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Some passion

Well here’s a song for you enjoy xD They do a lot of butt shaking o.o? Lol!! I haven’t listened to this song much but… meh. I needed something to put up lol!

Mmm.. But I’m planning on doing something tomorrow out of the normal. Lets see if I actually will… But tomorrow is my last day for rush cosplay work. Then the weekend will be for the homework I have due o.o I have… alot. Like… it’s crazy. I just.. don’t want to think about it now. Maybe I’ll start on it tomorrow… if the homework is lucky ^0~

But today I got half of Tomoyo’s painting done (its harsh work. Paint. Paint. Paint. Go back and re paint both sides. Then after I finish all that… I have to put the top coat to set it o.o) It’s just.. a lot of work. But in the end it’ll be aweessommmeee~ And I got just a tad bit further in rag. I have SO much I need to do it crazy…. but without passion you wont get far… no matter what you do.


Circle circle circle.. SKIRT


I’m sorry if the picture isn’t that great.. I tried to take another but it came out like this...

Unfortantly I took these with my camera phone >.> If you cant really understand it or read it tell me and I’ll upload another hopefully from an actual camera or sommeethhinggg!

The gist of this? Kind of like a mini tutorial on how to make a circle skirt. And this is a FULL circle skirt. I can show how I kind of make half ones but that will be for another drawing session XDD Mmm… just don’t forget to add darts into the top waist part (the long rectangle I drew on the bottom). Darts are little triangle things that will just help the skirt fit better on the waist. And it won’t be so buldgy.

OH!! And **This does NOT account for the butt. If youre like me (meaning I have a butt that tends to stick out) Then when wearing skirts it’ll be shorter in back. Normally instead of making the back purposely longer.. I make the whole skirt longer than it should be and just hike up the from to match the back. I personally do it by sewing more of the skirt part to the top rectangle only in the front.

You can also use the same techique of taking the measuring tape to measure if the inner circle is all even. Start from the corner tip and just circle it around, this way once you cut it it should be a good circle~

Lovely? Kay. Time to do some painting works~


Some breaktime~


Kinda cool? Okay not really xD

Today was.. pretty fun I have to say~ I think today would be the only day in break I went out to actually make it feel like.. BREAK. So I’m glad =3

Watched a movie… Sucker Punch. Which… even though it was geared towards men it seems… I actually liked it o.o But I’m okay with looking at eye candy xDD Gave me some new ideas on what to make..? =P I SO hope I don’t see cosplays from sucker punch at Ax though =.=
I also don’t know why its called sucker punch.

Also got to have some sweet tea. Fries. And yogurt land!! Gluttony much? =3 it’s okay~
Thanks to gee who got me yougurt for my aching wisdom teeth removal~? =3

Time to go… play some sims~? =DDDD?



Pain of Wisdom


Pardon the bad picture but…
You can see my teeth in it! Cause speaking of teeth…

I got 2 wisdom teeth pulled today o.o I was… long. and. Sucky.
It now hurts to smile, laugh, chew, bite, eat, etc etc. Basically I am better off being sad/emotionless to save me from the pain. But not like its unbearable pain.. it’s… it just feels like the tooth was growing xD Only difference? This time I hope the pain stops when its done healing~

Though I am kinda RAWR about someone wanting to go to the movies tomorrow >.> Comon.. really? After I had teeth removed?!

But other than that.. its been a day full of bleeding. Finding hearts on the ceiling. And almost maxing out my credit card!! Woo >.>

I’m done. Time to eat some mushy foods =.=


5 hours of cosplay =.=


Looks weird huh? Theres a spot on it but… ugh.. I’m gonna have to figure something out to get it out… eh. Ill figure that out later. Right now… BREAK TIME!

I spent SOO long working on cosplay today. I started around 4. I ended around 9 ish… But overall I was able to finish sewing the skirt together.. ironing it. Sewing, cutting ironing more cutting, interfacing, and gluing the front flap together (which you see the middle of it in the pic above)  VERY time consuming but.. I like the end result (for the most part). If I really want to redo it, I can just flip the flap and the backside is still clean =3 And doing the yellow part inside wont be hard the second time around~

I find it MUCH easier to do cosplay now .. why? Cause I had ALOT of time at school to plan out measurements and exactly how I’ll be doing it. So important aspect to cosplay : Planning.
Yes. PLAN! If not… ugh. It takes twice as long.. really.

I also went back to joanns today. Returned 2 things, got 2 more. In all? I got back a few bucks xD I’m happy~ Oh.. also I’ve been sugar high from dark choco raisens~ Nom!

Tomorrow is my dentist appointment in the morninnnggg~ Wish me luck!!