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Puppy kiss!


Puppy kisses <3

I’m actually surprised I got this picture…. but I”M SO GLAD I SPAMMED SELFIES LOL!

Took this before PMX while I was just waiting around. And Bulba was actually being quite nice unlike now-a-days where I can’t get her to stay still and she won’t go to the bathroom in the right place anymore =.= I don’t understand you little one… T.T

Anyways. Today she was just being mean =.= And I don’t even know what to do anymore QQ

But on a side note. I feel like I’m getting progress with my brand and the store! I’m SO excited for the next few months but I’m super stressed out just because I have so much I want to accomplish but I’m a procrastinator and I always feel like I have time (which I dont. I really dont.) So I really need to do daily goals and time slots for where I can actually play games >.> I’m SO addicted to Fantasy Life. Can you guess what happened? Here.

Gee: what you up to?
me: sewing :D
gee: ooo what now?
me: …. in fantasy life
gee: /face palms Really?!
me: :DDDD I’m still sewing tech..nically!
gee: /leaves

roughly. Close enough. lol!

I also had 2 cups of coffee today. I think I went overboard.


Meet.. RUBY!

20140926_160604The amount of cuteness of this little girl.. is killing me xD

SO~ Gee got a new little puppy YORKIE~! She even has her own little blog over at YorkieTails. Get it? Yea. It’s also so adorable~ She’s on her way to becoming a great show dog. And with Gee training her… I can see that happening. Like.. It takes me a few weeks to potty train Bulba but it takes him like 3 days =.= But his house is quite a nice atmosphere for dogs already so that’s a plus~

I got the picture above when she was sleeping =3 So adorable!! She’s only like… 2 pounds? you can hold her in one of your hands. like… her 4 paws can probably stand comfortably on your palm. (assuming you have a guy’s sized palm? XD)


I had a fun time taking some selfies with her <3 Did I mention that she’s adorable?!?!? XDDDD

Puppies are a lot of work though. And money. And worry. I always worry T.T I mean I do and I don’t. but I do admit my little bulba makes staying home a little more bearable~


Flying off at the speed of light

Team Rocket Bows

I did so much administrative work today… trying to get it all out of the way before the lovely crafting times comes around. Cause I’ve noticed its harder for me to sit and do things at the comp than just sitting at a desk and doing some crafting work xD so I updated pages, the shop, got a trip planned out, and more importantly…. replied to as many messages and I could o.o Cause im terrible at replying back T.T I can’t wait for the day I have an assistant >.>

I finally got some new bows up! Decided to get a little more fancier with my bows and so now they have details like this~ Team rocket bows! The top is what I thought they’d wear xD the bottom two are interpreted from a team rocket pokeball I saw where the pokeball is black and white with a big fat red R on the top! I was debating on selling the winged headbands online but… actually decided against it. I might have it as a con-only item because shipping just isn’t worth :/

I also played league today since… a week ago. It’s been awhile and it felt good to play. Although I started to get a little nervous.. it happens. I play syndra a lot and the ball placement and timing is just so crucial. It’s so fun but …well.. stressful! kinda like cosplay anyways xD

Well hope you like the new bows! :D





I know this post is technically late as this MV and song has been out for a few days now… but honestly I think it’s because I’ve just trying to hog all 9 girls to myself XP (plus Sica makes a lot of appearances in it! WO!) So this is the MV for Mr. Mr. which is on SNSD’s new CD~ I’m loving their songs to the max but honestly it’s the SNSD effect T.T They’re just so wonderful T.T(slightly biased)

But on another note I’m also part Blackjack so I also have been liking 2ne1’s new album as well. I love the spunkyness and it’s really great music to listen to when I’m annoyed xD So check out their album as well =3

Back to the video! I was slightly confused at first and dissapointed cause of how the video was done but… I think it’s cause there is a lack of dynamic storytelling and less dancing as well. But the video has a cool theme to it, I love the pink lab coats and I definitely want to make the black/white dresses shown at the end =3 It’s sooooo adorable and I might as well make it for the heck of it!

Can I just say how genius it was to write MrMr in a heartbeat kinda way? very creative~
Which also brings me to the sketches me and Gee have been trying to do everyday. I think I hit a road block so… I dunno how well I can do today’s sketch T.T


Meet the ultimate cutie…


Formal introduction time!!

Meet Pacchi <3

Pacchi is a baby alpaca very fat but very cuddle.
He sports a cute plaid bow and loves to eat strawberries!
Pacchi was a gift from the wonderful Gee who gave him to me as a surprise.
I love both my boys very much =3

You’ll probably be seeing Pacchi in many pictures in the corners and what not. He’s really super adorable and even has a mad face xD It’s like having a dog but without the worry of strangling him cause he’s so dang cute (or how Jasmine says it “He’s so cute I just want to punch him” lol…)


So with that aside, you’ve formally met Pacchi! I don’t know how I thought of the name.. I kinda got it the same way I got Hunny Bunny. It just kinda slipped out… I was meaning to say alpaca but Pacchi came out in which Gee said “so that’s his name?” And I was like… “I guess so..!” So that’s Pacchi. I think I’m a little too attached to him already cause I really want to bring him to work xD He’s just so dang cuddly and is the warm hug I need everyday xDD (since Gee is so dang far anyways….) But work today was particularly harsh. I came in around noon or 1 ish and was there working to 11. That’s a good maybe 9 full solid hours of brain killing work with maybe tops of 2 hours of actual free time where I managed to sneak in some cosplay work =3 (just managing orders and emails…)

Now while I’m finally home.. it looks like I wont get working out in but I can get an anime episode, this blog post, and maybe an aram game on league =3