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hurry up snsd!

Gee made me so excited for this!!! He kept checking it.. EVERYDAY! Addict >.> Obsessed?

But it’s just the teaser for SNSD’s The Boys album coming out!! I’m really excited for it. Hey did you hear Demi’s song that is SNSD’s Born to be a lady? I.. don’t like it after hearing SNSD’s… why? Some of the lyrics don’t seem to .. flow? It’s her song Mistake that was out on her latest album she released. Plus I only think Demi is okay… I listen to her songs and don’t..hate any of them. But I don’t really love any of them either? Unlike.. Selena Gomez… now she’s awesome~ (But everyone has their opinion~)

… now I want Yoona’s dress… I think I should make a dress like that =3 It’s cute~! Kinda weird … well it depends.. I have an idea but its a bit diffferent =3 (Yoona is the first girl you see)

Oh did I mention today was … different. internet and tv works better than ever =3 I palyed with my little doggie and… I apparently can’t learn from people I know -.- or like.. I don’t know T.T


Love and war

Topic #260: Is all fair in love and war? This is one of those sayings people say when things go wrong, but has never made any sense to me. Does it make sense to you? Why or why not?

Such a classic saying… All is fair in love and war~
Lots of people I know are having relationship.. love… problems. It’s… it’s different because I feel really helpless when they tell me their problems or if they ask me for advice. I can give advice but… lets face it… the likiness that they’ll take it right away is slim. Unless they already have a person in mind and I know a bit more background… cause i’ve given bad advice … and its cause they leave out crucial details!! =.=

So love and war… that’s the way to live. Everything is fair, unless someone decides to play dirty. I don’t really like the saying though… for the longest time I didn’t understand it… love and war are opposites. Why can’t love just be unpredictable? Or something like that. but hey.. if I’m in love and there’s another girl in my way… there will be war.

Today though was .. nice. I skipped class cause I was already late. Someone messed up my hair. I ate more meat. I almost fell asleep in class… I finished 2 week of women studies writing in about 2 hours. That was really nice. I got to hang out with a friend that I normally don’t get to today. It was… nice. I finally had some company in my super long wait that I usually spend alone and doing homework >.<

Guys really have a lot of girl problems. I didn’t know that. I don’t think im a girl that makes it any better for guys either… >.> Sorry… but guys used to make it really hard for me so… take it as a defense mechinism and now its just… an offense? Lol!! I can’t even explain it.. my gosh I must be tired. Night XD


Shoooe unfitting


Recently I bought new flats! Why? They were on sale… lol!!!
They’re… interesting. The one on the left is the old one that is so dead T.T but so comfy! but not… like.. it makes my feet too flat so it hurts my foot and theres too much pressure I’m not used to on the heels on my foot. So these news ones a better cause 1. they’re harder and softer insidea. 2. they were $30 and I bought then for $9!! Lol!!

I hate how you have to kinda.. ‘work in’ shoes. Like they fit me but for some reason one part of my feet stick out? Like the bone seems to be outwardly more…  So for me it hurts when wearing new shoes… I hope its not just me I mean cause…. everyone has different shaped feet! And there are sizes to help but.. its just a average… so there will always be the oddballs one way or another >.<

Oh great news!! FINALLY GOT INTERNET at home~ I’m really excited =3 Mostly because I can finally do fb and anime watching out of prying eyes >.>

Time to get some stuff done.. like this resume!!!



Loving Fabric


This is one of the cutest fabric I have come across yet. Like… seriously. I am absolutely in love with it!!! I’m thinking of what to do with it… probably will use it as an accent piece in me 2nd projec t I’m thinking of. But isnt it cute?! I need to get like 3 yards of that… I seriously really love it. What’s better, is that it’s not really.. lace lace? So it won’t get caught in stuff so easily… kyaaa~~~ IM SO EXCITED!!

I decided to just get the fabric instead of waiting for.. money? I’m thinking of it as an investment right now. oh… wait… here’s the ramble.

Today I got very…offended. Someone call me and my friends.. rude. … RUDE! rude and that we’ll be dropouts, we don’t study, and blah blah. It was really surprising. It was completely out of line even if she was an old hag. If she only came over and told us we were being loud, could we please be quieter… it would be okay. We all would’ve put on smiles and said “oh sorry, we didn’t realize that… okay!”
It just… really annoyed me that people are so.. rude. The irony huh. But I guess she didnt accuse herself of being nice.. lol!!

Lol.. I find it funny someone thinks…. ahhh… I don’t even have words for it. I really don’t. If she wants to compare lives… even achievements? I have a few things in my sleeves~

Okay.. I feel very happy now that I have some devious plans in my head… =3


Always the easiest


Firsts tests I think are always the easiest. Okay not always….those ones that you just have no idea how the problems will be worded are a..bii… A bit harder. XD and I’m extremely happy because I got a nice solid B on my writing test. plus I got a free lunch from a friend… And got complimented with my management skills…
Can you tell I’m happy? Too bad its just going to get alot harder! XD
Disregard this post >.> I’m also doing this in class…. I’m surprised I haven’t been yelled at lol!

Don’t do what I do -.-