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A trip in a nutshell


Ah you know how much I love taking pictures and documenting everything… so you can image the haul I have from the Japan trip me and my brother just went on! It was short but man… were they the longest days of my life. This was my first time out of the country despite having my passport for the past 9 years? I was expecting my first trip to be to the Caribbeans but Japan is a good place too~ xDDD

I was able to get so much inspiration from the trip from my design work to how to make what I do more appeal-able and efficient! Even though I live close to a pretty decent sized Japanese community it’s different to see their culture in a… 360 format. Really being submerged into it. I see the appeal but to be honest… it’s just a nice place to visit. I like California too much to see myself anywhere else!

Anyways. I have a lot about the trip and trying to make time out for a little vlog! I’ve been busy but been really lazy as well. It’s been weird. I’ve been blessed to have supporters on some of my media platforms show their eagerness for updates so I’m working on it!!

I have a full on rant later if I feel like I have time. Plus it really helps me to put my thoughts out in writing… so more later!



Pretty lazy


Let’s be honest here… sometimes we just have days where the will to do anything just kinda… diminishes >> And not like I don’t want to do work… it’s just I don’t o.o And I really hate that feeling. So today I kinda went a little overboard with friends in Borderlands 2 >> We got some of the DLCs so that’s fun. And I kinda have skipped some working out times and instead went for my ice cream =3 Which my family knows that the green tea one is kinda claimed by me so I can eat straight from the container and no one else eats it~~ XD Then again maybe they don’t eat it cause I eat from the container o.o Plus I’m that person that likes to eat ice cream in a pattern kinda way so it usually ends up looking like a dome…

Anyways. I plan on going back on a schedule for the sake of productivity. Plus my dad has been on my case more for going back to school. Which… if I had the will to get into debt for a title I won’t be using… then I’d already be doing it~ If education wasn’t so expensive where it takes a good what… 20…30 years to possibly pay off then I’d love to learn more! But for now I’m just doing the best I can. Plus I’m fortunate enough to have found something I really love to do (you know… when I actually do it) xD

Some updates on that~ Since I obviously don’t have the most interesting life I decided that updating everyday is kinda.. meh. Mayb eI’ll regret it later, who knows. But for now I want to be able to use my time to update the brand and work on my craft. =3 I’ve already have 6 out of 10 new designs sketched out. I’m excited~ It’s all seeming to come together nicely and I’m always excited~ Hopefully this ALA fashion show will be a big step for me in terms of my creations and my business. I do have a lot riding on this so I really hope it works out for the best!


still packed


Still in the mist of cleaning up my work desk and sorting everything out~ So the dresses are still in it’s bag waiting for a temp home as I try to find one T.T I don’t have alot of room in the house so I’m trying to make-do as I keep expanding. SO, I just cleaned out a storage container under the bed which contained a lot of old cosplays/fashion items…. going to wash them all and either store them again for sentimental reasons or put them up for sale! Probably for dirt cheap just so I can get rid of them xD I haven’t gone through all my old cosplays so I’ll do that tomorrow to fully see what I can put on sale…. and if no one buys them I’ll probably just start tossing them T.T I hate doing that so I really do hope I can find a home for them even though they are poorly made in my eyes >> We’ll see!! One of the outfits int he pile is my much loved Alice from Wonderland maid! It’s still So adorable but I’d rather just remake than wear it again…. so … on sale it is!! More info on that later though~

Started on a commission I’ve been neglecting for a time being (yes the client does know too, so no worries, I don’t neglect and not tell them LOL) So now I’m cleaning, creating up the brand majesti designs, and working on commissions! Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to take some fancy shots of the designs before I store them until the photoshoot…. I hope so. I’ve been waking up and after eating and some time up I start to get these massive headaches o.o like migraine headaches T.T the day before yesterday I lived with it and got sick. yesterday I just took meds as relief. And today I drank coffee and it went away LOL gg right?

Getting back into the groove of business and really trying to not be lazy XD it gets hard sometimes especially when it seems everyone around me tends to always be playing something XDDD I WANNA PLAY TOO T.T But hey. work hard play hard right?


Vegas Trip… again!


I had a wonderful time in Vegas once again for Gee’s birthday :D We like using him as an excuse xD I guess that’s a good thing about summer birthdays! It was really an exciting weekend for not really having anything planned o.o We just winged it but we found ourselves crunched on time and just wanting to always do more! (for me that would be gambling.. cause yea. I barely got to touch that at all)

So we started off our trip at night and it took us 7 hours because we had to backtrack into the city. So we literally went a circle around places just because of a forgotten wallet >> And an ID is kinda important for vegas so our 4 hour trip turned into like…6? 7 ish? Something like that.

But we came into Las Vegas around 3am and decided to go out to look for 24 hour places to get something to eat. We noticed there were still alot of people out, apparently the clubs just closed so there were ALOT of slutty lookin gals out, it was nice :D Some of their heel game is STRONG.

We ended up staying up till around 6am just uh, celebrating Gee’s birthday a bit in the hotel. Then passed out as we played cards~

Woke up to get a really big craving for… CREPES!


It was one of the best I’ve ever had >> So yummy and totally worth the little walk!! It was also one of the few times I had savory crepes but nomnom~~~ after we did some shopping and Gee bought me a super SUPER adorable elephant scarf :D It’s being shipped because we literally took their last one in stock >> So I can’t wait until that comes in to take pictures of!!

Then we went back to the hotel to “split up” and do our own things which didn’t really happen as we all stayed really in the hotel where alot of ironing went on for the clubbing part later… and napping. I took a nap and they ate my cheese-its >> Which I later finished off LOL But yea! We also did a bit of TV watching cause outside was hot and we were really lazy and tired to move around again…. I also feel like I’m wasting time sitting in a hotel during a vacation but honestly… I didn’t mind it TOO much this trip. Still sorta bothered me but not really lol!

And then we got into the club XS which is at the Encore hotel… REALLY nice place btw. The club was soooo nice, alot better than the last one we went to >> Plus ZEDD actually was DJ-ing that day!! It was awessommme, I have a newfound appreciated for good DJs. Cause before him there was a guy doing it that was meh. Like sometimes it was good but it didn’t really make us feel like moving. We were actually contemplating to leave early before ZEDD came on but I’m glad we stuck around~ The top left picture is from that time, so many people and the lights were bright, music loud, it was wonderful lol. But man you don’t wanna smell my dress after that… it was gross >>


And we ended up still leaving the club early (like… 3am? Iono… lost track of time) And with that we slept, woke up early! Got some breakfast to-go and left for the long drive hommmeeee. Seems like the longest but shortest weekend EVER. QQ Planning on going again sometime before the year is done! Why? Cause we didn’t get time to see a show but I really want toooo!

I don’t have any pictures of the group cause I had Gee take them all on his phone =.= And I haven’t been able to get them yet!! QQ

Whelp. Back to work. I HAVE A SHOW TO DO!


Kiki :D



So I took a day out of working to spend some time with Gee and friends… so it kinda turned out to be a double date >> But it was cute! So I met Gee and we had some errands which included craft shopping and some lunch. Then we met up and waiting in a really really long line to see the Ghibli Gallery Exhibit that had a grand opening night! The line was crazy and I dunno if it was worth it but it was an experience that’s for sure~ I took some pictures of some cute artwork~ Been wanting some really cute kiki artwork cause I love finding artwork of cosplays I do~

They were actually selling some artwork like artist alley style along the sidewalk which was nice~ so half of us ended up getting artwork… not me though. Wallet not strong XD

It was a fun day though!! Also had sushi that was really yummy and boba!! Cause boba. Plus they don’t believe in my desserts anymore. What isn’t there to like about tempura oreo >> with ice cream!! :D

time to be sad that I can’t buy more pretty art T.T or do it for that matter LOL