This Blog is created just for fun. It is named ‘It’s my Fairytale time’ Because originally I wanted to write what kinda of life I wanted. It’s not that my life is a fairytale, in no way to me it is. But I do hope one day it will be~ I hope one day everyone will be able to have their fairytale life. ^-^

I used to use this blog to update my cosplay things but that has become more sparse as I have an official cosplay blog but that is updated less but with more content. I still post cosplay things here but it’s more everyday antics of my life and my thoughts!

(So this blog is also for me to update. And I have this as a memory as I get older and see how I change though the years. I do keep this blog public because I don’t mind sharing such facts about my life to others. Though the really personal ones I do keep on private XD I do update my blog everyday, or at least I really try~ I hope you enjoy it though!)


*Any pictures on my blog (as well as the cosplay blog) cannot be used for any commercial purposes. Please respect that these are my pictures only put onto here for personal purposes and should not be altered or distributed in any way.

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