Yep. We’re team #HELP! why? Cause we were calling in for the hints and kinda just went… help QQ But it was fun~ We’re kinda puzzle nerds so this was quite the experience o.o

We did the Harry Potter room! It was basically a small room with some secret puzzles that involved some magic… wands… and .. MATH QQ Luckily I didn’t have to do any of the math stuff >> LOL But I did do the poking around and just kinda prance about and look for the odd ways to figure out the puzzles. But hey. At least we did it so something is right with this team! :D

Since then we’re been like… LETS DO IT AGAIN! also with the “we can do one too right?!” but I think we all have so much on our plates none of us have time to go off create an intricate puzzle like that. But hey, that on the bucket list doesn’t sound so bad right?

I’m a hufflepuff btw. Dunno why but way back when I could actually get sorted on Pottermore it wouldn’t let me in anything but hufflepuff =.= I tried to be a ravenclaw >> OH well. Just meant to be, but hufflepuffs kinda grow on you anyways so I kinda like it now xD


tea trio time


BOBA DAAY~ Actually… more of a tea day :D

So the weather here was particularly gross… it’s been raining on and off and the weather has stayed around 85~88 F …. its so sad. Humidity and RAIINN xD But even so it felt terrible to just stay home all day so Gee was actually in the general area so I decided to meet up with him for a few hours to try out a new boba shop! Ahem. I mean TEA shop. Since they specialize in brewing their own teas and what not xD It was decent, what I’m happy about is that I had them put in the normal sweetness and it wasn’t sweet at all! Now isn’t that an awesome place~ =3

Now the question is… why are there 3 drinks? I ran into a friend at the shop who sat with us as I sketched and we watched part of the league LCS~ It was interesting and quite refreshing from the gross weather that was outside >>

ALSO got a new modem today for the internet, I don’t think it’s making it any better tho T.T

Pretty close to finishing all the designs~ I’m excited and super worried… I have a family thing coming up and hang out days with friends. halp. I need time management so badly now. YOSH. I CAN DO IT. I just need the motivation to start right?


It’s urban~


Food! :D So yea as a religious thing I don’t eat meat on Fridays… it’s just something that lasts for a few weeks that my family wants us to try to keep to >.> But it get especially hard once I go eat out with friends cause they insist on meat =.= And I tell them there are always a veggie option! Or fish~ So We tried going to one of our favorite sushi resturants but the wait was so crazy that we came an hour earlier to put our names down and 45 minutes later we check on our status and the wait was so crazy we probably would’ve been waiting there another hour 30 for a table =.= So we left and went to this place called Urban Plates! It was… different. Kinda hipstery actually. It was set up like a cafeteria where you wait in line, grab a large rectangle tray and go up to one of the stations and tell them what you want. Then you scoot down the aisle passing by some delishing looking desserts and drinks! So yea. It was decently good. The salmon was wonderful, the mac and cheese.. eh. I feel like it should have been breaded >.>

Yea I realized I don’t really post up food pictures so … why not? Then again I go out of the house like… once a week (if I’m lucky?) to hang out with people. But with all the activities it’s been difficult to get in a pure hang out day without having to bring work with me T.T Gee was wonderful and drove me to 2 different Joanns. and 2 craft stores o.o And I couldn’t find what I needed at all so that made me sad… especially that he drove to it all >.> I swear with the food and gas that I probably owe him up till now…well… it’ll take me awhile to pay him back xD

Other than that… I’ve been constantly badgered to go find a husband =.= Yea. I can’t believe I’m old enough for that now. IT’s kinda surreal and I still act like such a kid I dunno what would even change in my life getting married xDD Well. Hopefully moving out cause that’s probably one thing I’m really looking forward to. And dogs. All the doggies in the world :D




Hi!!! :D Say hello to my new little friend… TOOTHLESS :D He’s adorably stuffed and has a slightly derpy face but that’s what makes him cute~ Here we are posing… That’s me in the back, him in the front, and those hands belongs to the very nice guy who stuffed him with.. love? lol!!

So I really wasn’t expecting anything at all.. which is why when I saw the build-a-bear box in the passenger seat of his car I kinda passed it off as him just being weird. Honestly I thought HE got it as a gift like.. from someone else. But then he said it was for me and I went O.O And it was TOOTHLESS~~ <3 He’s my White day gift which is adorable since every white day we never had chocolate…. (which your suppose to) xDD Doesn’t mean we didn’t have sweets though! :D He’s also partly Anni gift which is awesome and I felt a little bad since I only brought him food… Well. I brought food just cause the heck of it so … yea >.>;;

I do think it’s super adorable how he got my his favorite character…. which I was thinking about it as it’s a lot more adorable than if he was to get me something I only really liked. Cause if it was flipped I’d never want to give him toothless if I loved him that much >.> But at the same time I would want to cause …yea. o.o Kinda like how I gave him waifu and I kept senpai xD (I really did want waifu too LOL “too” as in both >>)

So yes. We had a nice day to catch up with a few different people and got boba and art supplies! it was wonderful and absolutely the best =3


out of the woods?


Part 2 of my weekend trip~ We stayed at a little cabin that literally had a sign that said “welcome to our little cabin in the woods” which.. not really in the woods but felt like it enough I guess xD I did like the one we stayed at last year more but hey, can’t complain xD Though we did complain a bit about no wifi >.>

It was nice because we always end up just making food whenever we take trips like this. This time we made personal flat bread pizzas with tomato soup and garlic cheese balls! :D Yea. It was amazing <3 I mainly pranced around and took pictures/videos while Gee did most of the baking >.> But he’s the baker~ And I don’t mind =3 It was quite nice being able to watch him though xD Not to sound creepy at all… >.>;;

Let’s see.. we played board games and had lots of snacks. We always overpack on food >.> But we’re getting better with not packing TOO much. Last time we had so much it was prob enough to feed us for another 3 days LOL. granted we probably could’ve eaten for another day with the amount of food we had this time… Also watched part of Lord of the Rings – Return of the King extended edition. I think everyone fell asleep through it at one point and then woke up and kept watching XDDD

I ended up waking up at like 8 and freaking out that it was later o.o I forget that I wake up early in unknown places.. and if theres a lot of light xD


The trip back was quite nice. The winds died down so we ride home was quick. We stopped by at Starbucks for coffee though :D Ended up getting a mocha frap that just tasted like chocolate… which was sad. Actually.. we took a walk when we got back with the doggies. I got to walk Ruby =3 SHES SO ADORABLE. Wait… why didn’t I get pictures?! wtf =.= What is wrong with me?! Argh. OH well. Next time!

Anyways. Good trip! I can’t wait to go next time~ Got a bit in trouble with going by my family but oh well.