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Twinkle in the sky~

The music video for SNSD’s subgroup TTS~ First song is Twinkle!! It’s … really catchy. I think it’s also catchy because I’ve heard the teaser over and over again >.> It’s what happens when they put the same music behind 3 different teasers -.- Anyways, enjoy the music video~ I really like how it’s done o.o Like… I really like Korean music videos ALOT more than American ones >.>;;

Kind of reminds me of something retro… oh and they wear VERY interesting things in the video >.> I <3 looking at the clothes~ aha~ I also failed to mention that the makanae of the group is my favorite~ SHe’s basically the one with the darkest hair~ SHe’s not Sica but… in this trio? She’s the best =3

Ah today? School. I ended up playing Dragon’s Nest at SCHOOL. How horrible is that xD okay, not that horrible. I was good today! I went to all my classes, I’m even caught up in all of them~ And I also went to the gym =3 (died at the gym, but went to it nonetheless) Did I mention I also woke up early too? Amazing huh?


Nothing opened on Sundays


Late night food requires…. actual food!!

Sooooo~ The last time I ate today was at noon… which was just a bowl of spaghetti. Then I went out a bit with family just to tag along and ended up getting some bars (the food ones which the kiddos already dipped their hands into >.>) and some other stuffs.

So why do you see a taco as my picture? Because it turned 11pm and I still havent had a decent meal. I didn’t really notice I didnt because I’ve been having some snacks all day.. some tea, chocolate, some bits of rice here and there…. anyways. So me and my brother went out to go find food!!

We tried Love Letter, then Ramen, then KBBQ, then more expensive KBBQ?! (no I said no to that actually, $20 for all you can eat meat at NIGHT?! crazy bad.) So after we found out everything was closed… we went for the best thing left — Tacos.

So…here I am eating tacos. 5 of them actual. That should suffice. While writing this I’m really on my 3rd one though…. but there are 5 in the bag for me~

Anyways… today I got to lvl 15 on Dragon Nest. I did my really annoying Econ hw. Annnd…. hm… I’m not sure what else…. I should actual clean up my computer. Looks like I’m running low on space o.o


It’s a fly…?


What is it.. a Bee? a Fly…. A wasp?!?

Well thanks to Gee’s nerdiness (wo -.-)he deducted it was a fly.. and thank goodness!! Why? Beacause this little bugger crawled up my legs and was in my jeans -.- I thought it was just like one of my long hairs (yea… they tend to feel like bugs on me and I think I’ve gotten used to it oddly enough) so when I patted this bug out it scared the crap out of me -.-

What was the bug thinking crawling up my foot like that anyways?! I was wearing skinny jeans so not like it would’ve crawled far up anyways -.- Omgsh think if I was wearing a skirt… that’s a violating thought right there.

This is why I do not like bugs. They have no boundaries on personal bubble space >.>

Anyways. PRoductive day =3 Hopefully I have a legit picture of my products this week!! <3 I also did some sketching and cleaning o.o Man.. when Gee is gone on a trip all day, my productivity goes up!! (That or goes completely down… but I’m so busy it has to go up -.-)


Snsd’s Black Swan

I’m not sure if I’ve posted about this yet but… oh well. I’ll post again because Gee brought it up the other day and I just really like how they did it xD It’s just SNSD’s intro to run devil run back in 2011~ Jessica <3 ….eh what the hey, Yuri <3

I really like just listening to the background music to it too, it’s kinda cool~ Makes me want to do a little video myself…. but that is not my field of work (I tried, it’s tough!!)

Anyways today was spent making ears slowly and watching lots of Merlin~ I started season 4~ Then I also started a new game called Dragon Nest which can be found online through NExon~ It’s quite addicted actually… but you NEED a mouse for the game. Gee tried playing it with just his touchpad on his laptop and it failed so horribly xDDD Fun to watch though lol!!

Alright. Have a lot of cutting and mass producing to do tomorrow… I basically have a month left to prepare and I have NOTHING. I’m freaking out. We’re freaking out. Peace -.-


Downhill Tea


Had another trip today to continue our quest for different tea places and foods =3 Though… it’s sad because today was one of those days where nothing turned out good. Heck… It started off pretty bad =.= Possibly one of the worst places we have been to >.> And that’s saying something!!

We started off today with some errands and I bought Mango sponge cake~ Its good, but nothing special. Just one of those cute triangle cakes~ (Sorry, I ate it without a picture xDD But it’s literally a triangle). I also saw the cutest dress!! GAah, I want to start making dresses again!! Hing. Maybe if I Get enough money from the artist alley I’ll invest a portion back to myself and my fashion stuff~ Point is… Cake :3


Above is the drink we had. A picture doesn’t suffice so words to describe it will. I got Taro milk tea and it was not. good. at. all =.= I couldn’t drink it, and it was TARO. I love taro T.T Gee got the green tea which the actual tapioca portion was good but the tea was… okay. WE have better each week normally~ So we bugged them and told them the Taro wasn’t drinkable. THey made us a regular milk tea with pudding to replace it and it… wasn’t good either… but bearable. IT tasted like… coffee but milk tea-like? It was weird >.< I didn’t like it so I took Gee’s drink xDD That was the  cherry on the cake of bad.

We went to JJ’s Bakery next to get some food but… the selection wasn’t that great. So we drove a bit further to get 85C bakery which was a lot better~ That was what made us happy.

The rest of the day was spent playing Muchkins with another group of friends~ Pool should be next =3 Oh, did I mention I got a mini photoshoot today? It… I wasn’t feeling it so he didn’t get a lot of pictures…. next time. I should have some cool poses planned out xD lol!