League hurts me


Honestly Riot… what kinda match up is this?! Our whole team of unranked (And before that it’s just silvers… a gold and a bronze =.=) against a team of a PLAT 1 <— seriously?! That HURT) and and GOLD 1 <— also really hurt on a more personal level T.T And the other gold/silver/bronze was all ok though…

So since that happened last night… I decided to play my first promo today :D I won! As an adc too =3 Since last season I feel a lot more confident with bot and mid lane~ But I know I need a new top and jungle… I’ve never been particularly good with the tanks though… too much of an archer type. You know, stand in the back and shoot from far away =3 I don’t like the danger xD But I do like trick shots~ What I mean by that is… someone with a little challenge to their play. Take Ashe for example… she’s super straight forward and all you can really do is hit and slow them. But if you take Miss Fortune instead, her double up does more damage to the 2nd person which makes playing a little more fun for me =3 And a whole lot of entertainment~

Yea.. I played brand in the game we lost horribly on just because… well… just because. I used to like him alot but I dunno… the girls are just so much more fun~ I do have yet to try out Braum though! He also looks fun~ Completely needs to have an Armstrong skin =3 THE SPARKLES~~~