I have a few pages left.. but I’ll just say im done with it!!

So today was the last major trip to the dentist!! I spent 4 hours sitting in the chair…. afterwards I went to go eat with Gee and he had to point out that I smelled like dentist =.= Lovely eh? But I guess it went away which is actually really good lol! So ideally that will be my last trip where I have to spend more than.. what… an hour or two in that chair -.-

Eating Chipotle afterwards was so hard btw >.>


Full Box


It’s amazing how… it seems that I do more work for a small GE class like women studies than I do for some of my major classes!! But I think that is also kind of fair because in women studies I don’t have any tests.. just essays T.T IT’s really annoying. Oh hey, I’m top 15% in my class? ….. that’s actually no big feat xD I… don’t really think so at least… (its college… lots of people start to slack rather than do the vice versa)

I tried to do a lot of homework today… didn’t really work. So I’ll probably be waking up early tomorrow to get some homework done and what not. Shall be funnn lol! I’ll rather do homework in the morning or at school versus at night… night time I like to be.. relaxed~

Today was interesting though! Met someone new and… I have hope for getting an intern and what not. But first? Self reflection and what not~ Yea. Need those days sometimes. It’s nice.

I owned the finance test today btw~ Heh. =3
I also looked to buy the serger today. Wasn’t in stock at the store… guess its online for me!!