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It’s the end…


Ending 2011 with … that’s right. ROOT BEER~! aka soda.

And anyone that knows me… knows I don’t drink soda. Why? Really bad for my skin >.> Kinda like the sun.. but you know what? Why not break my streak at the end of the year? Cause at least I’ll start the next year freash. Okay… it’s just an excuse to drink some sugar >.> So what…

Actually… today was really a sugar day… I had a Churro… and raspberry tea… oh and we opened a box of chocos… >.> But wait… there was food in th emiddle of that! Crab..? xD

Okay… well goodbyw 2011. you were great. Hello 2012!! You’ll be better! (Sorry 2011~)


No treats!



Argh! Hunnnnny Bunnnyyy!!! Why do you have to do this to me?!? T.T He’s turned more into a cat lately and has been following and snuggling feet =.= Which I mean.. can be great but he nips and poops if he gets really… into it I guess? But luckily, I don’t play footsies with him like my brother xDD I just feed him his treats… which is why I get him begging alot xD

Wow today went by quickly. I spent a few hours on the commission alone, was planning on finishing it today but… I dunno.. I just can concentrate as it gets later in the day… or just around 9. I always stop working around then… its weird. But then I just want time to myself… or to just sit and sketch. That’s fun =3 Mainly planning for summer~!

I also made a shocking discovery…. There’s how to do bodice boning in the sewing book! I guess I always overlooked it but now.. it comes in handy o.o Man I’m so glad I bought it… I always have to open it up during cosplay season T.T;;


The best mode~


Okay I never really got to blog about this but… isn’t this smexy?!?
Above you can see the January 2012 edition of Cosmode which was an awesome Christmas gift/B-day gift.. I guess xD I’ve looked through it twice and now am working on going through to read and examine everything oh so carefully~ xD

It’s exciting!! I have some more cosplay news but… I’ll start with the bad ones….

I’m not going to ALA this year T.T Why? Nothing to wear! Lol!! Well I guess I could go for a day to hang around and about but… I wouldn’t be satisfied with an old cosplay or a mini cosplay… it… its just not right!!

On another note. It’s pretty much set that I’m going to AM2 in the Summer and probably a day or two of AX~ Yep. Changing things around this year! Why? Cause they shouldn’t be the same as lasts >.<;;

Well… I’m offically food deprived… time to go hunt!


Black Bird

It took me the past maybe… 3 nights of reading manga in bed or like an hour or two to start and get completely caught up in Black Bird~ It’s… it’s such a girl manga xD the whole forbidden love and what not… irresistibly hot guy… the special girl everyone wants… you know~ But I like it cause there is drama, romance, fighting, and all that lovely stuff to keep me entertained~ Now what is weird is… my sister is reading it too. It’s weird seeing that she’s already in HS…. it’s really hitting me that… its HS! You remember things from that time… I do…. and man… not very proud or happy about some of those times. At all. But they were essential to making my life how it is right now!

On another note. I’m trying to change my drawing style to address… showing off the clothes more. It should be interesting…. I’ll get working on that tonight! Since I have no more manga to read >.> err I’ve been on a choco spree and tea spree! I need more of both………

Commission that I’m working on is finally taking shape! I’m happy with it right now. Should’ve been done today but I’ll have it done by the end of the week.


Shiny Paper


okay apparently brother didn’t actually get me just socks for Christmas… he also go me this beast~ See, all you see is a shiny piece of thicker-than-paper that says Karma Koin. But to me…. to me it is a gateway of buying things on my lovely game: Maplestory.

Sorry my updates have been kinda bleh. Last night I got a horrid stomach ache and I think I started to get the cold cause blankets were doing no justice to the shivering inside of me. Therefore, I was in no shape to update. I’m better today, wo! Got a alot of sewing done.. not quite done yet but… for the most part I am? Mmm…. that’s about it.

I promise to find soemthing more interesting to talk about T.T Hey. If you want something interesting, I posted on my cosblog not too long ago~ =3 Check it out if you want~