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Too much…

So I am overloaded with projects! Its like… 11 and I’m debating wether to sleep for 4 hours and then wake up to do the rest or stay up to do the rest then sleep. I don’t think I would be able to sleep though with all that I have left to do.
right now my poster board is EMPTY. Gahh T.T
My book looks almost full though! cool huh?
So After this week it’ll be better… hopefully…
Whaa T.T

Time to stay up! I’m not even sleepy cause all this work I have to do is making me panic and is keeping me awake! lol!! XD

dang -.-;;


Ranie Yang – Lang lei le ~

So this song is from RAINIE~
I really love her songs and her singing~
One of the few Chinese singers that I like…
But this song was just so catchy!
(and right now im looking for catchy songs because im trying to do hw and its becoming uberly boring XD)
so! It’s cute too~
Wouldn’t I love to have dinner was a uberly cute rockstar? Okay maybe not the rockstar part… lol!




So today I’ve been..bleh. I wish I could go to Barnes and nobles or something but I can’t >.<;;
I never have a ride >.>;;
Like my totoro shirt~? www~
So I have so much hw to do… really. But all I want to do is take a nap XD I should.. but I might not want to wake up and do work XD
But maybe I should take a small nap… maybe…
Okay I probably will! If I really can’t help it..
Thats why I needa work in a place thats public cause home is just so… comfy… I can’t work here XD

I have this weird gut feeling… like I’m anticipating something to happen. Even though nothing probably will XD

I’m actually listening to Taylor Swift’s White Horse.
I like how her one line is..
“cause I’m not your princess, this aint a fairytale”
Cause reality isn’t really… and if it is, man there is a whole new meaning to a fairytale.

Haha kinda makes me sad… then again lots of things make me sad but eventually things will turn around… hopefully XD


Always Borders


So today was nice…
Went home right after lunch~
Talked to an old friend that kept me company while waiting so long for my brother~
went home… ate… went to Borders. Drank more coffee cause I was hungry..
But I got alot done while at Borders…
And I also at the same time got nothing done XD
Got really distracted… and etc etc.
Plus its cold outside…and I had to sit outside when it got dark cause it was the onyl comfy place.
But now im home…
Ate.. showered.
Now imma do a quick flyer and I’m off to sleep! Tomrrow is a busy busy day for me so ddun be mad if I don’t post! XDD

Ta ta~


L’s – Wha hunny bunny!


Haha with this picture I remember back when I was in Elementary school and my cousins taught me the whole “loser loser double loser as if whatever get the picture duh =P” Lol!! It makes me laugh just rmemebering… ^-^;;

I’ve been…okay today. Yea tis true I could be better but.. well okay today I listened to the song “Bad Day” by David Powell alot . Lol~
Okay not really. I was singing! Trying to get my singing all right again. I’m kinda sad I fell outta it a bit. Actually its what keeps me awake while doing hw XD Which I didn’t get much done of at btw so that sucks XD

I can’t wait until summer comes. I want to drive… I want to go to AX… I want to go horseback riding and disneyland and that water place XD I want to do all that I plan to to make it worthwhile… then again shouldn’t I be doing everything I can to make everyday worthwhile?

I’m such a… bleh. I’m … stressed beyond stressed and I’m worried and I can’t help to try and run away from it all.

but OMGSH! I almost cried for my bunny today! I heard a squeek and something banged on the gate and im like wtf? And I found a DOG was chasing hunny around and my mom put something in front of his bunny hole so he was ramming himself against the wires to get through. He almost did .. well thats what it looked like. Its all bent… I was like… T.T Stupid dog >.> Probably the beighbor’s. Imma complain to them if I have to! Its my bunny at stake!! I was so scared that he was hurt.. I spent like 5 minutes trying to calm him down cause he ran through the house like a mad bunny >.<

hunny Bunny… Whaaa..