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Day map


So lets see… I’ll map out my day for you.
Woke up at 6.
Made my own lunch and breakfast
Went to school
Opened the door sucessfully xD (usually it’s stuck and unopenable unless tackled down)
Went to Bio, stayed awake
Went to History — fell asleep. badly >.<
By 11 – exteremly hungry.
Met up with Erukii~ Sorry if I was grumpy on you.
Stressing out about hw papers and stuffs.
Went to geology.
Boring. My buddy there was having troubles.
He’s trying to introduce me to his friend  xD I find that interesting.
Got an 82 on Geo test. Bleh. I should’ve done better!
Thennnn… math. Was late >.< Didn’t do hw so just txted the whole time xD
Ran 2 miles in 30 minutes. Okay not ran, jogged. And watched MTV and Friends xDDD
Went home. Got irritated by family. I just wanna watch my show!!!

That’s it xD Just… yea haven’t wrote what I did for the whole day in awhile. I hope this doesn’t become my typical day xD I like keeping things interesting.


Red and white nails


I deicided to do my nails again.
And it actually took me quite awhile to get this done.
Because I think I went through 4 bottles of pink nail polish and they all were either
1. Glue-like and clumpy or
2. Barely any left.
So I have to go buy some more pink ones…
So for the meantime I used my mom’s nail polish which are usually dark.
Hence the reddish color!
And I didn’t like it just one color
So I added some white~
I think it looks decent. Wish I could’ve been more pro with it but by that time I was tired xD
A little messed up. But that’s okay~
I’m just happy I got to design it myself~ I give it a week before it starts to crack and fade on me T.T;;

OH well~ I’m very proud of my nails.. look! None of them are chipped xD


358/2 <3

I like… nagged and begged my bro to get this game..
And he did! <3

So I was the first that started to play it and I’m really happy.
BUT! I had to stop cause of school work and etc.
we got some other games too that I’m happy about, like scribblenauts!
Now that’s such an entertaining game.
I’m looking forward to fighting with others that also have the KH game.
You have play up to 4 players! That’s awesommmee. ^-^

Oh happy day,
I also went to the beach. Cause it’s my cousin’s last day here,
And… had some yummy food. YOGURT! ahaha. x3

So now I want a DSi of my own… I think that’ll be my next purchase… once I can get some money. I need to study -.-;;


Starting finally

I am going to start on Haruhi’s school outfit now that I have fabric color approval xD
Hopefully it turns out alright.
I want to finish it before halloween!
Cause…. well it’s just a goal date.
Mikuru has to be done before the picnic, if I do go.

Then lets see….. -.-;;
I totally don’t know anything else.
Like.. my mind just went…





My… mouth still hurts… like that back part in it… so vauge! I know xD
Umm…school was cool. Yay~
So imma go sleep. Early!