Archive | November 19, 2008

lame. I know XD

So as you can tell I haven’t been in a good mood today so I decided not to take pictures. Just…didn’t want to XD

But its like..10 now. I’ve been looking at things to buy online! AndI found my bunny bag on sale!! for $18! So getting it! but… then shipping is $9! I’m like… wtf XD that totally rules out the sale! XDD

But I’ll end up still getting it. But I’m looking for anything I can get with it cause it would go together…
And why not right? ^-^;;

So I’ve been doing that for the past hour or so. And more when I got home. I played Flyff. My acro in Kern is lvl 36~ Then my party ditched me so I logged off XDD

Mmm… I’m a bit happier because I’ve just been singing to random music that plays~ Right now its… Fall out Boy’s ‘dead on arrival’ It’s nice. It’s on rockband so I can sing it XDD ano… I wanna work on cosplay dangit!! ALA coming… I got my brother to go~!! If I finish his cosplay >.> rawr~


Wow lots of issues


Whaa im missing an APN dinner T.T oh well… maybe the next one..

Anyways. I was not happy today. Most of the day at least. I can’t be mad all day XD
But lots of things have been running through my mind. Good and bad. Mostly just… stuff… that just makes my life more confusing. I did come to a conclusion though. And I know some people won’t like it. But… at this moment I’m thinking selfishly and what not. I’m doing what I think is best … for me. And in return I also learned a valuable lesson… makeing a mistake twice sucks XD

So yea… today I just drowned myself in homework. Took time away to get things done. I’m still not as happy. I’m just looking forward to the week ending~ Since I get out of the house Saturday… and Sunday I get to go to the movies with a friend~ Or more.. XD

But um… yea! I’m just figuring out all my problems at once. I don’t like holding things to myself…like holding them in but… yea… I do anyways!Maybe thats why im just a bit messed up in the head XP


Crush – David Archuleta <3

Lol so I was rooting for David Archuleta throught the whole season last year…
And yea I’ve been listening to this song so much now!

It’s cute… luls me to sleep too…

So its here so I can listen to it XD lol~ okay not really. Actually… I dunno. I just love it at this moment XD The lyrics are nice… it can probably relate to everyone. Pretty much at least. One way or another. Kinda makes me sad… >.<