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Love ittt!


The Business building!! I forgot to take a pic of the front >.< So here is the hall? The rooms look so niceeee! I LOVE it~ Really.

The outside looks like a corperate building, lots of glass. The lobby is wounderful! But there were people in there and I looked like such a kid. My bro was probably embrassed so I didn’t take a pic in the lobby >.<;;

So here is the 2nd floor hallway. There are 5 floors to the building!!

Its so pretty –faints

(The rec center was pretty cool too, I liked it. Even had a pool =[)


(Omgsh my cheeks were sooo pink! It was really hot outside, my skin is so sensitive >.<)\par

I scream!


Big Ice Creammm!!! (^\u9661?^)(^\u9661?^)(^\u9661?^)


Okaaay so I found this on Cal Sate Uni Fullerton! I went there again today but this time I could actually walk around campus!!
This huge ice cream caught my eye so bad! Props to who made it!!

I walked around a lot around the campus and enjoyed it with my bro and sis. He told us couple scary stories…so now I’m afraid to go to the top floor of the old libaray o.o;; T.T;; I really was freaked. He was going to take us up there but we decided not to ^-^;;

In the middle of the tour we came to the….


(Yummy too because I had some really awsome Almond Tea!! SOOO GOOD!)\par

Yellow Skirt?!


This skirt, wasn’t suppose to turn out like this actually…I was just playing around with a different type of pleates. This is the result though! A one day’s work skirt project. Yes, this is what I did today. Quite simple now that I spent all my time doing the teal one. ^-^;;

I’m not so happy how this turned out. But it does let me experiment and fix my mistakes in the first one, yet I made more mistakes so the next one shall be better! This one actually fits me perfectly! I’m happy. =^-^=




So today, my sister finally got her RockBand for Wii that she’s been wanting. It took so long ot convince my mom to buy it actually XD But in the end, 3 kid’s persuasive skills works out for the better =]

I haven’t been able to play, hence why the box is full. But that is why I’m going to cut today’s post a little short because I wanna play.

Forgive me! (>w<;;)(^-^;;)d


Still stuck on that skirt

I woke up at 9 today!! So happy =] Though it was so hard to >.<;;

The whole morning I spent trying to finish up my skirt. And it was a longer morning than usual of course since I woke up earlier.

I’m actually trying this new thing to play DDR in the morning instead of at night, because I like showering in the morning more. More…refreshing for the day.

I shall post up the final pic of my skirt when I am done, which is hopefully this week >.<