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The loot I didn’t get


The craziness that comes with bookstores.. like seriously. So we went to kinukuniya (uh I think that’s spelled right? Its late and I’m tired lol!) And guess what we found?!?! KAMUI’S BOOKS! IN WRAP. AND $20! I found this quite amazing… and it makes me want to work harder! And another thing I found was a bow/ribbon wax sealing stamp! Yea. Like in the old days~ Except… now comes with pink pearly wax =3 Which I FULLY approve of~ I’m low on money from my fabric spree so… I couldn’t buy it this time >.< but NEXT TIME! Or… whenever I may encounter it again. Why? who knows. but if I could get a custom one of my logo… that would be amazing~

Fabric horde

Now for my fabric horde! I came home with 26 yards of fabric and then some leather pieces for under…. $50. And that’s a really great deal. I didn’t pay more than $2 for any yard of fabric! And those leather piles? Got lucky and they were only $5 each =3 So this pile will end up making the base and some extra details on a total of 4 cosplays I have planned! Yep. And can’t flake out on them either especially since I really want to make them all!! <3

In the process of washing all the fabrics though. Something about buying downtown makes me weary and I must wash them before sewing. I used to not but… then I realized all the fabric has dust particles of whatever the warehouse had. And I figured I like working with clean fabric that I don’t mind rolling around in! (plus its just beneficial to your health anyways)

Well. I did nothing today for the most part. It was REALLY hot here and I woke up early to brunch so… my day seems long and was very tiring >.< I shall play some league and sleep!


another sight to see


Had another really productive DTLA Trip! Like… omg. I was expecting to get a lot but not ALOT. But more on that later. We actually had lunch at a spot we found quite close to our first destination~ This is our 2nd time there and WE CAME PREPARED! Their portions are HUGE for being such a great price too! We love it. So this time I shared with Gee the sandwhich on the left… seriously. That half filled me up o.o That and the bowl of pasta that came with it… and then our table split a hummus appetizer which was AMAZING. It was Black bean, edanamne (?) , and the last light looking one I’m not sure what it was but it was sorta tangy and our least favorite. Our favorite in unison was the green one and then the black bean one! At one point Gee told me I have to stop eating the green one >.> I think at that point we were fighting for it LOL

I want more hummus. Been loving that stuff… seriously can’t wait to get my hands on more of it!

We ended up paying for all-day parking 3 times. Which kinda sucks but its LA and you can’t really expect much less. Parking is a luxury…  I mean its a luxury just driving a car down there. So at the end of our trip we landed in little tokyo, had some curry house, and then I took this picture where we parked on some roof of a building! The bottom pictures that is. It was a nice sight that you’d just sit and watch at in awe for a bit.

A long day. def a long day. I came home, had a little drink, and then treated myself to a well needed facial~ It was amazing. Can you believe I wore tennis shoes out the whole day? That’s a first since.. since… probably 6 years ago. Yea. I’ve been wearing flats and heels all day everyday~ Ok and slippers at home xD

My mother told me I should be doing 1 of 3 things everyday:
1. Meet someone new
2. Go somewhere new
3. Learn something new

And today? I pretty much did the last 2 xD I don’t meet that many new people, not to the point of knowing their name. I really should but… meh. Last time we went we met someone! That counts for something right? lol

Well. I’m officially broke~ Time to make a whole buncha new things and hope for the best.



 photo DSCN3617_zps90bf4cc9.jpg

Ah! So Thanksgiving and Black Friday are both over~ only thing left to really conquer is Cyber Monday! I’ll admit.. I spent SO much T.T It’s crazy cause this picture above isn’t even all of it. But basically I bought 3 scarves and a new casual bag (which totaled to be $30) then add in tights/socks (Now we’re up to $40) and a $400 laptop! (so $440 now!) But then I spent $50 on AX ticket and $70 at target >.>;;;;; Plus another $70 at Express…. /dies

Luckily I’ll be returning a few things.. get some money back in my wallet xD I did buy new storage for my sewing stuff and stocked back up on fabric for making items for sale! Yea… I don’t want to actually add up how much I’ve spent so far…. >.< I did hold back on  alot of stuff though! And I got some gifts.. kinda.

Anyways! Tiring day! definitely tiring day. A lot has been going through my mind lately but I realize just to… stay productive. Stay happy =3 Looks like my family is also getting more supportive of my sewing stuff. Its making me a little happier~


It’s… low xD


I didn’t mean for this picture to be so blurry… it just is. But I suppose it’s fitting for posting anyways xD Since that top part was seriously low… but apparently that’ the trend! Cause this is the 3rd piece of clothing I loved but just didn’t really like the whole V neck cleavage part. And oddly enough, both items just accentuate it more but… it’s kind of too … revealing for my tastes. I love the flowy dress immensely though =3 So I’m debating on getting it but just wearing a tank top underneath cause it’s seriously really cute dress~ The picture was taken weirdly so it makes me look so… odd!! But I dun care~ You can’t even tell its me lol!!

Anyways. I’m gonna work on posting more because… it’s sad to look back on my blog and barely see anything for maybe… 2 weeks now? It’s sad!

Let’s see.. anything else that’s happening…. I finalyl finished my resume and cover letter for a job I want… gotta finish up some interview questions tomorrow and I get to send it in! I’m stoked but really scared at the same time. I feel as though I’m putting all my eggs into one basket with this application…. and I have no idea what I’m gonna go to afterwards if I don’t get it! I know.. not very smart of me. But I’m optimistic…  something I hope to keep around me while I continue on this early job hunt.

Alright. I’m off for now. Have a test tomorrow. And the gym. The gym? the gym T.T


Oh we shop it.


Went shopping today =3 After a very awkward meeting at school full of science majors… but that’s the boring stuff of my day xD
So we went far away to a Mitsuwa with a COSMODE on the shelf and they updated to a kinokuniya in the place sooo there were ALOT better choices for pens and what not. Above are my favorite pens of all time xD Zebra clip ones! In multicolored~ They have a cute salmon color… I want it. But I’ll go back later to get it just because I didn’t have my wallet on me at that time o.o That freaked me out so badly.. to go to pay but no wallet… ugh. =.=

On another note… we went around to try on clothes but it was one of those days where we arn’t really looking for something to buy.. just for very interesting things. SO! I was able to say please a lot and bargain with Gee so that he would put on the coat you see below. It reminded me of T.O.P!!! <3 Ah…. so smexy. Anyways… that try-on costs me a chance for him to put something ‘interesting’ on me xD It’s kinda how we work… lol. It’s fun though~


Oddly enough.. I really like the jacket. Gee looks like a mannequin xD It’s cool though!! <3
Shopping trips are fun ^^ Yesterday Hea bought a pair of boots for $10. That’s a steal!
Anyways… i’ve been stressing out like no other apparently… I’d like to think I’m not but.. I am. So i’m off to either do work or play games … more the latter though~