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Colors =.=

PHANTOM BREAKER~!! Sorry… I just finished planning out the patterns for it and bought my wig! It’s lovely really~ I’m REALLY hoping that it comes in time though cause it’s gonna be cut really closely >.< I’m super mad at myself for not buying it earlier because I forgot about shipping delays >.< Now I can’t match fabric to the wig which sucks… T.T So I am just gonna have to .. guess it. We’ll see how this goes.. .T.T Maybe I should just use black fabric.. it looks black on its own actually.. Actually her hair looks black and I got black/purple.. UGH. Annoying.

So yes. I’m going over possibilities right now and.. since I already ordered the wig… I figured color will be good! Fun fun fun stuff though. xD This is why I want to just make my own fabric xDD



My break day is over. I remember waking up at like 11-ish and out of bed by 12. After that I cleaned and did little things around the house.. looked at the time and went “o.o it’s only 4?” while my new computer said 6… so I was really confused. The new comp looks awesome btw, super nice. =3 I can play sims on that lagless like a pro LOL~ Sims streaming… THAT would be something.

Anyways. Tomorrow I’m gonna get some work done. Have my store outlined more with detailed notes. I really just want to sit down at a full desk and think my way through this. Sure I don’t have a concrete plan for my future… but I know what I love to do and I think that’s a step in the right direction. I love how university taught me one thing: myself.

Its true. After 4 years away from my family (for the most part) and on my own… I’ve learned a lot about the people around me and me in general. I’m grateful for all that have gone through this road with me and I hope everyone that I hold close to me stays with me. I don’t like to lose people D:

A few people have been talking to me telling me I’m just like everyone else now. That’s sad to hear >.> And in a way I suppose I am… =3=


Basically.. over!

 photo DSCN2840_zpsc171da44.jpg

FINALS DONE. =3 Me and Gee decided to go eat at a breakfast place since I got out of my final freakishly early xD It’s been long awaited on our list and… was honestly kind of disappointing … >.> The omelette was kind of plain to me… and the spinach inside it was a little too strong for my liking. The bell peppers and onions were a little too.. under cooked for my liking as well… That on the left is toast and hash browns! Yea. Hash browns are always good lol!

Other than that… the food lasted us a good portion of the day and allowed me to shop in peace =3 I bought a new casual dress today as a present to myself. I spent a good total 10 hours with Gee which is always entertaining even if he’s tired and sort of sleepy. So thank you Gee for being so awesome and going with all my suggestions =3 We had a fun scavenger hunt today which was very entertaining. Did you know a store full of containers holds SO many possibilities?! It’s quite amazing.

Oh! And Bry came to talk and hang out for a little bit. That is always super fun~

but man… I’m done with school o.o Graduation is on Sunday and I have a party to go to tomorrow~ Then for a week I’ll be getting a lot of things sorted out with jobs, party, organization, and contacts. I’m giving myself a week until I get myself situated. Then I want to work and plan that memorable summer vacation =3

Dedicated me

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I am so dedicated to studying… that I left my DS home today. That’s right! I LEFT IT HOME T.T Right at the time where they introduced something new too!! =3= Loving Harvest Moon for the 3DS btw, it’s really cool~ I like how everyday you can do something different to really affect the outcome. It’s like… real life. I want to do everything and be the best in it but time just doesn’t permit >.<

So yes. I finished all but ONE final. Tomorrow is my last final and I’m honestly not very worried for it. I completely flipped at the two I had today.. hard stuff. except for my last class which I wrote a total of 5 pages for the essay portion while a group mate who had no idea what he was writing.. wrote 1 page.. barely. xD It was quite something… but who knows. maybe he got everything in a page while I just babbled on xD

Ahh… almost done with school. This is crazy guys, really. ALMOST DONE! Is this what people feel like when their retirement is coming? xDD




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Hunny bunny was lying really.. oddly It’s how he lounges xD That’s my brother’s foot… he likes going underneath it. It’s super weird… >.>

I’ve stayed home the whole day and I’ve been… SO DISTRACTED. It’s like a cat and a laser pointer =3= So I leave you with this picture of hunny and the thought that I hate staying up late cause I’m constantly hungry T.T