Archive | November 2015

Pretty lazy


Let’s be honest here… sometimes we just have days where the will to do anything just kinda… diminishes >> And not like I don’t want to do work… it’s just I don’t o.o And I really hate that feeling. So today I kinda went a little overboard with friends in Borderlands 2 >> We got some of the DLCs so that’s fun. And I kinda have skipped some working out times and instead went for my ice cream =3 Which my family knows that the green tea one is kinda claimed by me so I can eat straight from the container and no one else eats it~~ XD Then again maybe they don’t eat it cause I eat from the container o.o Plus I’m that person that likes to eat ice cream in a pattern kinda way so it usually ends up looking like a dome…

Anyways. I plan on going back on a schedule for the sake of productivity. Plus my dad has been on my case more for going back to school. Which… if I had the will to get into debt for a title I won’t be using… then I’d already be doing it~ If education wasn’t so expensive where it takes a good what… 20…30 years to possibly pay off then I’d love to learn more! But for now I’m just doing the best I can. Plus I’m fortunate enough to have found something I really love to do (you know… when I actually do it) xD

Some updates on that~ Since I obviously don’t have the most interesting life I decided that updating everyday is kinda.. meh. Mayb eI’ll regret it later, who knows. But for now I want to be able to use my time to update the brand and work on my craft. =3 I’ve already have 6 out of 10 new designs sketched out. I’m excited~ It’s all seeming to come together nicely and I’m always excited~ Hopefully this ALA fashion show will be a big step for me in terms of my creations and my business. I do have a lot riding on this so I really hope it works out for the best!