April 1st~


Weeee!! Its the first of the busy month of april~ and with that my cosplay season officially kicks off! Wo! Although today I decided to make something random hence the fabric. Its fabric for a upcoming cosplay that I got 3 extra yards for o.o yea. That’s a lot xD

On another note I was going to start a april fools day prank but decided against it xD I’m the the type to really do that so. .. hey.  Who knows,  maybe one year~

Here is where I’d tell you my favorite prank but I can’t recall any o.o I was just either really nice as a kid or really mean (which came out when revenge And a grudge was in order xD) if you have any prannks you’ve done,  come share!  I like to live vicariously through other people lol



Weird pizza


The other day my brother decided to order a new flavor of pizza just because it was on special.  And special it was.  This was a chili fritos pizza.  So yes there’s chili which was actually decent and they just sprinkled the fritos chip all over. … not cooked or anything.  It was good for the first piece but you get sick of it by the second., I think so at least. Is it bad to say I thought this was a very American kind of pizza too? The Japanese has their mayo and cool looking pizzza types and we have this.  This is what the majority here must be liking enough to have on a pizza lol

On another note pmx is tomorrow and I think my eye May be …. well I dunno. But it hurts when I blink so I need to have that checked >.> so progress goes a little slower but not cause my eye but because gee was awesome and bought me gauntlet! The game … like old school.  =3 super fun to play with everyone but. .. kills a lot of my time.  Oh well. 


Beach day


For once we had a beach day :D we took the chance to also surprise Jas with a small birthday celebration~ so that’s part of the cake! Oh and the creeper we took a photo with looks really sad at the cake…. lol. Oh gosh…. we’re odd people.

Anyways it was a really relaxing beach trip. Got s slight tan xD only where I put lotion on myself though, I asked gee to get my back (which he proceeded to do in a really non sexy way but very efficient) and all the part want even the slightest tan.

We poked at sea snails which are sore fascinating. Then saw fish up close but only were able to get close to ones that were either dead or really struggling to live…. sad. T.T
Oh! Also did a sort photo shoot of archer from Dragon nest! Yea… remember that game… hmm.

It was a fun day, super tired to the point where I felt physically tired all day afterwards!

Just wanna say hi


Was having a little fun with a photo app xD looking to see if I can find better ones… but it looks like this one works well so far =3 I bought this new maroon bow shorts online the other day! Finally wore it… it’s comfy and makes it look like a skirt but it’s perfect for my casual days! Cause I’ve been told I dress like I try to impress and fancy but… that’s the only clothes I really have >.> ziyp I decided to go a little more… Asian~~

Starting to really freak out about timing… especially since I don’t have an outfit to wear to the next con!! Ahhhh what do I wear!? *slowly going crazy*


Family loves the beach


Like really… my family really loves the beach o.o but I guess that is one of the beauties of California xD so my family reunion days and post family days are pretty much done! We had a picnic at the beach and I was able to buy myself a new sun hat when I was shopping in China town =3 my grandma approved of it and then I found out later that everyone wanted to steal my hat and wear it >.>

Oh and there is bulba! Isn’t she adorable? It’s been decided that we’re gonna keep her and she’s gonna be my little prodigy ~ yes id probably still take a pom over it but… I’ll get one later on in life xD so this like girl is like a family dog! But I mainly take care of her…..

So yep! I talked to my mother and she told me or normal life won’t ever be normal again… so yea. That’s … =-= we’ll see how this goes. …