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Weirdness coming to Crazy


Pink!!! Lol~

Okay I think today was SO boring that I had to make up some fun…somehow XD;;
Hey my ears are flat…. XD

Okay, I think I went crazy~
Crazy for You!!


Crazy About you – Mini Moni (Great song! One of my favorites by them. It has a good beat to it ^-^)


Much is not


Today wasn’t much, unfortantly T.T;;

Its all about… Homework, TV, Homework, Sewing, Homework, Bloging!!
School starts just in 4 days!! I’m not done with ANY homework yet!! T.T I’m seriously procrastinating sooo bad… T.T;;

Snap…actually… sintead of so many posts on my blog, I think I’ll just do some more homework ^-^;;
Sorry! I’m just SO behind! Horrific~

Good thing though is that I’m all done with my shirt! In the pic you can kinda see the re-done sleeves. I still haven’t gotten a chance to do any more sketching for cosplay, which makes me sad T.T But I bet when school starts I’ll have more time ^-^;; How ironic is that right? But what else do you do in the boredom of class? X3



Omgsh so I was watching the Kimora show today! I just love her, I can’t believe how far she has gotten in the fashion career. I really do envy her because she started off not in the best place, but she was able to rise above~

So I was watching her show and I LOVE her doggies. So I was thinking… I really do love animals, and I would love to have a dog in the future~ Though I’m sooo picky on which kinds are… ‘acceptable’ to me. I actually have a list! (Just so in the future I can refer to this when I want a dog XD;;)

So here it goes!!


Such an Adorable Dog!! Very small, Very cute~
I already even have a name if I get a dog XDD;;

Shiba Inu

The Classic Japanese Dog is this one

So cute! Kinda bigger than expected, but still!!


I absolutely LOVE this dog!! Its sooo cute~ And very expensive I heard XD;;

This is really really…CUTE!!

This is probably the first one I want on my list XDD

Toy American Eskimo

Fluffy dog really! I guess im more attracted to the fluffy dogs XDD

Wowww this is about all the dogs that I found!!
That I liked of course…
So cuteeeee~

Random post! : Done XD


I want cosplay!


I went to JoAnn’s Today!! Saw SOOO many fabrics that I wanted too! But unfortanly… I’m broke at the moment >.<;;
So I have to put them on hold…wait for my mom to go with me XD;;

I saw some that would really work for so the many ideas I have! Though one problem I am still having is finding the right color for my Miku Cosplay. T.T
Like I said before, I already made that mistake once, I don’t want to make it again >.<;;

Though it’s funny because now everything that is pink like instantly catches my eyes!! >w<

I really do love the color pink… color expresses so much about people.
I like to think of cute as soft and cute!! I mean…nothing can go wrong with it right? ^-^;;

Oh! I’m almost done with my shirt too! Yay~~ Just a few more sitches…




www カレオケはとてもたのしいたよ~~
あたし と かすきーちゃん は へんだよ >。<;;
It was really fun though!! We really know how to have fun… ^^;;
Its sooo fun singing in Japanese!! Though I’ve gotten rusty at at T.T Wasn’t as good as last time.
Though I do wish I sang more…I dunno…
Actually the songs that I LOVED singing was Shokotan’s songs!! Mostly ‘Happily Ever After’ and ‘Sorairo Days’ www

We went to the mall afterwards~
I didn’t buy anything else for the day. Just some Taro Boba~ So … おいしい~
Seriously, dun reject something if you’ve never tried it, ruins the fun in life!!

Kasuki-Chan found a skirt, well I found it for her, she bought it ^^;; I really did love the skirt. But its only fair I guess XD She found the magazine I bought, I found the skirt she bought XD;;
(I really do LOVE the skirt, so cute! Though she is going to use it for cosplay, go her~)
And yes, it is kind of an unwritten rule of girls to not buy the same clothes. Well maybe not for ALL girls, but the ones I hang with.

Other than that…I’m broke!!! (>.<;;)


(I do have a video of us singing, but at the moment I do not know how to upload it on my computer…. >.<;;)