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Being basic: #hiking


It was 5am in the morning, I had a new friend waiting for me at the top of the pathway! Her name is 40 (yea, don’t ask why) and she was an energetic pit-lab mix. Although scared of me for the first hour-or-so of our meet, I knew I could get her to trust me. And that I did :D

No… I didn’t get a dog xD But I’m glad a friend brought her along! She’s shy and pretty un-trusting to new people and dogs. So the more people she finds that she can trust… well, maybe that’ll make it better. She’s looking for a good new home though! So tempted to horde all the puppies but… ugh. I can’t. It sucks :(

Anyways! Don’t mind the title xD I make fun of being basic but … honestly we all probably have a good chunk of basic in us all. It’s not bad to like the popular things. I mean… yea. I probably took it one step to far by asking for a PSL for the morning hike ^^;;

^ PSL: Pumpkin spiced lattee

I have a new spiffy planner I wanna show off in the next post hopefully!! It’s kind of why I’m posting in the first place. habit tracking! I didn’t think I’d understand the life of bullet journals but… I UNDERSTAND. So I was thinking of going through the planner I made myself because IM SUPER PROUD OF IT :D I never made anything like it and honestly? It’s been on my mind for easily over a year now. possibly a few years. I’m glad I finally have something customized to me~ So really excited to show it off!

Ah ok. one last picture that I quite liked from my camera reel~