Wig day


Had a wig cleaning day!! The whole room smells like… cleaner =.= It sucks. QQ But! I’m happy how it’s been turning out. Although I lost a lot of the purple strands cause it’s the Hilda wig I wore and it’s super tangley… so brushing it out even with the help of a “conditioner” still sucked. I have the black wig and its extensions all planned out too for Ahri~ Yep. I bought her a blue/black wig, hated it and just decided to do black~ which technically her hair is black and the blues are there for a way to highlight the hair shading etc etc.

Other than wigs I have started to paint details on and sew more details on… honestly why do I do this QQ

Also been trying to eat healthy which i started like a few days ago and then uh… yea today I wanted a sweet/fatty food really badly and I might have went too overboard with that >> So YEA. BACK TO HEALTHY EATING. That also is me resisting the really huge urge to go out to grab boba/coffee/food. Well it saves me money and that just means I feel a liddo less broke after AX >>


Wig time!


Finally got around to fixing up the horridly shiny wig I bought! Weee! I actually got it for the steampunk lolita outfit but ended up thinking I’ll look like a tree with all the brownery… so I bought a silver wig which is what you see int he pictures~ But then I have this brown wig sitting around and I thought.. why not straighten it and try out the fabric softener and baby powder! I’m actually quite happy with the results. It just looks softer and smells less like plastic but more florally from the chemicals now xD

Fun stuff though~ Can’t wait to see how my other wigs with the same horrid shine looks after all this too!

Been sketching and sewing~ Finally started on Ahri for AX! Really exciting stuff. sorta. kinda. well. yea. we’ll go with that XD

Still struggling with deciding on getting a part time job. mainly for the stable income but taking time away from the creating and designing is also a trade off :/ so who knows. maybe i’ll apply anyways and see if I get it? hur. I can see gee’s face already shaking his head and telling me to just make up my mind QQ I need to make a pros and cons chart >>


What Hiatus >.>

If people still read my blog entries here… well you’re awesome. Since I’ve been kinda MIA for the past few.. what. months?! Anyways… it’s been because of the Collection for Hanadoki Con (which you can see on the FB) and because of… PATREON :D YAY!

DA PAtreon Snippet

THIS is what I’ve been racking my brain up for the past month or so since the show. It’s been on my mind for the past FEW months and I’ve finally finished the page (give and take the video I’ll probably do) But it’s JUST starting and I’m so happy I finally had the nerve to put myself out there. I haven’t seen any other kinda of sewist/cosplayer/designer do this yet but I just hope no one kinda hates me for me >.> But I figured its no different than me making a book of tutorials/patterns or people putting the info in a magazine… instead I’m putting it all on the web! Bulk of this means that part of my work will be only for my patreon supporters but in terms of my work it’ll be 70% public 30% patreon only supporters. So you’ll still see all the major things that come out as well as tutorials/patterns just.. not everything.

Ok I rambled a bit there… just slightly worried of backlash >.>

Anyways! YEA! I’m excited. So excited. Looking forward and doing what I won’t regret~ And tax season is almost over soo… heh. =3 I get to take a mini vaca for not really doing much but SO WHAT. I deserve it too anyways >.>


Pikachu production xD


Pikachu ear production!! :D

Yea I’m… don’t ask. I think I was just kinda going wonky from all the ear making o.o I normally make like 3 at a time… 2 if I’m feeling lazy. But with the influx of orders I had to make 5 o.o 5!! Did not expect it to be such a long process… >.>

So yes! I am just about done making them too =3 I really dont enjoy making the ears much anymore… trying to find a way to better streamline the process but.. we’ll see XD

Other than that… tomorrow I’m starting on cosplay work again! I’ve been slacking because of the ears and trying to catch up on TV shows >.> So I’m up to date with Once upon a Time, How to Get away with Murder, Marvel Agents of Shield, annnnd… revenge! Yea. I watch a lot >.> They’re all so good though!! T.T The time it sucks away is real… but luckily I can usually cut fabric I’ve put a pattern on or stuff ears… or even draw patterns for bows xD So I try to not make it me mindlessly just watching tv lol…

Anyways… gotta wake up early tomorrow! I HAVE TO! YOSH!


New corset … idea.


Well~ I’ve been working on a full corset recently. It’s taking a little longer than expected… a few days now (partially.. ok mainly because of starcraft 2) but so far I’ve gotten a lot more progress on it. Not all the lines are in yet though… making it all a little different from the last ones I’ve made. It’s a learning and working process for sure. I’m trying to take as many pictures as I can just to keep it as a reference and hopefully find photos and see if I can make a guide out of it!

On another note… this week is gonna be weird. Can’t say much of that yet. And Bulba finally got all her shots! Minus one but it’s… not making her unable to go out for walks. So I’m happy~ She’s a little trooper~

I want to finish this cosplay this week just so I can get some pictures sometime at the end of the week. I dunno if I’ll be able to make it in time but.. I’ll try! :D