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Aiming High

Sometimes it gets hard to stay positive. We all kinda have one of those days. Although they seem to be coming around a little bit less. So that’s good right?

I’ll admit that since watching Pitch Perfect I’ve grown to like Anna Kendricks not for how well she portrayed her character in the movie but for how awesome she portrays herself. She just emits confidence and it’s nice :D Plus I like how she’s not this super nice goody good girl >> Cause whats so fun about that right? XP

Anyways follow her on twitter! Why? Cause man her tweets are entertaining LOL. I just picked a sorta recent one below:

Because sometimes #aimlow is what I need to get through a day xD

And of course don’t forget that you are always stuck with youself~ forever. so might as well like it!

So yes even though some days are up and some just tend to dip a little lower than you’d like… well. whatever. I just do something I enjoy and call it a day~


Working on it


I actually wore Sailor Mars for a short amount of time the first day of ALA. I wanted something small and comfy that I could easily walk around in and set up the table and explore! But by the end of the day I changed back into my normal clothes~ We actually decided to see how the pink backdrop looks for pictures so I decided to do a few poses! This was… pretty much the outcome >.>;; Just trying to do more… interesting poses now xD But the backdrop… not so pretty for photos >.> I think it’s the lines… or maybe how pink it is o.o

That’s hard btw. Kinda how I feel normally in a sense? Doing something uncomfy and having to smile like it’s just fine xD FEELS LIKE LIFE XD or well. life as of late >.> But sadness is a feeling I won’t waste anymore on situations that really shouldn’t involve me in general.

It’s kinda funny how I make revelations SO late. Like… Gee would notice something and MONTHS later I would finally go “oh you know what? ______ is messed up” and he’d go “you just realized that?” >.> YES T.T I always thought my family was just weird but…. kinda been noticing how messed up it gets. so. I know people don’t have perfect little families and what I’m struggling with is the constant bombardment of expectations that I just don’t want to meet. That and a lot of the times it’s your family that’s holding you back from your potential growth. And I haven’t really found a great solution to that yet so when I do… I’ll share it!

But for now I think… I’ll share this bubz video. Although I watch her videos only when I have time (like I binge watch he blogs of a month in one day xD) her additude and outlook on life is how I used to view mine then.. somehow got lost. And now… and now it’s coming back :D So… yea. She’s been an inspiration to me o.o And it’s wonderful to be vertically challenged with her! XDDDD (we’re short… T.T #asiangirlproblems LOL) ->

Her and Ellen. Be yourself. Be kind. Take in the positive and don’t even bother with the negative :D Now doesn’t just reading that make you happier? XD


Paint time!


Been working on painting a skirt for a commission I took! Honestly it’s a little more tedious than I expected but I’m glad I took it (even in this crunch time) cause I got to experiment with paints without me really being worried about show-quality worth? Well lemme rephrase that… I do try to make it look as nice as possible like my own work but I really have been trying to up my quality with my own cosplays. And I need some practice so I take commissions on! But hey… I guess a good trade off is that I charge a decent price versus an arm and a leg xD

I’ll stop rambling on xD

I have a holiday get together tomorrow though! It’s also a day full of deadlines so I should really be working on things… and cleaning. It kinda sucks for me. I get nagged for not cleaning then nagged that I cleaned alone and didn’t make my siblings help. But when I complain that they arent helping at all I get nagged that they have school and I don’t have anything to do. They honestly think I sit home and play games all day o.o And I figured the way to remedy that is to not be home but then they think I’m out having fun all day. If I’m out in the office they wonder why I haven’t brought home any money. It’s such a lose situation xD

So yes! Life. People. Work. And a hardened shell of mine just getting harder~ It’s not a bad thing though.



Decided to read an article that came up on my facebook feed…. and I like it :D

The full article is here –> http://hellogiggles.com/womens-entrepreneurship-day

And it’s about the empowering women that have made a pathway for themselves. And they did it during a harder time where our society that has the mindset of dominated by men…But their quotes… I do like. And it’s helping me solidify the stance I have in life as hard as it is for me to take fully. (something gee has been trying to get me to realize for awhile)

“The most courageous act is to think for yourself. Aloud.” –Coco Chanel

Thinking outloud to the ones that doubt me. I think I need to do that more >.>

“When young people eager to start their own lives and careers ask me for advice I smile and always say: ‘Passion and persistence are what matter. Dreams are achievable and you can make your fantasy come true, but there are no shortcuts. Nothing happens without hard work.’ ” –Diane Von Furstenberg

And hard work. Which from today’ tiredness.. I need to sleep earlier and be focused throughout the whole day. But I love that people write these kind of articles… it gives hope to the ones, like me, who are trying to figure stuff out. To really go forward.

Everyday. One design. Two designs? I can do it :D


puppy butt


Had a day out today! And yesterday… and ..yea.


anyways! I sat at Starbucks today with some good old fashion coffee/bagel time while writing notes! Just some life/business notes that I need to remember to do xD Anyways.. I got a visitor while I was there! annnd… she sat on my notes as a nice little cushion >.>;;; Glad it could have been of some use to you Ruby XD

But yesh. I’m super tired and kinda regret talking back to people on league. Meh. That game is always up and down and normally I try to stay out of the down cycle. But apparently I’m going down a little (in a completely different but somewhat relevant way)  I guess I have to clean up my act. In SO many ways. My head is so full of white hairs I’m surprised I’m not 40 =.= It’s terrible and it makes me feel even worse to see what my life has become T.T I think that’s just stressing me out.

BUT! I can just look at fluff balls all day and be oh so happy =3 DOGGIES EVERYWHERE. :D