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If you haven’t heard of Poke (pronounced kinda like poki) its kinda like a sushi bowl with all types of things~ Here is SoCal it’s been on the rise which makes me really happy~ It’s quite affordable and it’s usually super delicious~ Although I’m used to eating the raw fish and what not, I am sure this probably doesn’t seem appealing to a lot of people o.o

Anyways! ITS FINALLY A SLOW WEEK! I mean… slow in a sense. I’m getting ready for a photoshoot this weekend so not completely slow. But it’s nice to not stress out so much xD

I also have been kinda on edge about people. This is why I create contracts, it kind of weeds out the people who might screw you over later if they don’t sign at the beginning. I know that now xD On another topic I’m not doing a fashion show anymore. They conveniently told me after I decided to stick up for my models and pay equality. It made me really mad … how some organizations are just unprofessional even though they’re trying to create an event for such a good cause. Actually.. it makes me more sad. Anyways I wrote a really good email in response but decided to write a more simple and professional response back. I realize its a small world and I don’t need any bad press. But I think I still have the right to be mad about it and rant a little xDDD



Back to a planner


I now spend my night relaxing and getting in planning. I started to use my paper planner again because I have so much tong-term things planned…it was just easier to see it out and flip month to month seeing it all so easily. So I went back to use up the rest of my last school planner. Funny enough though, I have written more in it now than when I was in school! Shocking to me…

It’s actually blurred out so much because I have some info on there that I probably shouldn’t show xD But meh. I also got a new app on my phone that acts like a mini photoshop and instagram filter! It’s quite wonderful so far but I’ve only used it a handful o times.

I thought since I felt really zen tonight I’d do a little bloging~ I wanted to take some progress pictures of what I’ve been working on but my brother decided to sleep abnormally early and I didn’t wanna bother him with my sewing machine..

Oh! I also bought a new cute rabbit planner online~ It should be coming in next week! I’m so excited~~~ It’s one of those dateless ones so even if I stop using it, I can pick it up later and start whenever I want to! :D

Sigh. Ok. Time for me to sleep.  I have a long day tomorrow to prepare for the weekend of festivities! aka errands and backlog LOL…. I laugh but I face-palm. aha~~~~


March certainly is madness


I finally finished a small project I was working on~ I wanted to try making something with the silk I bought! It’s a shiny light pink silk that really is just the softest thing :D I decided to make a long robe out of it. I was going for a fantasy type of style but I ended up changing it halfway and it turned out to have more kimono type aspects to it…. regardless! I learned a lot from working with it and it’s just one of those fabrics that needs a lot of patience with (something I don’t really have at the moment)

March has finally begun though~ And as always with tax season and fashion shows coming up it’s really crazy. I also booked a photoshoot collaboration with a new photographer so that’s super exciting! But because of this I have very minimal free time and my weekends are all officially booked up.

I am getting a lot more … “me” time. I’m sort of enjoying it o.o My day now conists of talking to different people and I’m always (seriously, always.) checking my emails and responding. I forget how much time the admin work takes and being able to actually do work for Majesti is starting to be a struggle. Like Gee said, one will always win over. I cant tell what’s winning now. I wake up, so Majesti work. Get ready, go to the office. Do office work. Break, do majesti work. Boss lady comes in and I have a whole bunch of office work. Late office work -.- I get home late… eat way past a decent dinner time and then I’m too mentally wiped to do anything else! Granted I manage something most days. Today I helped my mother out with some forms for my sister. While watching animal videos LOL. It was great. We even got tacos. :D

I’m also feeling super lucky. I really am glad I have such a great support online, even it it may be from just a few people. I can count them on my hands! But it’s through you that I learn that every bit of good said really does make someone’s day~ Even a like!

You know… I saw this image on fb that showed how someone saying they got a job on fb gets them a flurry of likes and a lot of congratulations. Someone saying they just started their own business gets relatively no response. I’ve seen this! It’s… so sad. And as an aspiring entrepreneur,  what I was to do is also be able to inspire others to …. do! Just… do! If you have a business idea… get some people on board, formulate a plan and go for it! I have a long way to go but I wouldn’t have been able to do all of this without so much help. I’m constantly asking for help and collaborating in the spirit of growing more than just my own business vision. So, just go for it! :D

You know… whatever “it” may be.