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Tip of the day~

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Quick tip of the day: Cosplays generally look better ironed!

A lot of people don’t iron out their cosplays and it just.. frustrates me!! Especially if they bought it online or from a commissioner… at least do the courtesy of making it look the way it’s suppose to be >.> Just look above. This is the bottom of Kirito’s coat that I’m making. To the left is the unironed version and to the right is the ironed version! It just looks nicer in seams and cleaner. Please please PLEASE remember to iron out cosplays! That is one thing I never skimp out on… cutting loose threads maybe, but not ironing xD

So today was kinda an.. odd “where did the time go?” day. Since I don’t remember doing much but I do at the same time? I went out to joanns and got some quick boba and food (cause my house is barren with no snacks or junk food). Then next thing I know its church and by that time I’m thinking “oh crap where is my time?!” But I do have to take a lot of fault for it since I didn’t get out of bed till 12… (I have no idea what is wrong with me and headaches in the morning)

On the bright side… my eye is no longer red and I put in contacts this morning and it felt fine! But just in case… I cut my two nails down so I prevent any further possible irritation. I’m also trying not to wear my contacts in for so long… seems to be bad (duh).

I also might have… possibly… killed my desktop computer.. >.> It was on and then it shut off! We think it’s a defective power cord but who knows >.< So I’m back onto my laptop but duel screening!! =3 It’s quite exciting but also quite difficult to get back used to (the slightly slower laptop of mine). Ah well. Time for more cosplay stuffies =3


Glitter monster =3

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My brother got a new office and mother dragged me downtown LA to buy some silk flowers! I initially just went so she would have company… and I mean… why not right? daylight time in LA isn’t so bad XD Anyways… during our trip mother kept telling me to make something .. So I did!!

I basically love modern and… silver and orchids xD I threw that all together in one thing and ahh.. just love it =3 Yea.. I do have to admit that it’s not really my brother though lol! If he doesn’t want it I’ll throw it next to my desk int he office =3

After working a few hours straight today and getting online…. I realize that I’m not using my skills to the fullest potential. And.. now I’m thinking of how I can.. you know? I’ll see though… I just want to find a way to contribute to something bigger. I don’t want fame either… I just want .. something.


Time to guess!

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Here’s the game: name all the cosplays on my mannequin! xP

So it’s been kinda crazy on all the outfits I’m multitasking at the moment. Currently: 4
With that in mind.. can you name them all?

I’m actually quite behind but I have everything planned out already… just the hard labor work. For what? Eh… for fun =3 Do I hope people take pictures of me and awe? Of course xD But I’m just having fun if we get to run around and meet people in the same anime =3

Today I actually went to Hea’s house to do cosplay work! I did the final fitting for Gee’s outfit. And I tried helping Hea with her wig. I also got the breast plate armor for Asuna planned out and I have parts of the armor for Kirito planned out as well! So I call it a pretty productive day! Although I did poke my eye while trying to get my contacts out last night and my eye has been getting redder since… I hope it’s okay so I can wear contacts soon.. if not… well I dunno what I can do >.< I was being stupid even though I knew I shouldn’t have done it T.T See? This is why we stick to our gut feelings!!

Anyways… answer time!! From lowest layer to topmost~

1. Asuna’s mid part
2. Mikoto’s petticoat
3. Kirito’s Coat
4. Jedi tunic

Half are mine, half are commissions =3


Finally… boba!!


So I had about 5 hours of sleep last night because I couldn’t go to sleep and I just woke up extremely early o.o (like 830am) which yes, is early for me. So I’m gonna try to continue to wake up early and just do all my lovely work around the house! And coffee. Yes. Coffee.

So today I went downtown and helped me mother pick out silk flowers, I also made a piece of my own which I shall post a picture of later~ Then mother took us to Boiling Point which is a Hot Pot restaurant but they have some good boba o.o No idea how but.. it’s yummy! Really like their green tea =3 It’s just kinda awkward getting it… that’s all lol. Apparently they have some really good snow too….

Other than that. SO Close to finishing Kirito! One line closer to finishing Mikoto! I WILL have pictures up later. I NEED to have pictures up later lol


mini bows =3

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Mini bows! I’m so glad Mikoto is almost done =3 I slacked so badly today though! T.T I played a lot of Animal crossing and what not.. but umm.. happy Summer Solstice~? xDD

I’ve gotten to the tedious part of the cosplays where its just sewing on details >.< It’s so tedious and I’m gonna need a better sewing desk to account for the long period of time in front of the sewing machine. Yesterday Gee stopped me from buying another mannequin which was going to be bought for accessories and looks versus practicality of fittings.  I really do want it but.. he’s right on so many things. 1. I can spend the money on something else. and 2. I don’t have room for it whatsoever. So I’m really looking forward in making enough money to get myself a studio. I know, it sounds weird and it really is but I want one. Actually.. what I want more is a storefront with a backroom for myself to work in. I think that’d be awesome. Or EVEN better is just a huge house with a big room to myself =3 But let’s face it… that’s not happening anytime soon xDD

Alright. I’ll stop dreaming. =3