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New Years eve~

So excited!! Planning out my list TOMORROW! Look out for it. PLus. I have some really awesome, exciting, epic news!!!


Hope everyone ended thier year good!!


Zoooo time!!


I’m holding a giraffe!!! =333
I know… I had to do one of these.. but wait! It’s not over~

A two headed giraffe!! lol!! That one was just for fun =P

But overall the trip was really fun. I found a new animal I really really like a… fennec fox!!

Cute huh?

Anyhow the trip was really fun~ Went on it because my cousins from MI are visiting for like.. a week. And weather here has been sucking!! It’s cold. And rainy o.o Why can’t it at least snow?! Hmph >.<

The pandas were SOOOO CUTE!! /snuggles xDDD Cute huh? This one was named Gao gao~ lol!

Oh so my little cousins took pictures in those board which you have to stick your head in right? And I was looking at the back of one and my sister says “Go put your head in it!!” And I was about to cause.. it’s fun even if you don’t know what it is! But I didn’t anyways and looked at it and this is what it was…\

And I was about to go in the RIGHT one!!! T.T TT.TT
I HATE HATE HATE looking at this. still gives me the creeps.

Oh! I have LOTS of videos. once I have time i’ll make a short little vid blog of it ^^


Prolouge on the zoo

Went to the Zoo today!! 2nd time for me going there.
I took a BUNCH of videos as well as pictures from my camcorder~ I’m trying to get more into the feel of taking videos. But today was mainly me taking some home video types cause it was the first time for my little cousins going there~ And they LOVED it. And my gosh… I forgot how much ENERGY elementary kids have o.o And theres only 2 of them! But they take up so much energy.. and its like an energizer battery.. they just keep going.. and going… and keep hitting the same drum that annoys you so much… oh the joy of kids =.=
That’s why parents get thier kids games and all… =3

Forgive the picture + hair. I had gloves so I couldn’t do anything with it.

I’ll update more on this TOMORROW! I’m… drinking warm soy milk =3


It’s clean~


Room’s clean =D
Isn’t it a beauty? Lol!! I’m trying my best to keep it this way ^^

Anyhow. today. Pizza!! Err… babysitting =.=
More games.
More tomoyo.
I bought NX cash. first time EVER spending moeny on such games. Oh well. Didn’t get anything good. Should’ve gotten the pink bow!! Grr… rawr.

OKay.. time to sleep early. Apparently… zoo tomorrow..? o.o


Little ones =3

Didn’t get to post last night because some family members from far away are visiting for a week or so =3
Normally I would bare my teeth and hate it but… finally its been a few years and the kiddos are in elementary school and know how t speak English well as well as play lots of games =3 So it’s fun~
Though.. what sucks? I actually took the time out in the beginning to talk with them and all and man are they clingy o.o
So cute though… the little boy has a HUGE dimple. Kya~

For now. I will go ‘entertain’ aka play games =D