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tea trio time


BOBA DAAY~ Actually… more of a tea day :D

So the weather here was particularly gross… it’s been raining on and off and the weather has stayed around 85~88 F …. its so sad. Humidity and RAIINN xD But even so it felt terrible to just stay home all day so Gee was actually in the general area so I decided to meet up with him for a few hours to try out a new boba shop! Ahem. I mean TEA shop. Since they specialize in brewing their own teas and what not xD It was decent, what I’m happy about is that I had them put in the normal sweetness and it wasn’t sweet at all! Now isn’t that an awesome place~ =3

Now the question is… why are there 3 drinks? I ran into a friend at the shop who sat with us as I sketched and we watched part of the league LCS~ It was interesting and quite refreshing from the gross weather that was outside >>

ALSO got a new modem today for the internet, I don’t think it’s making it any better tho T.T

Pretty close to finishing all the designs~ I’m excited and super worried… I have a family thing coming up and hang out days with friends. halp. I need time management so badly now. YOSH. I CAN DO IT. I just need the motivation to start right?


Weird self


Same day… different me xDD The picture on left was after a mini shoot for a group~ They redid my makeup and it was quite… different. Which you can’t really tell from the picture since I was doing weird faces for selfies XDD The two behind me were doing them until they realized how stupid we probably looked xDDDD oh gosh. the things they do~ And the picture on the right was after I took off the wig and some of the makeup! We were waiting for fooood! At one of our favorite sushi restaurant~~ They always have some sort of a wait but all worth it once we devour like 6 hand rolls =3

Quite interesting days~ Bought some more fabric paint as well and more food things! Which im kinda sad how I bought dessert and ended up not being able to eat alot of it so I saved it and it went bad T.T So sad!!!

More cosplay updates sooon! Or sketch updates o.o I have a lot to update just less time to… well.. update. Hm. I gotta get my priorities straight lol!

Hope you enjoy the weird selfies!!


Right in the middle~


Had a fun time going to a range for a few hours =3 Mainly went to shoot bows but …. we had lots of time and some other great choices so we also had the chance to shoot some guns >> Won’t lie… everything was so much fun =333 And this isn’t the first time i’ve been shooting actually.. went once before with brother and his friends but I didn’t enjoy it probably because it was an indoor range and they didn’t really ask me what I liked or wanted so it was like… ugh. Never wanted to go again. But this time friends taught us and he actually is aspiring to be an instructor so it was so much better!

And yes. I wore a skirt >> At least I wore flats LOL.

I need to take a picture of the paper… but I did pretty good =3 decent for being slightly terrified. Actually hit the middle at some points too! Anyways… really fun. Gee wants to go again which im totally not complaining about~~

Other than that we had some really good Japanese food~ And since that day its been like non stop food..eating… and going out shopping! BUT totally worth all the money spent because I have such exciting things to show now =333


It’s urban~


Food! :D So yea as a religious thing I don’t eat meat on Fridays… it’s just something that lasts for a few weeks that my family wants us to try to keep to >.> But it get especially hard once I go eat out with friends cause they insist on meat =.= And I tell them there are always a veggie option! Or fish~ So We tried going to one of our favorite sushi resturants but the wait was so crazy that we came an hour earlier to put our names down and 45 minutes later we check on our status and the wait was so crazy we probably would’ve been waiting there another hour 30 for a table =.= So we left and went to this place called Urban Plates! It was… different. Kinda hipstery actually. It was set up like a cafeteria where you wait in line, grab a large rectangle tray and go up to one of the stations and tell them what you want. Then you scoot down the aisle passing by some delishing looking desserts and drinks! So yea. It was decently good. The salmon was wonderful, the mac and cheese.. eh. I feel like it should have been breaded >.>

Yea I realized I don’t really post up food pictures so … why not? Then again I go out of the house like… once a week (if I’m lucky?) to hang out with people. But with all the activities it’s been difficult to get in a pure hang out day without having to bring work with me T.T Gee was wonderful and drove me to 2 different Joanns. and 2 craft stores o.o And I couldn’t find what I needed at all so that made me sad… especially that he drove to it all >.> I swear with the food and gas that I probably owe him up till now…well… it’ll take me awhile to pay him back xD

Other than that… I’ve been constantly badgered to go find a husband =.= Yea. I can’t believe I’m old enough for that now. IT’s kinda surreal and I still act like such a kid I dunno what would even change in my life getting married xDD Well. Hopefully moving out cause that’s probably one thing I’m really looking forward to. And dogs. All the doggies in the world :D


another sight to see


Had another really productive DTLA Trip! Like… omg. I was expecting to get a lot but not ALOT. But more on that later. We actually had lunch at a spot we found quite close to our first destination~ This is our 2nd time there and WE CAME PREPARED! Their portions are HUGE for being such a great price too! We love it. So this time I shared with Gee the sandwhich on the left… seriously. That half filled me up o.o That and the bowl of pasta that came with it… and then our table split a hummus appetizer which was AMAZING. It was Black bean, edanamne (?) , and the last light looking one I’m not sure what it was but it was sorta tangy and our least favorite. Our favorite in unison was the green one and then the black bean one! At one point Gee told me I have to stop eating the green one >.> I think at that point we were fighting for it LOL

I want more hummus. Been loving that stuff… seriously can’t wait to get my hands on more of it!

We ended up paying for all-day parking 3 times. Which kinda sucks but its LA and you can’t really expect much less. Parking is a luxury…  I mean its a luxury just driving a car down there. So at the end of our trip we landed in little tokyo, had some curry house, and then I took this picture where we parked on some roof of a building! The bottom pictures that is. It was a nice sight that you’d just sit and watch at in awe for a bit.

A long day. def a long day. I came home, had a little drink, and then treated myself to a well needed facial~ It was amazing. Can you believe I wore tennis shoes out the whole day? That’s a first since.. since… probably 6 years ago. Yea. I’ve been wearing flats and heels all day everyday~ Ok and slippers at home xD

My mother told me I should be doing 1 of 3 things everyday:
1. Meet someone new
2. Go somewhere new
3. Learn something new

And today? I pretty much did the last 2 xD I don’t meet that many new people, not to the point of knowing their name. I really should but… meh. Last time we went we met someone! That counts for something right? lol

Well. I’m officially broke~ Time to make a whole buncha new things and hope for the best.