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Dat face.


See little Ruby’s face? Yea. That’s what I kinda was like all day today. I woke up ..drove my sister to school and came back home with a headache so I just went back to sleep xD Then woke up to some normal nagging. It’s quite amazing actually all the nagging that can come in one day o.o Really that should have been a forewarning >.>;;

I actually spent my lunch time of a few hours talking to an old friend from college! It’s quite interesting how people change just from short term experiences and lessons learned. But that’s life right? I spent time at the office… which was me doing some paper work and what not. Nothing too special but honestly nothing that was worthwhile. Yet it always has to be done.

Oh I gave some tax lessons.. makes me feel like I know a little more about the real world but…. eh. That’s always debatable xD

I am though quite happy with my healthy eating streak! Granted that is until I brought home hot cheetos and a box of Hello Panda cookies home >.> Not to mention the ice cream and root beer I’ve had T.T I’m terrible. I dunno why I suddenly have such bad sweet cravings. Eh. Well. Ok I do know. I’ve been deprived! haha~

Other than that… today felt a little meh. I’ll have to get more done tomorrow. like. Really. Cause something about the word “useless” isn’t very appealing to me :/


Meet.. RUBY!

20140926_160604The amount of cuteness of this little girl.. is killing me xD

SO~ Gee got a new little puppy YORKIE~! She even has her own little blog over at YorkieTails. Get it? Yea. It’s also so adorable~ She’s on her way to becoming a great show dog. And with Gee training her… I can see that happening. Like.. It takes me a few weeks to potty train Bulba but it takes him like 3 days =.= But his house is quite a nice atmosphere for dogs already so that’s a plus~

I got the picture above when she was sleeping =3 So adorable!! She’s only like… 2 pounds? you can hold her in one of your hands. like… her 4 paws can probably stand comfortably on your palm. (assuming you have a guy’s sized palm? XD)


I had a fun time taking some selfies with her <3 Did I mention that she’s adorable?!?!? XDDDD

Puppies are a lot of work though. And money. And worry. I always worry T.T I mean I do and I don’t. but I do admit my little bulba makes staying home a little more bearable~




Every now and then I make random cookies.. why? iono. I feel like eating cookies! PLus I always have some weird white choco cravings so… yea. They’re White choco and crasins oatmeal cookies! Nothing special but the oatmeal makes it feel.. healthier. I made these like a week ago but I’m thinking of just making another batch tomorrow =3 Why? well. yea why not.

I spent ALL of today cleaning. Really. We rearranged the whole play room by pretty much just making the room go horizontal. So the tv is still in the middle but the bed is on the complete opposite side and the couch and what not on the other side. It’s to make the room more pleasing to look at when you first peek your head in xD We assimilated really well tho… it doesn’t look weird to us at all anymore lol!

AH! And yesterday I went to see Ruby, Gee’s new puppy and she SO FREAKIN ADORABLE! I have to make a post JUST for her later xD Sooo cute. I jeellllyy. Especially since he’s able to potty train her in like a few weeks while today bulba peed and pooped randomly AFTER I let her out T.T I Cry. I cry SO much.

Anyways. More cleaning tomorrow, it’s a cleaning weekend~


Poof skirt!


Felt like starting on my next cosplay project sooo… I did! Here’s a really poofy teacup skirt~~ It’s in brown… and won’t be that plain in the end xD But it’s also not hemmed so… that’s abnormally long >.>;;

It’s funny cause I actually made this skirt BEFORE actually deciding on a final design for the cosplay… and I don’t like doing that :/ It holds you back from going all out with the design. But in the end after a LOT of changing from color to shape.. I think I finally got one that works! And I get to use the original wig I planned to wear with it =3 After some not-so-extensive planning I also am planning to wear this to PMX! It’s probably been over… … holy 5 years? Last time I went to PMX was in 2009! I think at that point is was barely starting up. I’m curious to see if they have grown from then. I’m only planning to go for one day in this cosplay. Hopefully I can check out to see if they have any fashion shows! That and maybe talk to some staff people…

Other than that… oh. Morning went pretty… terribly. Just kinda got pushed around a lot so… Meh. After coffee and some good ol’ sewing time I was feeling better :D I also took a late night trip grocery shopping with mother today just cause she asked so nicely. That and I was feeling bad I’ve been rejecting her with going out >.> Plus it was either that or invite a dude over and drive us all 20 minutes away to boba >.> Not really a plus for me in that company. I still feel like such a 3rd wheeler o.o;;

Anyways. Time to get some sleep. I need it.


Bulbasaur … pikachu

 photo 20140920_130114_zps6743c2ca.jpg

Bulbasaur decided to make camp on my pikachu backpack…. kinda funny huh xD she’s been SUPER adorable lately. She finally sorta remembers Sit and is getting a lot better with going to her crate when I tell her to. Although both commands tend to come with a outwardly whine at me before she does it xD This puppy =.=

Ah! I should mention that Gee has actually recently obtained a new puppy! She’s SO CUTE that you just can’t help but to not love her already!! I haven’t been able to see her in person yet but hopefully I will get to soon =3 Then SELFIES GALORE XDDD But yet until then.. I will find ways around my own little puppy of a rascal.

I did see something interesting today though! Minus the episodes of Game of Thrones I can’t stop watching…. I saw two kids cross the street today. And normally that’s whatever. But these kids (in which all honesty they both were taller than me.. but then again who isn’t) they just… walked across. They walked between a car in front of me and me. And the space wasn’t THAT big but… I had to drastically slow down to not hit them. They didn’t even bat an eye at me, no eye contact whatsoever or care. Because you know why? I would’ve been the one in trouble even though they had no disregard to bother looking before crossing! comon kids, I KNOW someone older has taught you better =.=

But enough of my rant. I have been neglecting a lot of sewing work in lieu of advertising work. Terrible since they should always be worked on. So I guess I should cut this short and work a little longer at the sewing machine~