An Innocent World

Cute right? It’s from the brand Innocent World. Only in Japan right now, but it made it’s debut at PMX this past weekend!! I LOVE lolita fashion, but not as much as this or this. But I do like this blue dress you see up here. I think I’m more of a… hime lolita or just classy? Because I don’t like the sweet ones so much… or the other ones >.> There are alot! Like different styles of lolitas, and there are many extremes. I think Gee would like me wearing these more than the skirts I wear xD because lolitas are conservatives… Always always always (usually always) have skirts/dresses around the knee area. And its cute!! So I’m thinking of… making a dress like this or similar as part of my spring collection ^^ Not winter, unless I want to make shaws.

I really want to get in the habit (kinda like my bloging habit) of creating different things each season.

To make give me some inspiration.. I’ll show some of the few things I really really do like!! =3

A light dress but I love the details. And a purple skirt, which comes in different colors I believe. I like how it’s high wasited so it looks best with a nice blouse tucked in. Kyaaa~ So many cute things, I’m going on overload right now xDD

Oh not to mention. These items are VERY expensive. It’s like the.. coach of our system. So these pieces and bag and all are well over $100 .. usually. I remember seeing socks from Angelic Pretty for over $40.. SOCKS!! The bags were like $110 for one I wanted o.o So I applaud anyone who is very into the lolita fashion and can afford it all. For me, you can take out all the cute cupcake prints and bright colors. I want to bring a new fashion along~


Awww… CUTE!

I love love love these shoes… Arn’t they so cute!! I think this would go with so much I wear x3

And I am NOT online shopping >.> Just.. online browsing?
Found these at Yes Style! So expensive T.T Not fair!
I like the style a lot… I  want them to be about 2 inches in heel height though. That.. would look so nice~

I really have to get off this site… I mean… SOOO many cute things here.
If I won the lottery.. the extra interest money I get from investments are going right into shopping x3
Cause after what.. couple minutes Ia lready found a cute bag x3
Whhyy!! why does so many cute things attract my eyes!!!

I really love this site because it’s so easy to find the styles I like.. okay not SO easy. But they are there ^-^
I have some of them saved for later reference when I start to make my own clothes.. AFTER AX. But before ALA enough so it doesn’t interfere with my cosplay time.

My mom wants me to take a class on fashion designing… I’m not sure if I’m up to it. I’m not as much of a … designer….
I’m more of.. undertake the impossible! xD More of a problem solver? Cosplay is just one big puzzle to me x3
Looks like I’ve been getting them decently together though~ ^-^

I think this post is gonna haunt me… I keep looking at the SHOES!! T.T


Crystal phone~!

Alright.. So you know I’m such a Tae Yang fan xD
And he’s soooo cute in this T.T
I keep watching it..
But actually!
This Phone is so amazing..
I can see me NOT getting caught texting with it! lol~

So yea.. I want that… more than my blackberry o.o
But you know what?
Its expensive from what I heard T.T
So! Blackberry it is!
People are able to do some cool stuff with it too

Like Feeding nemo xDDD
Quite funny to me… dunno if its true though xD

Ask how I found all this?
Youtube recommends weird stuff to me xD
Or I just watch weird videos to begin with! lol~


Attention crown

How do you get someoneone’s attention..?
Dress nicer?
Always in the same place?
Bat your eyelashes and smile?

I mean how hard can it be right? Just to say ‘look at me! I’m here’
And that is just my deliema… maybe I’m not seen.
Or I’m not letting myself be seen.
I need to break out of my shell.
And I believe now I can.
Though of course it’ll take time…

But anyways!

You know you like the picture.
I’ve been…such a fan of crowns lately..
Like… omgsh.
Out shopping with Kasu we found so many little ones around and I wish I had the money to buy them all.
When I get my car you’ll know which one is mine..
Oh you will xD
Though the huge crowns are kinda bleh.

Just call me royalty xP


Suzumiya Haruhi no Rendou – Promotion Trailer

I want this game so bad!!!
Well the Haruhi Shizumiya no Gekidou~
I wanna dance T.T
Its like Para Para but… with a Wii system!
And thats sure pawsomeness XD
Anyone wanna get it for me?
I wants T.T
Thats on my “I really needa get that” top priority list XD
ITs awsome!