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Some people are just awesome.

Really. Do you see all the details in this piece of art?! It’s crazy. xD Awesome Tirramisu did it, our ALA table mate =3 The picture above just got a Daily Deviant award on dA which is pretty huge cause only a handful are picked for each day. It’s really cool. Every deviant wants it, only so many get it >.< I’m still hoping! One day~~ I need an awesome cosplay and an awesome picture for that though. And still then….. >.> who knows. But she was kind enough to feature my pictures and Gee’s art  so I’m doing the same!

Aside from that stuffs. I’m taking a home day tomorrow to get things done~ Hopefully I can get alot! Need to get ready for a product “photo shoot” soon too =3 I’m kind of excited for it lol! I also think I’ll pay a visit to… the office tomorrow o.o crazy huh. I really need to get work done T.T

I just has a last game of LoL… with some (insert foul name here) and others (insert insulting name here) because they played dirty and cheap tricks. SO. It kinda got me in a weird mood >.> I wanna beat someone up.

Will have more pictures up soon though! Hopefully of how short my hair got… it’s not so bad though~ really! Growing to like it =3


Who… are you?


Well if you can’t read it… the first line says:

“Nikki! I can text now! Lol delete the other texting number you have haha”

Which… I got this from a number I didn’t know. Do you know how confused I was?! And since this person obviously knew me I wasn’t going to write back “do I know you?” and so I decided to go a different route… I wanted to see if I could get the other person to give me a clue to who they are so I wouldn’t get the whole “you didn’t know it was me!” kind of spiel.

Anyways in the end I just asked for her to identify herself with a security question xDD Yea… I know. >.>;;

Anyways. Tomorrow is a long day at school I believe… maybe? maybe. I won a few games of LoL =3 Happy! Annnnd…. I haven’t done much else. I did get to wear one of m own bows today =3 I loved it. It works well with this hair =3 I’m happy!


Looking at the bright side

Guys… it’s a sad day.

So my cousin…. said he could cut hair and all really nicely.And I was like… my hair is down to my butt already… he can cut it! It can’t be that bad…


It’s like elementary school all over again T.T I haven’t had my hair this short in… well over a century. Really. Down side? I hate it. Up side? I get to try out new hairstyles and what not! My shower times have also been cut in half lol! I’m letting it grow out for a few weeks until I ask mother to re-cut it so it looks…. decent. Yea…..


No picture. Sorry. What I’m most sad about is… I can’t do my long haired cospalys anymore!! BUT. My hair is probably at perfect length for this:

Yea. That’s right =3 This movie is so cute… lol~ <3

So I think I’ll go for a more cutsy look now.. more asian~ =3 This will be fun! lol! I’m still  young? I can still do it =3


Double it!


First day of spring session =3 Yea…. it didn’t start off well with some good old minor road rage (people REALLY need to learn to drive correct as well as not so dang fast) spin my mother’s nagging at me and no breakfast… You have the perfect first day!!

…okay. So maybe not. But see this burger up there? It wasn’t mine… but it was suppose to be a regular cheese one and he got a double double xD fatty much? xD Even with a burger… man he’s … he’s…. (insert legendary word here) What? Okay I’m a little mushy >.> Something about a man in white? LOL! AND black. Just enough of both~

Enough about him >.> And his royal fattiness. Who now is telling me not to run away from him…. don’t ask.

Yes! The first day. Got coffee. Got a tummy ache. Lack of food (leading up to these glorious in n out burgers) and …. going home early to play LoL! Oh man. We’re addicted so badly… if you haven’t gotten the gist of that already xD

Oh! man am I also so awkward in class. I felt like I was scaring everyone away >.> Is that weird? That’s weird huh…. -.- Oh well. Okay. My last first day done =3 (well.. at least at this school)


Asuna middle… getting there!

 photo DSCN2696_zps3b062c35.jpg

I finished it… last night =3 Asuna’s front piece. I decided to do it separately for the sake of…. trying this way out. It’s not completely done because I still have to add in the details but…. it’s getting there. Yep. See. I’m being productive =3 Today I did stuff for mother and tried.. TRIED to get ready for school tomorrow. ….yea… friends dragged me into another LoL game since it was double IP this weekend xD We got a decent amount. Saw alot of deaths… I seem to do worse and worse as time goes on >.> It’s horrible. OR maybe I need a different support..? (coughGEEcough)

Did you know Korea (I think korea) has a GG ahri?!? <3 I WANT IT! Can I cosplay it? =33

Cute huh~ <3

But for me since I can’t get this =3= I will just get her firefox… yea. more LoL talk. It’ll probably be like this for awhile. You know the drill. Addictions xD