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Ta[y]ro bun!


Aha~ This was the oh so awesome Taro + dry butter bun ^^
Very yummy…
Very very yummy x3

Anyhow today!
I worked on Alice, almsot done with the apron. I say almost right now because I’m still working on it, just taking a short break because my stomach is growling.. and if I’m hungry I get sleepy.. so I’m tempted to take a nap.

Took my math exam this morning, it was okay. I think I did decently, I honestly don’t know.
History? Slept -.-
Took a nap afterwards too xD That was really nice actually~
Then some Boba which was nice! I dunno but maybe it was cause I just took a nap so my energy level was low >.<
Though the Thai tea did keep me up on the way home, not like I was particularly tried on the way back. I was singing alot xD
I think it was cause.. I was just following the cars in front of me so it didn’t take much thinking.. no merging either! So its was so.. so… okay -.- xD

And food at home isn’t so good.. just noodles with some meat and soy sauce…
Unless I go eat some rice with fish sauce… weird huh? Yea xD

Now I’m off to take another nap…


Who wants a cracker? Poly!


Since I got a new bag and didn’t want crumbs in it I decided to put all the crackers and food I usually eat into this pastic contanier~
It actually comes in handy! I likes it ^^

But actually! The crackers inside is what matters xD
I didn’t know why they were so good.. but I let someone try it and they said it tasted like… ice cream cone! Like the waffle kinda~

I’m so addicted to the crackers… ahh.. finished them all today though.. hopefully I can get more on the weekend ^-^
Or actually get ice cream in the cone! lol

Anyhow today? I did some Alice work . Just cutted up the fabric for the apron.. most of it at least. The base!
And I also watched the maury show today.. it was pretty funny to me >.<
I mean really.. once a guy/girl cheats on you once.. or actually more than once and denies it! Then admits it cause the lie detector proved it. thennn… you should not go back together xD Cause wala! It happens again xD

And cheating just means you wern’t good enough and someone got bored/really mad. soo… hey think of it as a new start.

And then I started to study for calc but.. meh. Sims 3 distracted me!
But it wasn’t as fun xD 10+ kids for my guy and finally decided to settle down.. then it got boring xD married life.. such a bore xD lol! okay maybe not. depends on the person!

Sooo I’m going back to studying for calc soon.. ish. kinda…maybe? xD

Cause tomorrow! I am.. going home early -.- cause Gee is soooooooooooo busy.


its okay ^-^ xD


What happens to a Wednes…


Thought it was time for a cutsey pic~ Just… because I have it and haven’t used it yet xD

So! Today… hum… I… ditched Wushu to take a nap.
Ate a yummy lunch.
So sweet >.< But very good~
Thank you ^3^

annnnd~ I got a B on my Princess Frog paper.. just.. a …B.
And I took my hybrid paper for my peers to read and they didn’t help me at all xD Like all they said was that it was really good soo… I’m just gonna have to think why the prof didn’t give me an A on that paper! Cause that paper gave me a… B- … -.-;;

Went to my boba place today.. It was kinda empty xD that’s what happens when I go on a .. Wedesday xD

Also went to Toys r us! That was… pretty funny xD

And Gee killed my laptop -.-

oh gee.

Got my bro’s tablet to work on my lappy! I’m so happy ^^ Cause not like he uses it at all…
He never does -.-
Mainly for Draw My Thing on OMGpop! …
OMGSH! I should play that now x3

Watch me pown!


Scared bun bun


So yesterday while I was at school apparently my family has gotten into a feud with the neighbors that arn’t really next to me. Like across the street and down some houses. Good thing they arn’t next to us too -.-

And so they keep letting their dogs out and then they automatically run to our yard cause of Hunny Bunny.
Poor hunny bunny right? Yea he’s scared now and siting on top of the headboard where we can always see him as well as he’s up pretty high.
I think he’s traumtized. o.o;;

So lately he’s been up there, very convienant for me. Though he’s been getting.. needy. Kept pawing at the cherrios box! -.-;;
So cute! T.T

Man today is such a chill day for me. Went to get my sis from school early. I think she got my sickness from last night xD I only had a tummy ache and it went away just fine~ But then my sis had her.. eye hurting and she threw up on the school ^^ I’ve never been so proud of her… *tears*
I hated middle school, thats why xD

Such a loner .. -.-

Well I still haven’t gotten my first badge in pokemon. Imma try a new party xD ONLY cute pokemon x3 hehe~


Oh its not a Coach.


My Bag… and the Braclet I bought because… I couldn’t find any cute shoes .. and the 2nd item would be 50% off so I just got this.
It’s cute though!! ^^
I’ve always wanted more braclets.. heck I want more jewlery in general.. as long as its cute ^^.. duh~

This bag, though its not a Coach or Prada,  I love it xD
Holds everything perfectly. Isn’t bulky. Pretty small. Black xD And matches everything~
Plus.. under $20 xD Yea thats my limit for a bag… cheap? meh. it only lasts me less than a year anyways!
Well hopefully this one longer. No more little plastic baggies that’ll rip or whatever. Now I’m purely going plastic.
Not very enviromentally friendly huh? I know >.<

Now lets see..
Oh today! Woke up late -.- got to school on time but I had to make eggs or lunch and.. that kinda sucked. So obviously not filling.
That created a chain of hunger as I was about to ditch Art just for food.
But I didn’t.
Then got some.. Mango Tea? xD It was okay.. Peach Tea is better. Kinda got us sick.. so the Subway afterwards was really hard to get down.
No more tea like that for awhile.. I’ll stick with.. TARO ^-^

Or just royal milk tea~

Thinking of going to visit my regular boba shop on Weds… I miss it <3

OH!! oh oh oh! xD I got some choco today~ Oh I thank thee who hast givinth ith toth meh. … you get it x3